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Junior High Course Selection

Parents and students, you have been working diligently all year and will continue to persevere and excel!  On January 17th,  Band, Orchestra, Choir, and Art will perform for you at 12:50!  They will have brochures for you to take home to consider which elective you would like to take.  Also, Creekside Park Junior High will have the opportunity for parents to attend an information night beginning at 6 PM on January 18th.  You will receive a course selection form to take home, selecting your courses with your families.  February 1st, Ms. Garrett, the counselor from the Junior High will be here to help you select your courses for next year.  You are invited to come to school on February 1st starting at 7:30 in both computer labs.  Good luck for your new exciting adventure!  - Ms. Dean, Counselor 



January 18, 2017 @ 6:00 PM, Parent Information Night at Creekside Park Junior High


February 1, 2017 @ 7:30 AM, Students select their courses for sixth grade.


Course selection forms will be sent home prior to February 1st, date to be determined.


Students will receive course verification sheets and will have a window to make changes online.


Incoming 6th grade

            PreAP ELA, Social Studies, Math, Science ENTRY:

Open Enrollment


At end of first nine weeks or semester, all students below 70 WILL be removed from Pre-AP course.

Parents and staff may recommend a student exit if semester average is 70-74.

A written action plan will be developed by the teacher for students with an average of 70-74 who remain            in the Pre- AP course.


Algebra I

Strong 6th grade Pre-AP students may choose to take an Algebra I entrance exam in Spring 2018 that would allow them to take Algebra I Pre-AP in the 2018-19 school year as a 7th grade student. The following considerations should be observed:

     Students must make an 80% or better on the Algebra I placement exam, which covers standards from 7th and 8th grade mathematics.

     Students who meet this requirement will take summer or other out of school time courses to show mastery of 7th and 8th grade mathematics.





Marcus Weimar,, Band Director

Madonna Honekamp,, Orchestra Director

Celeste Matthews,, Music Teacher

Julia Schulte,, Art Teacher

Carmen Garrett,, Junior High Counselor