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Picture Day is Tuesday, September 19th.

Parent Information Night is Thursday, September 22nd at 6:00 in the cafeteria.


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Kathy Schultz

 Creekside Forest Elementary

5th Grade Math

Conference Time:  11:00-11:45


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Recent Posts

Week of September 18-22

Wow!  We finished our first full week of Fifth grade!  Everyone is settling into their new routines and are working hard.
Thursday is our Parent Information Night.  Parents will meet in the library at 6:00 for the PTO meeting.  Fifth grade will have a meeting with parents in the library beginning at 6:30.   The second session will be at 7:10.  We hope to see everyone there.
We completed our Place Value test on Friday.  Grades will be posted online by Monday afternoon.
This week we will be reviewing adding and subtracting decimals, multiplying 2 digits by 2 digits and dividing 4 digits by 1 digit.
Students will have short homework assignments on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evening.  This week homework is due the very next day after it is assigned. 
We will have a quiz on adding and subtracting decimals on Friday, the 22nd.
Students will begin estimating multiplication of decimals and dividing decimals by whole numbers.  Soon, remainders will become decimals when we begin annexing zeroes.  
I am looking forward to our Parent Information Night on Thursday!

Place Value Test on September 15th - Review Materials

You kids have been working hard on mastering decimal place value.  We have been using base 10 decimal blocks and place value charts.  Your child has kept great notes in their INB (Interactive Notebooks).  They are also working on a decimal name block design that will showcase all they know about making connections with decimals using a variety of mental models such as blocks, money, equivalent fractions and other relationships.
I am uploading study materials for the test.  I encourage your child to complete these with you to be sure they are ready for our first major test on Friday.  I have also included the answer key so you are able to ensure they know the material.
For this unit I will upload the materials here on our math website.  Please go to the Place Value Page on the right to find many helpful resources.  Thank you for encouraging and supporting your child.