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Welcome to 4th Grade!

My name is Molly Schwarze and this is my fifth year at Tomball ISD. I am very excited to be your child's teacher and am looking forward to a fantastic year full of engaging and exciting learning experiences.

Even though it is my third year at Creekside, it is my sixth year teaching 4th grade. I am a graduate of Sam Houston State University where I received my bachelor's degree in Education. I am EC-6, ESL, and GT certified. As a life-long learner, I have many individual goals still to reach in education.

I have a 4th grade son, Mack, who attended Creekside a few years and now is in Jr. High! This mom is definitely nervous about this new adventure, but fingers crossed it will be a good one. On the weekends, we enjoy riding our bikes, fishing, playing baseball (lots of it), and reading (well more me than him, but we are working on that :).

As your teacher, my goal is to increase curiosity and excitement for learning through rigor and relevance. We will work together in a student-centered environment to reach individual and whole class goals. I hold high expectations and as a class we will strive to meet those expectations and challenges in and out of the classroom.

I look forward to meeting you and learning all about your hobbies and adventures!

2017-2018 is going to be a year for the record books!

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We have reviewed the last two days in class, but I also told the students to reflect on how they did over the reviews. They were supposed to think and set a goal for themselves on what they still need to work on. I told them that they could go into google classroom and re-watch videos and play games. I also wanted them to have a slideshow to help look at and review the key concepts. In google classroom, I have added an assignment with the slides! I will have them look over this on Monday before the test, but they can study this over the weekend as well. 
Hope you have a fantastic weekend!


For my homeroom class-we will get Wednesday folders on Thursday. I will be out tomorrow for the closing of my new home. Your child will bring them home on Thursday!
Also, due to being out, we are moving the fact quiz to Thursday too! They have one more day to practice their X 3 and X 6 facts! 
AND.....we are going to push the science test back to this next Monday. It was originally set for this Friday and I newsflashed information on Monday about study guide information at home; however, I feel like the students will benefit from one more day of instruction and review to prepare. 

Week of September 18th

Hello families! Hope you had a fabulous weekend. It definitely did not feel like September this weekend. I was sitting at the baseball fields yesterday and it was HOT! Had the big move to the new house Saturday, so it was a busy, busy, busy weekend! Hopefully you got to squeeze in some fun this weekend!
Parent Information Night is coming up this week! Thursday, September 21st at 6-7:45 will be the date and time. We will have two sessions for those who have multiple children. Mrs. Adams and I will be in my classroom for the presentation. 
The other event that is happening is parent conferences are about to begin. Mrs. Adams and I will also be holding these together. I have attached the link below this to sign up. If you can't make a date, we can hold a phone conference too. Please sign up as soon as possible. Thanks!
Math this week-we will continue reviewing place value in whole numbers and decimals and begin comparing whole numbers and decimals. Homework this week will be over comparing whole numbers. It will be pearson page 25-26 #1-10. Your child tore out this page today and it should be in their homework folder. It is due Friday
Also, every Wednesday, your child will have a quick fact quiz over multiplication and division. This Wednesday the pattern will be X3 and X6. I will also attach in a separate one, the upcoming weeks and patterns. We review facts and play games before the quiz, they also have an opportunity during class certain days to practice their facts. Make sure they are reviewing at home as well.
Science-we are still in our unit over physical and measurable properties of matter. This week, we will look at volume, magnetism, and temperature. Your child will also be creating a slideshow to review the different properties. On Friday, WE WILL HAVE OUR FIRST SCIENCE TEST OVER PROPERTIES OF MATTER. Your child will need to know the states of matter, the differences between the states, mass, volume, magnetism, temperature, and how to describe matter. Your child has their pearson log-in either in their planner or box. They can go online and watch videos and read the textbook over Chapter 2-Matter. I also assigned (red assignment box when they sign in) the online test to help them review for the test Friday as well. 
Hope to see everyone Thursday! Have a fantastic week!

STEAM for Girls! See Below! Great Oppurtunity

STEAM Dreams is a half-day conference designed to expose Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics to 3rd-12th grade girls through:  


  • Hands on activities
  • Education about majors, colleges, and careers
  • Mentoring opportunities with college students, professors, and professional women
  • Critical thinking and discussion exercises
  • Discussion on current STEAM issues
  • STEM professionals
  • Concurrent sessions that allow students to learn about all disciplines of STEAM


Date/Time: 9/30/2017 8:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Location: Willow Wood Junior High

Registration: Click here


If you have any questions, please let me know.

Happy 1st Monday and a FANTASTIC One at That!

Hello 4th grade families,
I hope you all had a fantastic weekend, mine was fast and furious. I am in the process of moving and so did a little of that and watched my son play flag football. It was a beautiful weekend, finally starting to feel a little closer to fall. 
 Today was a great first Monday, I can't stop smiling. Everyone was engaged, participating, and working hard. I loved their thinking, connections, and teamwork that they put in. 
Today is the first day to have homework. Your child wrote in their planner and received a worksheet for math. It is a 10 question worksheet and all multiple choice. In google classroom, there are a few videos, assignments, and online games that your child can play if they need to review for the homework. Also, on Thursday mornings, your child can come in starting at 8:10 and ask for homework help if they are stuck on a question or two. Homework, even if it is completed early, does not get turned in until FRIDAY, unless your child will be out of town. They have 4 days to complete 10 questions. I know everyone has crazy schedules with outside events, so hopefully this will give you plenty of time to work it into your schedule. I also want you to be able to see the types of questions that will be on tests and that we work through when we use our textbooks and other resources. 
We will have our first assessment next Monday on place value, the homework questions will be similar to the test questions. This will also act as a study guide. We will review in class on Friday and a little on Monday before the test. 
In math this week-we are focusing on decimals. We are learning the tenths and hundredths place. We are relating decimals to fractions and money, and we are reading and writing decimals. 
In science this week, we are exploring physical and measurable properties of matter and we are classifying matter into different categories based off of these properties. We will have a few hands-on labs this week to grasp these concepts. A few key vocabulary words and tools: mass, volume, property, solid, liquid, gas, pan balance, grams, texture. 
Let me know if you have any questions or concerns! Hope you have a great week ahead.
Molly Schw

Finally Getting Into Routine!

Hello 4th Grade Families!
My homeroom class: Mrs. Adams sent out a technology contract to her homeroom and news flashed it. I am waiting to send my homeroom contracts until next Wednesday because the technology person is coming in tomorrow for 30 minutes to help set up some important things with the class and I wanted her to talk to them before I sent them home. Be on the look out NEXT WEDNESDAY for ours.
Everyone-we had a wonderful day today filled with amazing number sense connections, rotating through stations to practice place value, and learning our science safety rules and guidelines. These last three days we have focused on standard, word, and expanded form. We discussed the difference between value and place value. We have practiced with games and questions! We will continue to hit this during warm-ups, homework, and review before the first place value test on September 18th. Monday, the homework will be similar questions to the test and will help them review. 
Tomorrow is our first Friday! Don't forget to wear Spirit Wear! Hope you have a fantastic night. 
Molly Schwarze

First Day Repeated!

Hi families! It was so awesome to see everyone today, definitely missed those faces! I am glad to hear everyone is doing okay and hanging in. Even though it kind of felt like the first day of school, we did dive into our first unit in math and will be diving into our first unit in science tomorrow (see towards the end for more information)
Parent Orientation Night is CANCELED for this week. More information will be coming out on the new scheduled night. I will see you all very soon, stay tuned!
Wednesday folders will be coming home tomorrow! As of right now, they are just folders with flyers and school information. Soon, there will be a conduct sheet about your child's weekly behavior (we will discuss in more detail at Parent Orientation) and graded papers. Please look at them and get them back by Friday! 
In math this week, we are focusing on reading, writing, and expanding numbers to the hundred millions. We did talk about patterns and how you can extend to trillions and so on! I asked your child to discuss with you if you use big numbers and in what scenario. Just giving you a heads up :). It is not homework, just wanted to have some real world connections. We will also be focusing on the difference between value and place value and how each place increases by 10 and decreases by 1/10. We will use manipulatives to really get a grasp of this concept. Next week, we will begin talking about decimals!
In science this week, we are wrapping up our team building activities (ask your child about their product they made with their team) and we will begin looking at science safety and tools. Shhh, don't tell them though until tomorrow because we are doing a hands on lab to see if they can figure out our new unit topic. 
For homework this week, we wanted to keep it light since everyone is getting back into routine. I have only asked that your child study their multiplication facts at least once this week. I told them that they could play multiplication war, find a fun computer game, make their own flash cards, or even practice in shaving cream...I'M SORRY!!!! They do not need to turn anything in, it is on scout's honor. 
I hope you all have a great week and try and focus on all the good things in life during this difficult time! Your kids are one of mine! 
Hugs from 4th grade,
Molly Schwarze

Checking In!

 First, I hope everyone is safe. It breaks my heart to see all that is happening and I am just trying to count my blessings during this time. My son and I came to my parents house in Brenham on Saturday and are safe. My neighborhood is okay but currently we can't get back in. I am having a hard time finding the right words for this post. Give each one of your kids a big hug for me and tell them that I am thinking of them.
A family from our class has emailed me that they have room in their house to host if you are in need. They have plenty of room and are dry with electricity. Please send me an email if you need their contact. Thank you Browns!
I know that there is only so much we can do at this time because the flooding has blocked us from only getting so far. When the water goes down and cleaning out begins to happen, whether it is you, a family member, or a friend, my son and I are wanting to help in any way we can. Also, if you know how to volunteer or are with an organization that will be supporting the cleaning, rebuilding, and restoring our city and surrounding areas, please let me know. We would love to help any way we can. 
As devastating as this natural disaster is, we can find beauty in the amazing community that is coming together to support one another. 
Again, hoping each one of you stays safe and am praying for each one of you. 
Prayers and BIG HUGS!
Molly Schwarze

1st Day of School Success

 I can't feel my feet, but loved getting to know your kids today! I am sure they are coming home exhausted too. We know it is going to take a few days to get back into routine. That said, overall was a successful day. We went over procedures, rules, and got to do a few different activities to get to know each other. Tomorrow is going to be very similar to today, but we are going to be incorporating a little math and science in there.
Your child has their sheet of paper with the explanation for the math homework (notebook decorating). These pictures and other items need to be turned in on Friday. We will be decorating them then!
For those of you who signed up to help put together the notebooks, THANK YOU! If anyone did not get to sign up and will be available on Thursday, at 9:40, we welcome you. If you are not able to show up, but still want to help, we need duct tape, masking/packing tape, and/or hot glue sticks. 
I am looking forward to an awesome rest of the week! Hope those kiddos get some rest and I will see them tomorrow.
Molly Schwarze

First Week of 4th Grade!

 Hello 4th grade families,
I was so excited to meet you at Meet the Teacher on Friday and wanted to thank you for all your help with materials and getting things ready! I heard of some last minute fun times that you were going to have this past weekend with golf, lake fun, and even pjs and movie time. I hope you all enjoyed your last weekend of summer and had safe travels. I spent mine in this Texas heat cheering my child on at his flag football games. His team did great but it was miserably hot! 
I am at school preparing for the week and can't wait to see your smiling faces again tomorrow morning. I hope you get a chance to safely look at the eclipse! I have my glasses and am counting down the hours. 
This week is going to be about learning 4th grade routines, getting to know your teacher and classmates, working as a team, and learning lab safety and problem solving skills. We will dive in next week with our first units!
You do have homework this week.....but wait! It is getting those math notebooks ready that we will be using all year! There will be a slip in your child's planner that gives the details. We will be decorating them on Friday, but they will need to be gathering a few supplies at home as their homework. For those of you who like to get ahead (I am one of them :)). Some things your child will need: pictures that represent math in the real world (examples: butterfly that represents symmetry, a clock, money, cooking utensils, etc....). Optional materials: duct tape, stickers, anything to add their own personal touch.....
It is going to be a great first week! Hoping you are getting some last minute fun in today! 
Molly Schwarze