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Welcome to 4th Grade!

My name is Molly Schwarze and this is my fifth year at Tomball ISD. I am very excited to be your child's teacher and am looking forward to a fantastic year full of engaging and exciting learning experiences.

Even though it is my third year at Creekside, it is my sixth year teaching 4th grade. I am a graduate of Sam Houston State University where I received my bachelor's degree in Education. I am EC-6, ESL, and GT certified. As a life-long learner, I have many individual goals still to reach in education.

I have a 4th grade son, Mack, who attended Creekside a few years and now is in Jr. High! This mom is definitely nervous about this new adventure, but fingers crossed it will be a good one. On the weekends, we enjoy riding our bikes, fishing, playing baseball (lots of it), and reading (well more me than him, but we are working on that :).

As your teacher, my goal is to increase curiosity and excitement for learning through rigor and relevance. We will work together in a student-centered environment to reach individual and whole class goals. I hold high expectations and as a class we will strive to meet those expectations and challenges in and out of the classroom.

I look forward to meeting you and learning all about your hobbies and adventures!

2017-2018 is going to be a year for the record books!

Recent Posts

Happy Summer 5th Graders! Yes, you are now considered 5th graders....did our 4th grade year fly by or what? Mrs. Adams shared the slideshow that contains just a few of the many memories we made this year. It is incredible seeing the growth from day 1 to the last day. You ALL have grown in academics, friendship, kindness, self-confidence, and so much more. I can't wait to see the amazing things you do in life because I know they will be extraordinary just like you are. Keep being mathematicians and scientists. Don't lose your curiosity and especially don't lose those big hearts that have shined through all year. I will never forget you and look forward to seeing those returning next year to 5th grade every morning with a big gigantic hug waiting for you :). For those who are moving on to new adventures, it will be an adventure with lots of challenges, but a lot of sunshine in there too! Remember,ALWAYS be you, because you are incredible!
Love you 4th grade class of 2016-2017
Parents-You should not only be proud of your children, but also yourselves! You have instilled manners, love, and compassion in your kids! Thank you for sharing them with me this year. I have truly loved getting to know and grow with them. Thank you for an incredible year and for supporting me as well! I hope you all have a fabulous summer and make many new memories for the record book! 
Ms. Schwarze

Last Week of School for 4th Grade!?!?!

There are still several spots that need to be filled for our end of the year party signup. I know it is a busy time of the year, but we really need these materials to have a great party for the kids to enjoy! If you have the time, please sing up for an item in the link below.
Also, we will need 2 to 3 volunteers to set up and help run some of the games, if you could volunteer, please email me and I will pass it along to the room moms. Thank you!
Other reminders for this week:
Students started cleaning out lockers and desks last week. Everything should be taken home today and all good the rest of the week. Your child will not need to bring a backpack these last two days. They can continue to bring in games tomorrow and Thursday to play with their classmates. Tomorrow is Forts and Flashlights day for countdown. Your child can bring a flashlight, book, stuffed animal, and blankets to build forts. 
Wednesday, May 31st: Cain's Arcade 
Day 2: Forts and Flashlights!  
Thursday, June 1st: Last day of school!  Party 11:30 - 12:30; Dismissal 12:50 (You are welcome to sign your child out after the party and get your summer started!)
Wow! Can't believe it is the end of the year. I am definitely looking forward to pool time and the mountains, but will miss each one of your amazing children. Another awesome year for the books

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Sorry if you have owl pellet parts at your house today! They were so excited about dissecting owl pellets and wanted to take them home to show you! It was a fun lab.
Day 3 balloon was popped and it is game day! Make sure your child sets out some games to play next Tuesday!
Monday is Memorial Day! If you have plans to go out of town, safe travels! If not, hope it is a great 3 day weekend. 

4th Grade End of Year Party and Upcoming Dates!

Here is the sign up for the end of year party! It will begin in the classroom and then we will go outside for fun!
Today is Wax Museum Day! I am sure they are going to do fabulous, by the time you get this, they will have already rocked it :)
Tomorrow for 10 day countdown to summer, it is duct tape day! Your child can bring duct tape, washi tape, decorative tape, any kind of tape really! They are going to have some time towards the end of the day to use tape to create and craft!
Friday, after specials, 4th grade will be signing yearbooks at this time. If your child has a yearbook and would like it signed, they need to bring it on FRIDAY! If your child does not have a yearbook, we will create a little signature page. I would also suggest sending them with a nice pen or maybe even a sharpie. 
Also on Friday, your child needs to begin bringing in a bag big enough to hold their locker decorations. We will start today sending home notebooks and folders, but on Friday we are going to begin cleaning out lockers. Anything not cleaned out, we will clean out Tuesday. They need a bag both Friday and Tuesday. 
No school Monday!
The creation is happening in this classroom for Caine's Arcade! There are some fabulous inventions. Ask your child what they are making and have them share the concept with you. We will present this to kindergarten and first grade on Wednesday and then they will get to take their inventions home! YEAHHHH for you :). 
The end of the school year will be here in no time! We have a lot packed in but are making the most of our last few days together! 
Hope you have a great rest of the week,
Molly Schwarze

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!!!!

Wow! I walked in this morning with the sweetest surprise. My room looked incredible and the kids were so sweet with hugs and birthday wishes. You guys are tooooooooooooooo good to me. I could not feel more special than I did today. The basket was amazing and I will definitely use up all that good stuff, especially since it is the end of the school year ;). Again, thank you to my amazing room moms, parents, and awesome students for making me feel special!
Quick notes, I will be out of town Monday and Tuesday (we are taking a family girl's trip to Charleston). On Monday for the balloon pop, it is crazy sock and hat day! Your child can wear a hat all day and of course wear some fun socks!
On Tuesday, your child will be taking their last science test for the year. It will be over life cycles and ecosystems. They can look at the past lessons in google classroom to help them study. 
In math, we will be learning some different things to help get ready for 5th grade and working on Caine's Arcade! Your child got all the information today on it, the link is if you want to go check it out! 
Hope you have an awesome weekend! 
Love and hugs!
Molly Schwarze

Counselor Note and This Week!

I posted last week, but just wanted to remind. There is only OPTIONAL homework this week and that is the study guide page from Pearson for the finance test on Friday. This sheet can be used however your child needs to study. It does not need to be turned into me, unless they want to earn a ticket. 
Also, your child will find out details on Friday, so do not ask them yet what they might need them for (it is a fun, awesome project...don't worry, in school, and no notes or research involved), but you may want to start saving boxes and other materials. Again, they will know details on Friday why they might need these materials.
Dance Party on Friday for Creekfest fundraiser during specials time!


I would love your input as to what you value the most and feel is the most essential part of a comprehensive counseling program.  If you could respond to the survey below, that would be wonderful in helping me tailor the program to meet the needs of our students here at CFES!  


Ms. Dean, Counselor



Awesome Field Day!

Today was such a successful, not by winning a lot. We did not win much; however, we did pretty incredible at tug-o-war. We are a strong class for sure :). It was successful because everyone was positive, tried, and cheered each other on. It was so much fun! Thanks to those who came out and cheered and for those who thought of us today in this May weather :). It was actually not that bad either. We were blessed with some wind!
Next week is back to a normal week! We have science benchmark on Tuesday (we will review in class). It is not a major grade, just a check in on how they did in science this year. We have our last math test on Friday over finance. We will also review next week. For homework, they just need to look over their study guide from Pearson that is coming home on Monday. Nothing needs to be turned in! We will start our 10 day countdown next week, so I am sure you will hear all about it. We will pop a balloon each day with a little surprise in it for the next day. We will newsflash if your child needs to bring anything particular that next day. 
They will be celebrating Creekfest Fundraising Goal on Friday during specials with a dance party. 
Hope you mothers all have an incredible Mother's Day! Hope you get spoiled and get to rest :). Thanks for letting me spend some time with your loved ones and getting to enjoy each unique personality. 
Molly Schwarze


Hi families! I am sooo sorry if anyone went out and bought a red shirt, please let me know and I will take care of it. I read the information wrong. Our class color is yellow! Since I am just now correcting this, I would think orange could work too, because I do not want anyone running out last minute and getting a yellow shirt. Again, my apologies for the color swap. Schwarze's class color to wear for field day on Friday is YELLOW! 100% this time. 
Also, your child did AMAZING again today on STAAR! Super proud of them. 

Field Day Information

Please send in your news flash:)
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Teachers, If you could please include this in your newsflash today or tomorrow, I would truly appreciate it:)



Your child will participate in field day this week. K-2nd grade will be on Thursday from 9:30-12:30, and 3rd -5th grade will be on Friday from 9:30-12:30. Please make sure that they wear the color that their teacher has given them, and tennis shoes. Field day attire must follow the school dress code. Kindergarten lunch is from 10:30-11:00, 1st grade from 11:00-11:30, and 2nd grade is from 11:30-12:00. Grades 3-5 will eat after the games at 12:30. If you did not order a box lunch for your student, please be sure to send your student with a sack lunch. On Friday the cafeteria will be closed, and will not be serving the regular menu to ANY grades. Only box lunches that were pre ordered, will be served on Friday. Please pack a lunch on Friday as well, if you did not order a box lunch.


Please make sure that your student puts on sunscreen/bug spray before they come to school. Please send them with a water bottle and towel for picnicking as well. We are hoping for beautiful weather, but you never know what could happen. Unless it is storming, we will plan to go on with the day. Thank you for allowing your child to participate. We are looking forward to 2 days full of fun!


Coach Baxter & Coach V

1 Down, 1 More To Go!!!!

When your child gets home, squeeze them tight! They worked super duper hard today and I am so proud of them. No matter what the scores come back as, I know that each and every one of them did their best, and that is what matters! Love my mathematicians! 
Tomorrow is Reading STAAR and it is the last STAAR for the year. I know they will do just as fabulous. Make sure they get another good breakfast and decent night's sleep. 
There will be no math homework this week due to STAAR testing. The only homework we will have left is to study for our last math test coming up on May 19th. It will be covering finance. I know after the STAAR, the kids tend to think school is over, but we still have things going on in all subjects. Next week, we will be wrapping up our finance unit and preparing for the last assessment in math of the 9 weeks. We will review profit, expenses, and withdrawal and deposit. We will also talk about banks and positives and negatives of different places to save your money. 
In science, we started our unit last week on life cycles and ecosystems. The end of this week, we will wrap up life cycles, and next week we will move on to ecosystems. Your child will have a science benchmark on May 16th. This will be taken as a daily grade, NOT a major grade. It will cover all of 4th grade concepts. We will review on the 15th and on the 16th before the benchmark. They will do just fine! 
FIELD DAY IS FRIDAY!!!!!!! Our class color is red! Have your child wear a red shirt Friday to represent! It is going to be a fun, work together to win day :) If you can come out, it will start around 9 and last until about 12. Mrs. Baxter sent information home a few weeks ago.
Also, due to the last of our STAAR tests this week, reminder that during part of the day Wednesday, we will be having a CREATIVITY DAY and part of the day Thursday, we will be having GAME DAY! A note went home last Wednesday about this as well. 
Can't believe it is almost the end of the year! We are going to continue to work hard and have fun, all in one! 
Have a great rest of the week,
Molly Schwarze

Already May?!? 5 days left until STAAR

Hi 4th grade families! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. It was a short one but a beautiful one. We of course had baseball this weekend, but lucked out with game times to where we were able to get some other things in as well. I had my last TMSCA meet on Saturday with some of CFES students and they all did fabulous! I was very proud of them. It sounds like a lot of you had busy weekends to with sports events and other happenings! 
First of all, thank you for all of the beautiful flowers and homemade bracelet :). Of course, I forgot to get my child's teacher any flowers this morning ;). My room looks and smells amazing and I can't wait to take them home to make my house look that way also!
This is our last week to prepare for STAAR! We are continuing our stations to review focusing on individual goals, class goals, and review activities. This week one of the stations involves math scavenger hunts around the room and they are definitely seeming to like that. There is a lot of great resources in google classroom on specific TEKS that we as a whole class are trying to get stronger on. If your child wants any kind of extra practice, this would be a great place to look! For homework this week, it is a geometry worksheet, which is another goal we want to get a little stronger on. It is due on Friday! 
In Science, we are wrapping up our plant and animal adaptations unit and moving into life cycles towards the end of the week. Your child should have brought home their adaptations booklet on Friday full of notes and visuals we took over the plant and animals adaptation unit to study. Our test is tomorrow. They can also go back into google classroom and find the activities in there to review. They even create slideshows on a specific animal on Thursday and had to list some of the adaptations and behaviors. They need to know that there are structural and behavioral adaptations to help them survive either from predators, in their climate, or through reproduction (plants have bright colors to attract bees to help spread pollen). They also need to know the difference between inherited traits/insticts (something they were born with or it was passed down) and learned behaviors (something they learned through experience or teaching). We are reviewing today in class as well! 
Math STAAR is next Monday and Reading STAAR is next Tuesday!
Parent letters will be in Wednesday folders if you would like to write your child another letter of encouragement for the tests.
Field Day is next Friday! Our class is going to be wearing RED! I will newsflash this out again next week, but in case you do not have a red shirt in the closet, you can start looking. No shirts should match, just red overall! My child's class got yellow (the only color shirt he DOESN'T own). 
Penny Wars is happening this week! DI is going to globals end of May! They are putting on a penny war amonst grades to try and raise money. Have your child bring in any spare change to participate! A flyer went home last week with more details. 
Have an awesome week! 
Molly Schwarze

Book Fair and Countdown to STAAR!

Hi families! Hope you had a great weekend. Your child definitely saw that I spent my weekend out in the sun, got a pretty good sunburn to show off :). Mack and his team won their tournament this weekend, it was exciting! I also watched my 1 and a half year old nephew and that definitely wore me out. 
Book Fair is this week! Your child can bring money in and shop in the morning before school starts once they have their responsibilities taken care of, and during lunch. Tomorrow morning is MUFFINS WITH MOMS! You can start coming in at 7:30 to eat breakfast together. The book fair will also be open at this time to shop. 
We now have 9 instructional days left until Math STAAR. Today was day 10. We began reviewing for STAAR a few weeks ago with warm ups and homework. In class, we are now reviewing through stations. Your child can always go back through google classroom and find different activities and videos to practice to strengthen a specific skill to prepare. It is very important that your child is completing their homework and turning it in on time. I have had a lot of missing homework or late homework lately. I know your child will rock the STAAR on May 8th for Math and turn around and rock the Reading on May 9th. 
In science next week Tuesday, May 2nd, we will take our common assessment over plant and animal adaptations. We have been taking notes in an adaptation booklet that your child will take home Friday to study. They also have all kinds of videos and activities in google classroom over plant and animal adaptions. There is not a specific study guide, it will be the adaptation booklet and google classroom. 
In math, we are wrapping up our finance unit and will pick it back up after STAAR. Talk to your child about how you handle finances. We are particularly hitting expenses (fixed and variable), profit, and balance (withdrawals and deposits).
Hope you have a fabulous week! Fingers crossed weather stays this beautiful.
Molly Schwarze

Progress Reports and Field Trip

Hello families!
In Wednesday folders today will be the first progress reports for the last 9 weeks of 4th grade. Wow, can't believe we are already here. Math, there is one major and 3 dailies that account for the score on the progress report. In science, there is only one daily grade. We took another one yesterday and it already changed the average. You can always go online to parent access to review your child's scores at a more present look at how they are doing. Please sign the bottom and send it back as soon as possible.
Tomorrow is the big day! I know the kids are excited about the field trip. They really only need to bring their lunches in a disposable sack. They do not need to bring backpacks. Yes, they have math homework to turn in, but can just bring their homework folder and leave it in their desk. If they want to bring their backpack though, they can still leave it in the locker. If your child is choosing to bring a camera, they are fully responsible for it. In google classroom, I uploaded the main site that has a video and information about Sam Houston Memorial Museum. Feel free to check it out! We love going here. DON'T FORGET COMFORTABLE WALKING SHOES! 
Happy Easter to those of you who will be celebrating this weekend! No school on Friday, so enjoy the 3 day weekend. 
Molly Schwarze

4 Weeks Left to STAAR!

Hi guys! Hope your weekend turned out well! We had a great time at Creekfest Friday night, and had an early Easter celebration with the family on Saturday. This week is a 4 day week, with Thursday being our field trip.
In your child's homework folder or planner, they picked up a field trip reminder slip this morning. This just gives some tips and reminders on how to prepare for Thursday's trip. Big one is that lunches need to be packed in a disposable sack or bag. Also, if your child is going to wear bug spray or sunscreen, please apply it at home. We will be back around 1:30 and enjoy the rest of the day with recess and cool down time. 
Math this week-We are wrapping up our Data Unit by reviewing today and tomorrow over the analyzing and creating tables and graphs. On Wednesday, we will be taking our assessment. This will be our second major grade of the 9 weeks. Next week, we will be moving into finance. 
Science this week-We are wrapping up our Patterns and Earth's Movement Unit and getting into plant adaptations. If you are taking a walk with your child, have them point out a plant and see if they can identify some of it's adaptations. 
Math STAAR is 4 weeks away. We are starting to shift more to STAAR minds and preparation. Homework is very important as it covers the big concepts we as a class are low on. Make sure your child is completing their homework weekly and turning it in at the end of the week. They can always go into google classroom to review the concepts or is a great website that they can look up the concept and watch videos on to help as well. We are gearing our warm ups to STAAR review and the last two weeks will be fully focusing on reviewing. In Wednesday folders, most of the students will have their Mock STAAR test in them. We did a T-chart attached on the last page where they had to analyze the questions they missed. They either put them into a category of didn't know or silly/didn't read carefully. We then recalculated their score based off of the ones they didn't read carefully. I told them that it is okay if they did not know the question, but we want to get rid of the ones they should not be missing because they didn't read carefully. Please look over these! 
We are doing a class/state wide read on Lemonade War. Ms. Hock sent out a flyer last week on donating to the local animal shelter. They are collecting donations all week! 
It is going to be a busy and short week! Hang in there! Have a great one!
Molly Schwarze