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Goodbye and Happy Summer!

It was a whirlwind day and a fun party!  Thank you to all the amazing parents who helped out and donated their time and supplies.  Thank you for all the notes, gifts, hugs, and kind words today.  This is a group of kids I will remember forever.  Fourth grade teachers are lucky to have such an awesome bunch coming up next year.  I hope everyone has a fun, safe, and restful summer.  My family and I are traveling to Colorado for a couple of weeks mid-summer.  Please tell my sweet kiddos to come down and tell me about their summer fun when we come back to school this August. Thank you again for your support this year.  
Kara Tasch

Last Week of Third Grade!

Congratulations everyone!  We have made it to the last week of third grade, and will soon be celebrating summer!  We have a short and busy week ahead!
We are having balloon volleyball and a fun Third Grade Olympic circuit planned!
We have extra recess and bring a yoyo or fidget spinner to school!  It is also the day of our 4th nine weeks conduct celebration.  Students will be informed beforehand of the privileges they earned (for instance bringing in a pillow, blanket, etc).  Everyone earned the movie!!  Yay!
We will clap out the 5th graders as they graduate to junior high school!  Then we are making cheer bags with compliments and kind words for our friends that we will miss over the summer.  Finally we will have our party from 11:30-12:30!  Our room parents have generously provided a hot dog and ice cream sundae buffet!  Students are encouraged to bring a beach towel to sit with their friends in the pod while eating.  It will be a blast!  
Dismissal is at 12:50 on Thursday, but you may take your child earlier if you attend the party, and get your summer started!  
I will hand out report cards on the last day.  I will have these available on the table outside of the classroom beside the sign out sheet.  Since students will not have a backpack, please make sure you pick these up!  I always end up getting wrapped up in the fun, and don't want to miss handing out a report card.
I hope everyone enjoys these last few days!  I will miss this amazing group of students!
Mrs. Tasch 

Weekly Update 5/22-5/26

This is our LAST FULL WEEK of school!!  I know everyone is ready for summer!  We have some events you should be aware of this week:
1.  Yearbooks went home on Friday, but 3rd graders should bring them back for our signing party on Tuesday.  Yearbooks are still available for $40.  Please contact the front office.
2.  We do not need to take another vocabulary quiz!  We will review the remaining words, and do some activities with them in class.  So do not worry about studying at home.  No spelling for the rest of the year either!
3.  We are continuing to countdown until Summer using our A-Z countdown calendar.  Tomorrow is Hawaiian shirt (optional) and Limbo day!
4.  All library books need to be returned.  Late notices were sent home.  
No school next Monday due to Memorial Day.  
Our class party will be on the last day (June 1) from 11:30 until 12:30.  Dismissal is at 12:50 that day.
I will continue to update everyone as the week goes on.  These last days tend to get very busy!  I hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

Weekly Update 5/15-5/19

I hope that all of you fabulous mothers had a wonderful Mother's Day!!!
This week we will be focusing lots of time on grammar and social studies. On Friday we will have our spelling test over list 25. We began a new vocabulary unit.  We will have our final quiz over unit 14 next Thursday.  No homework, besides reading nightly and studying spelling and vocabulary.
On Friday, your children brought home a yellow calendar. It is our countdown for the rest of the school year. (Mrs. Arnold provided the attachment on her site.)  I can't believe that it is already that time! Tomorrow students are welcome to bring electronics with your permission.  
Our dance party for Creekfest fund raising is on Friday at our specials time (10:35-11:30).  
Have a wonderful week!
Mrs. Tasch

Week of STAAR and Field Day!

First of all.....thank you from the bottom of my heart for the love and appreciation I felt this week.  I know I keep saying it, but it is an honor to spend so much time getting to know your amazing children.  You have been so supportive this year, and I thank you!
So.....did you know Monday and Tuesday we will be taking the STAAR test?  Ha ha!  Well, it is just one more day in Math and Reading for your children show off their hard work.  They are going to be amazing, and I am so proud of their focus and determination.
No homework next week besides playing outside!  They might be tired OR wound up from sitting, but fresh air and a good night sleep on Monday night will help them feel refreshed for the second test on Tuesday.  Mrs. Arnold posted some very helpful suggestions.  And as she stated, no backpacks on Monday or Tuesday!  No cell phones or electronics are allowed due to test security.  
Wednesday is a day to BE CREATIVE!!!  I told my kids they can bring in things they would like to create such as: weaving, clay, painting, rainbow loom, building (Legos, etc).  
Thursday is a day to PLAY!  Games such as card games, board games, etc...... No electronic games.  
Friday is Field Day.  My homeroom class should wear BLUE and Mrs. Arnold's should wear GREEN.  
Thank you for getting your Parent Homework in on time! :)  Everyone in my class will have a little surprise on their desk on Monday!  It will make their day!
Have a fabulous weekend!

Week of 5/1 through 5/5

23 more days of school left!!   Wow!  Although I'm just as ready as the kids for our summer to begin, I am starting to feel a little sad that our year has gone by so quickly!  This has truly been one of the greatest years in my teaching career.  
We are getting ready for STAAR, and having some fun in order to get motivated for our big days next week.  Remember the tests are May 8th and 9th.  I will send out more information later in the week.  Be sure to check for an email from me about "Parent Homework".  :)
I am sending home two workbooks that you can keep at home for practice.  One is a blue reading workbook.  We will not be using it for the rest of the year.  In the back are some 4th grade type writing tasks that might be great for summer prep for next year.  The other book is our Motivation Reading workbook.  Any passages we have not used would be excellent practice for STAAR next week.  The homework pages after each unit have short paragraphs with 4 questions.  These are great to use as quick checks.  These workbooks do not need to come back to school.  We are using other materials for our STAAR Boot Camp this week!
Spelling is List 24.  Our Vocabulary Quiz over Unit 13 will be on Thursday.
Don't forget about the Penny War to support DI over the next two weeks!
Our Field Day is next Friday.  Our team color is BLUE.  Mrs. Arnold's color is GREEN.  I will send out more information later in the week.  
THANK YOU for the beautiful flowers for Teacher Appreciation week.  I am so blessed to spend everyday with your children!
Have a fantastic week!

Students in grades 3, 4, and 5, will have an opportunity to show all that they’ve learned this year as they take a variety of STAAR tests.   

May 8th, 2017:  3rd, 4th, Math STAAR, 5th retest

May 9th, 2017: 3rd, 4th, Reading STAAR, 5th retest

May 10th, 2017: 5th Science STAAR


Due to the security of this testing process, all parents (Kinder through 5th grade), will eat lunch with their children on other dates. Volunteers are also asked to reschedule their time. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter. Here at Creekside Forest, we have the most amazing parents who provide their time and care to volunteer and make our school a nurturing environment.

Warm regards,


Elysia Dean




Penny War

Our Destination Imagination Team is heading to Globals in May!  In order to support their trip, CFES will be having a Penny War in a couple of weeks.  I wanted to give all my families notice so we can all begin to save up that loose change in our pockets!  More news to come!

Choir Club Announcement From Mrs. Fender

CHOIR CLUB ANNOUNCEMENT:  If your child is in Choir Club, please look for the year-end celebration letter in your child's Wednesday folder.  The Choir is going to Main Event on May 25th.  The cost is only $11.00 for an evening of pizza, cookies, bowling, laser tag and a $10 video/arcade card.  $11 is due May 3.  Thank you!

Week of 4/24 through 4/28

This week is the Book Fair!  Your son/daughter should have brought home their wish list as we previewed the books last week.  Muffins with Mom is this Tuesday morning at 7:30am.  You can visit the book fair at that time as well.
We are well into the Texas Reads One Book: The Lemonade Wars.  We are continuing to practice the reading strategies and question types that can be tricky.  The most important strategy is to be able to justify their answer with words from the articles/stories they are reading.  They should be showing their thinking on their reading homework that came home on Friday.
This week, students are presenting their opinion piece that will double as a Social Studies and Writing grade.  I am impressed by the strong support they all have for their opinions.  
Spelling is List 23.  We will begin a new vocabulary unit this week: Unit 13.  
Spelling test is this Friday, and vocabulary will be next Thursday.  
It was a beautiful weekend!  I hope it was a great one for your family!   

4/7/2017 Quick Update

I sent the students home with their Reading MOCK Staar today so they can review it with you over the weekend if that is more convenient.  It is their only homework for the week.  I have attached an answer key, and I indicated the questions they missed on the front of their test.  I will scan a copy of my work on the same test if students would like to compare it to their test.  (I have to scan it at home this weekend.)  They did a great job, and I am so proud of them.  See you tonight at Creek Fest!

Run the Creek and our day tomorrow!

First of all, my kids ROCK!!!  They worked so hard on both their Math and Reading MOCK STAAR Tests yesterday and today!  I am so proud of them!  I will send home the tests on Monday.  
Their homework for next week is to go over mistakes with you, make corrections, and show off the strategies they are strong in! I will attach a copy of the test with my notes and thinking, along with the correct answers.  There will not be a reading passage next week, only going over the test. 
Additionally, we are pushing back the spelling test until next Thursday.  Our day is going to be so busy tomorrow, there simply won't be enough time.  
Our start time tomorrow for Run the Creek is 10:03am.  Come cheer us on!!!  Afterward, students will have their normal Specials class, then lunch at our normal time of 12:10.  To celebrate our hard work on MOCK STAAR, fund raising for Creekfest, and FUN RUN, we will relax with some popcorn and drinks for a movie.  STUDENTS MAY BRING A BLANKET, PILLOW, and SMALL STUFFED ANIMAL (both Mrs. Tasch's homeroom and Mrs. Arnold's)!!  
Have a great night! 

Happy Weekend! Week ahead 4/3 through 4/7

We had a great week, and have an exciting week coming up!
The reading homework passage for next week (coming home today) is "A Colorful World".  
CFES has a special surprise for the students on Monday!   
Tomball ISD along with the Great State of Texas is kicking off Texas Reads One Book on Monday, April 3rd with Coach Jason Garret of the Dallas Cowboys reading Chapter 1 aloud!   All students from grades 2-5 will be receiving their very own copy of “ The Lemonade War” by Jacqueline Davies to keep!  Many elementary schools and intermediate schools have special events planned throughout the month of April.  Math, Science, Social Studies, Art, and  PE teachers even have a few lemons up their sleeves. The secondary schools and several clubs are planning to help support the younger students by making signs and banners, and passing out lemonade to the elementary schools.  Throughout the month, secondary campuses will also participate in various activities that represent the Lemonade War.
This book ties in perfectly to our character studies and economics unit!  Third grade has decided to read the book in class, rather than assign it as nightly homework.  However, students may bring home the book over the weekend to share it with their family and discuss what we have been doing in class.  

Run the Creek Update!!


Run the Creek fundraising is in full swing and we need your help! As of today, we are $19,210 dollars away from our goal of $20,000! Remember, if you raise $50, you will receive 10 tickets for the raffle; if you raise $100 you will receive 25 tickets; and if we meet our goal, we will receive a school wide dance party! We appreciate your support!! 

Our Run the Creek start time is 10:03 at Rob Fleming Park.  Our class color is YELLOW!  Mrs. Arnold's class is NEON GREEN!

 Our learning week:

We are taking a MOCK STAAR next week.  Math is on April 5th, and Reading is on April 6th.  


Students will be working on their slideshow presentation comparing the past and present for Social Studies, and finishing up their opinion piece  "Is it better to live in the past or present?" for Writing.  

Vocabulary is Unit 12: (quiz on April 13th)











Spelling is List 21: (test on April 7th)


Lesson 21





















Have a fabulous weekend!

Week of 3/27 through 3/31

We had such a fun week!  Our field trip was awesome.  If you haven't visited the Tomball Museum, I highly recommend it!  We learned so much about the community and how it started, as well as how different life was around 100 years ago!  The docents were so knowledgable and well spoken.  They complimented our kids and how respectful they were.  I couldn't be more proud!  Our picnic at the park was the highlight for many!  Jerry Matheson Park was a blast!  
Our Creekfest Pep Rally was exciting as always.  We have such incredible parents at our school that work so hard to put together fun assemblies like the one we had Friday!  Thank you parents!  Now is the time for the kids to do some work too.  Envelopes were sent home yesterday for our annual fundraiser.  We are hoping to raise enough money for new playground equipment.  Now that's something to get excited about!  We will Run the Creek on April 7th (I will let you know our start time as soon as I know), and then celebrate our efforts with Creekfest that night.  It is truly one of my favorite days of the school year!  
Now for the week ahead....
Our homework has been adjusted to support our learning this 9 weeks.  As we prepare for STAAR, students will bring home a weekly reading passage.  I encourage you to ask them to show you their reading strategies and careful reading processes we have been practicing in class.  I will send those home on Friday.  The students did such a great job last 9 weeks with their spelling and vocabulary practice.  I hope they found a favorite way of studying from the many choices they had.  So they can focus on their reading passages, I am not requiring they turn in additional homework.  We will continue to have our weekly spelling tests and biweekly vocabulary quizzes, so students should continue studying their words.  Beginning in April, we will launch a school wide book study that will be a part of their daily reading.  More information to come!  :)
Spelling is List 20:
Vocabulary is Unit 11: (quiz on Thursday)
Reading: We will begin reviewing for STAAR using a variety of fun activities that will keep the kids rotating stations and active!  We are researching articles about life long ago, and will pick new books for book clubs on Monday.
Writing:  As we collect information about life long ago, students are beginning to take a side: Is life better in the present, or long ago?  They will begin planning a persuasive essay to prove their point.
Social Studies:  As part of our research, students will readTexas Studies Weekly in class to learn how transportation, communication, and schools were different long ago.  They can access online articles through the Clever link on this website.  
We have a few needs at this point in the year.  Any donations are appreciated!  We are running low on kleenex, tape, and post it notes. 
We would also love donations to our class store!  The kids have been working so hard to earn tickets for exemplary behavior, effort, and work.  They can use these tickets to buy privilege passes and prizes every Friday.  They get very excited for new additions to our store!  Thanks for any goodies you send in!
Have a wonderful weekend and week ahead!