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I am honored and excited to be a part of your child’s learning experience. It is truly my joy to work with you and your child. This website will tell you a little about me and some important third grade information. I will teach your child math and science! Mrs. Tasch will teach your child language arts and social studies!

Thank you in advance for all of your support and help this year!

Audra Arnold

Recent Posts

Math Homework Sheet

Students were given their homework today.  It is due next Friday, Sept. 29. Have a great weekend.
Curriculum for Next Week:
Math:  We will learn about money and how to round numbers.
Science:  We will discuss matter, measuring matter, and density.

Matter Study Guide

There will be a Science Test over Matter, next Friday the 29th. The students are still finishing up the chapter but we want to give you ample time to prepare for the upcoming test. Please use this as a study guide. It will not be collected. 

Math Study Guide

The students are bringing home two worksheets that will help them prepare for the Place Value Test on Friday.  If students return this completed by Friday, then they will earn 5 tickets.  It is not mandatory.  

3.1A Place Value

The students are working on showing numbers in different forms up to the hundred thousand.
The different forms are standard, expanded, word, and model forms.  The vocabulary words that we learned are the following: equation, digit, decompose, compose, and value.  
Students will be tested on September 15 on these skills.  I attached example test questions for students to use at home as extra practice.
Ask your child about the activity and discussion we had about "Not Wrinkling Anyone's Hear!"  Here is a picture of our visual reminder of our promise to each other!  

Great Start!


What an AMAZING first two days of school. It has been fast and furious but we learned a lot of classroom/school expectations and got to know a lot about each other. 

A brochure came home in the Boomerang folder last night. Hopefully, you had a chance to read it and sign the "detach" portion to return to school. If you have any questions about any of the information in the brochure, please feel free to send me a note and let me know. 
The students also brought home their first assignment.......All About Me Gazette Paper. This paper is due back on September 1st. The kiddos should have all of this information in their planner :) 
Wednesday folders will come home today.  Please only send back what needs to be turned in and take out all the other material.  Students need to return this tomorrow.  
I am looking forward to another amazing day tomorrow! 
We are still on the hunt for a room mom for our class! If you are interested, please contact me and let me know :)
Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Meet The Teacher!!

I cannot wait to get the 2017-2018 school year started!  I hope to see everyone at Meet the Teacher from 3-4 on Friday (Room 504).  Please be sure to stop in next door to meet your Language Arts teacher, Mrs. Tasch!
If you ordered school supply packs last year or over the summer from EPI, they are in my room.  If not, you may bring your supplies on Friday.  All students will need a set of headphones (a built in microphone would be great) for the computers the first week of school (the sooner the better).  Please make sure they are labeled.  
If you have not done so already, please click the subscribe button on the right side of the web page.  This will ensure that you are receiving my news updates.  You should also subscribe to Mrs. Tasch's web page, as well as the specialists. 
There is information about the web pages, in the brochure, you will receive at Meet The Teacher. 
I look forward to meeting everyone and seeing all the little smiling faces. :) 


Hi, Third Grade Parents,
I am very excited to meet you and your child!  Here is a little video about me and what we will learn this year for the students to view.  I hope to see you all at Meet the Teacher.  You are welcome to bring your school supplies to Meet the Teacher or on the first day of school.  If you purchased supplies through the school, then they will be delivered to my room and I will place them on your child's desk.  Any questions, please email me anytime.  
Audra Arnold