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Room - 329
Phone - (281) 357-4526 x 3870
Lunch - 10:45 - 11:15
Library - Wednesday
Computer Lab - Thursday
PE - Everyday

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Parent Orientation is Thursday, September 21 at 6:00
What are we learning about?
-reviewing letters Aa - Nn (identifying, sound, and writing)
-sight words: I, a, look, at, the, see, by, like, red, orange (read & spell)
-writing our name with only one capital
-knowing the different between letters, words, and sentences
-all about me and our classmates
-following directions
-idenitifying 2d (flat/plane) shapes
-reader's workshop
-using shapes to draw people

Our first scholastic book order is due Friday. And... WOW... a BIG thank you to everyone who has ordered!!! The students will be so excited to receive their books and take them home to read!
Our class code is GXRP4

Please empty your child's yellow folder DAILY. Remember you only need to sign the behavior sheet if your student has had a misbehavior that day.
Parent Orientation is Thursday, September 21 at 6:00

We will go to computer lab this THURSDAY...  please send in headphones if you have not done so.
Our Library day is WEDNESDAY. Pleas return library books that day so your student will be able to check out a new one.
Please let me the day before/of if you plan to bring birthday treats at lunch. *Remember* we are a peanut free classroom... so whole class treats must be peanut free. 

What are we learning about?
-reviewing letters Aa - Ii (identifying, sound, and writing)
-sight words: I, a, look, at, the, see, by
-writing our name with only one capital
-what is science
-following directions
-idenitifying 2d (flat) shapes
-reader's workshop
-using shapes to draw people

Welcome back!!
Today is "Wednesday folder" day. Please check your child's yellow folder for important notes. 
Our first Scholastic Book Order went home today. These book orders are a great way to build your child's home library. Just go to the website to order, and the books will be delivered to our classroom. 
Our class code is GXRP4
This week we are reviewing the letters Aa, Bb, Cc, Dd. We are naming each letter, making the correct sound, and writing it. We are also identifying words that begin with each letter. We are assessing our students to see who has masters both upper and lower case letter names and sounds. I am very impressed that so many of our classmates that have a solid understanding of all of their letters and sounds!!!! YAY!!!
What are we learning about?
-reviewing letters Aa - Dd (identifying, sound, and writing)
-sight words: look, at, the (how to spell and read)
-writing our name with only one capital 
-calendar math
-all about our classmates
-following directions & classroom (school) procedures

Today we read a book called Too Much Glue, and practiced using wet glue. The rule is "dot, dot, not a lot!" We reviewed The Kissing Hand and sequenced the story. We also went to music and PE. We will go to PE daily, so please be sure your child has the appropriate shoes.
We will begin going to the computer lab soon. We will be learning how to login to the computers. Please send head phones (labeled with your child's name) to school for your child to use on the computers this year. It would be helpful to show your child how to use a mouse and a touch pad to navigate a desktop computer and a laptop.

Today was another busy day in kindergarten. We visited with many staff members to learn about our school rules and procedures. 
We received 1 more school tool to add to our box... scissors! We practiced using our scissors safely and correctly. Ask your child to share how to use their new school tools!
Your child has a colored wristband that they wear home the first week of school. Please try to keep the wristband on, it helps us make sure that all the kids are in the correct transportation line to go home.

We had a great first day of Kindergarten!  We enjoyed reading Pete the Cat, Rocking in My School Shoes and going on a school tour. We learned about a few of our "school tools" and used our brand new pencil and crayons to draw a self portrait.  We read The Kissing Hand and made one for you. We learned how to play safe outside and had 2 short recesses. We went to music and PE. Today was a very busy day of learning lots of new rules and procedures... your students are probably very tired!! 
Please send a snack and water bottle daily. We will send home the water bottles each afternoon to be cleaned and refilled. We are a PEANUT FREE classroom... so no peanut products please!
Your child's yellow daily folder went home in their backpack. There are several papers in the front pocket to take out. Please send the yellow folder back to school DAILY and remember to send any notes or transportation changes inside the front pocket. 

WOW! What a fantastic year it has been! It has been amazing to see how much each student has grown since the beginning of school. Also, thank you for all the end of year goodies. Have a GREAT summer! 

Tomorrow we will sign yearbooks. Please send your student with their yearbook and something to sign other yearbooks with (thin sharpies work great). If your child did not purchase a yearbook I will give them an autograph sheet to have friends sign.
Wednesday is game day! Please bring a game from home that your child knows how to play and is able to explain to others.

Thursday is the last day of school! We will have our class party at 11:30! Report cards will go home then.

FRIDAY is water day! The students will participate in all kinds of fun water activities, such as water balloons, misters and squirt bottles, relay races and everything water. Clothing & shoes will get completely wet. Please send a full change of clothing – including socks, shoes, and underwear. Students will change after the activities. Boys may wear swimsuit bottoms and a t-shirt or swim shirt. Girls may wear swimsuits under their clothes, or shorts and a swim top. Clothing must meet dress code requirements.  You may send a hat and please apply sunscreen at home.  Each student will enjoy popsicles to wrap up the fun!

On Friday, May 26th we will have water day from 11:30 - 1:30! In order to have a successful water day we are in need of donated items and volunteers.
Below is the donation and volunteer sign up. Please consider donating, if you are able. Items should be brought in by Monday, May 22rd to ensure that we have everything needed. 
volunteer sign up - 
donation sign up - 
important dates:
  • Friday, May 19 - library books due
  • Tuesday, May 23 - author visit
  • Friday, May 26 - kindergarten water day
  • Monday, May 29 - no school
  • Tuesday, May 30 - yearbook signing
  • Wednesday, May 31 - game day
  • Thursday, June 1 - last day of school! class party 11:15. early dismissal 12:40

Thanks for a great teacher appreciation week!

Thank you all so much for the flowers, notes, sweets, and gifts this week. I am so lucky to teach each of your students!!

-Today BLUE homework folders will come home. Please keep them at home to use for continued practice.

-TOMORROW May 9th Kindergarten will have a picnic at the park. Send your child with a towel and lunch (students can still purchase a cafeteria lunch if needed).

Field Day
Field day is Thursday, May 11th from 9:30 - 12:30
Wear a YELLOW shirt, sneakers, and sunscreen.
Bring a change of clothes - including shoes. 
Your child will need to bring a lunch from home on THURSDAY and FRIDAY, unless they signed up to buy one from the cafeteria. 
There are still spots available if you would like to sign up to help with field day.
-WOW... I can't believe our year is almost over. Please email me and let me know if you if you would like to have an end of year conference. 

Students in grades 3, 4, and 5, will have an opportunity to show all that they’ve learned this year as they take a variety of STAAR tests.   

May 8th, 2017:  3rd, 4th, Math STAAR, 5th retest

May 9th, 2017: 3rd, 4th, Reading STAAR, 5th retest

May 10th, 2017: 5th Science STAAR

 Due to the security of this testing process, all parents (Kinder through 5th grade), will eat lunch with their children on other dates. Volunteers are also asked to reschedule their time. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter. Here at Creekside Forest, we have the most amazing parents who provide their time and care to volunteer and make our school a nurturing environment.

Warm regards,

Elysia Dean - Counselor

 -Our program is Thursday, May 4th at 9:30 & 6:30. We are so excited!! Please see previous posts for additional information, or check out Mrs. Fender's website.
 -School will be closed to visitors Monday (5/9), Tuesday (5/10) and Wednesday (5/11) due to STAAR testing. 
 -Tuesday May 9th Kindergarten will have a picnic at the park. Send your child with a towel and lunch (students can still purchase a cafeteria lunch if needed).
important dates:
  • Thursday, May 4 - Kindergarten Program
  • Tuesday, May 9 - picnic at the park
  • Thursday, May 11 - Field Day (lunch from home)
  • Friday, May 12 - cafeteria is closed
  • Friday, May 12 - RED reading folder books due
  • Friday, May 19 - library books due
  • Tuesday, May 23 - author visit
  • Friday, May 26 - kindergarten water day
  • Monday, May 29 - no school
  • Thursday, June 1 - last day of school! class party 11:15. early dismissal 12:40

FRIDAY is the field trip!
Here are a few reminders:
-Leave your students backpack and all folders at home. Folders will be turned in on Monday.
-Please pack lunch in a plastic/ziploc bag with their name on it. Lunch kits are not allowed. Everything needs to be able to be thrown away.
-Wear a red shirt.
-Bring one disposable water bottle labeled with name.
-Have your student at school as early as possible. We will leave at 8:45
Help! We have been learning about writing letters in class... and the students are loving it! If you have any extra cards (post cards, note cards, thank you cards, etc) around the house - please send them it! 
Important dates:
  • Friday, April 28 - book fair closes at 12
  • FridayApril 28 - field trip to the Oil Ranch
  • Thursday, May 4 - Kindergarten Program - 9:30 & 6:30

*Please turn in field trip permission forms if you have not done so. 
April and May are busy months! Please add the following dates to your calendar.
  • Next week, April 24-28 is our book fair. We will go as a class to the book fair on Wednesday during our library time - 1:00. You are more than welcome to send money with your student or join us at that time. 
  • Tuesday, April 25 is Muffins with Mom.
  • Friday, April 28 is our field trip to the Oil Ranch. Students will ride the bus to the ranch and will be paid for my PTO.Chaperones will be assigned a small group of students on the day of the trip. All parents attending will need to provide their own transportation. All students will ride the bus back to school.
  • Thursday, May 4 - Kindergarten Program
  • Thursday, May 11 - Field Day.
  • Friday, May 12 - cafeteria is closed
  • Friday, May 26 - Kindergarten Water Day
  • There is no school May 29

WOW! It has been a great 2 days back with the students! They were all so excited to see me, and I was just as excited to see them! Everyone is doing so great... and it feels as though I never left. Mrs. Parker did an amazing job! 
Friday is RUN THE CREEK! If you would like to come cheer your student on... we run at 9:03 at the park. 
CREEKFEST is in the evening. Please come and support CFES!