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I can't believe that it is the last week of school.  Thank you for sharing your children with me this year, they are such a sweet class! I have been blessed to have such wonderful parents as well this year! Thank you for your generosity with donations, time and attention to your child's education.  CFES is such a wonderful school!
There are just a few announcements for this week....
- Please continue to send backpacks this week.  We will be sending notebooks and other things home all week!
- Students are having a read-in/game day on Wednesday.  They can bring small pillows, blankets, stuffed animals and games. Please have them bring games that they have previously played and can explain the rules to others.
- The End of the Year Class Party is this Thursday from 11:30-12:30, parents are welcome to come!  Also, school ends that day at 12:50.
Have a wonderful summer!  
We had a fun week of camping in the classroom!
Thank you to Braiden's mom for letting us borrow their family's tent and setting it up for us!  The students have taken turns reading and working in it.  Camping will continue next week as well!  We are doing camp themed review assignments to practice previously learned skills.
*Students are receiving their yearbooks today. They turned out beautifully and the students were excited to hunt for themselves throughout the book!  Please send the books back on Friday May 26th for 2nd Grade's Chance to sign autographs!
Please send a reusable grocery bag with your child by Thursday. We will begin to send books and other items home in the bag.  Thanks!
A note from our counselor, Mrs. Dean:


I would love your input as to what you value the most and feel is the most essential part of a comprehensive counseling program.  If you could respond to the survey below, that would be wonderful in helping me tailor the program to meet the needs of our students here at CFES!  


Ms. Dean, Counselor



Next week we will participate in some fun activities at CFES.  We will attend a cultural performance in the cafeteria, visit 4th Grade's Wax Museum, and have an author visit!   We are currently reviewing previously taught concepts in these final days of school!



Happy Mother's Day to all of you wonderful mothers. Thank you for sharing your sweet children with me!
Thank you to everyone who attened our Salsa/Garden Party on Friday!  It was so much fun seeing the kids show off their hard work and enjoying the salsa they made!  Thank you to our guests for your enthusiasm and making it such a fun party.  If you would like to view your child's Garden Group video, I have share it with them in their school gmail account. It will be under "shared with me" in their google Drive.  To log into their account:
password: tisd+birthday
-If you have not sent a flashlight to school yet, please do so that students can use it for Camp Learn Alot these next two weeks.  Thanks!
- We are done with spelling tests and homework for the year!   
What are we learning this week?
Reading:Students will understand, make inferences, and draw conclusions about the structure and elements of fiction, while providing evidence from the text.  We will use camping related texts as well as chapter books in a Book Study format.
Writing: Students will begin to work on their End of the Year memory lapbook.  Students will use the writing process to write brief narratives about a variety of 2nd grade memories. 
Math:Students will be able to solve simple division problems using a variety of strategies.  Multiplication was introduced as repeated addition and division is introduced as repeated subtraction.
Science: Students will use hands on activities to continue to examine how animals' adaptions help them to survive in their enviroment.
Social Studies: We will be learning about the water formations of our Earth (ocean, gulf, bay, river, stream, lake, pond, glacier).  We have a Landforms test on Friday May 19th and that will be our last Social Studies test for the year.
Field Day Information from Coach Baxter:


Your child will participate in field day this week. K-2nd grade will be on Thursday from 9:30-12:30, and 3rd -5th grade will be on Friday from 9:30-12:30. Please make sure that they wear the color that their teacher has given them, and tennis shoes. Field day attire must follow the school dress code. Kindergarten lunch is from 10:30-11:00, 1st grade from 11:00-11:30, and 2nd grade is from 11:30-12:00. Grades 3-5 will eat after the games at 12:30. If you did not order a box lunch for your student, please be sure to send your student with a sack lunch. On Friday the cafeteria will be closed, and will not be serving the regular menu to ANY grades. Only box lunches that were pre ordered, will be served on Friday. Please pack a lunch on Friday as well, if you did not order a box lunch.


Please make sure that your student puts on sunscreen/bug spray before they come to school. Please send them with a water bottle and towel for picnicking as well. We are hoping for beautiful weather, but you never know what could happen. Unless it is storming, we will plan to go on with the day. Thank you for allowing your child to participate. We are looking forward to 2 days full of fun!



Thank you SO much for you all of the kind and generous things that everyone did for Teacher Appreciation Week!  I felt very loved and spoiled.  CFES has amazing students and parents and I am very blessed to teach here! 
I am aware that the Edlio update links have not been functioning correctly.  I have contacted the technology department for help.  I apologize for the trouble!  
Note from Administration about STAAR testing this week:
Students in grades 3, 4, and 5, will have an opportunity to show all that they’ve learned this year as they take a variety of STAAR tests.   

May 8th, 2017:  3rd, 4th, Math STAAR, 5th retest

May 9th, 2017: 3rd, 4th, Reading STAAR, 5th retest

May 10th, 2017: 5th Science STAAR

Due to the security of this testing process, all parents (Kinder through 5th grade), will eat lunch with their children on other dates. Volunteers are also asked to reschedule their time. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter. Here at Creekside Forest, we have the most amazing parents who provide their time and care to volunteer and make our school a nurturing environment.



Events this week.....

Thursday, May 11th-  Field Day: 2nd Grade students wear BLUE!

Friday, May 12th - the cafeteria will be closed. All students need to bring a lunch from home. 

Friday, May 12th - SALSA party - 2:15-3:15 come enjoy homemade salsa from our garden vegetables. We will also show group technology projects and individual projects will be displayed. Click the link to view the invitation: You will be able to sign your child out after the party.

The week of May 15th - We will start our annual 2nd grade Camp Learned A Lot. Students will need to bring in a flashlight, labeled with their name (this will be returned).  Also, we are looking for a tent we could borrow to use in our classroom for the 2 weeks of "camping". Please let me know if you have one we could use! 


What are we learning?

Reading: Students are going to be participating in a book study and focus on reading strategies and comprehension skills. Students will independently read and respond to the text.


Writing: Students will be working on writing "how to make salsa" and practice using strong word choice in their writing. 


Math: Students will  begin learning how to solve multiplication problems different ways. Students will learn how to solve problems using repeated addition, arrays and equal groups.

We will still have our weekly math fact check on Tuesdays (addition and subtraction),  but we will also begin multiplication fact checks (not for a grade). Students will all begin on x0,x1,x2 facts and as they master the facts they will move on to x3, x4, and so on. 

We will also  be reviewing previously taught 2nd Grade objectives. Students will take their end of the year District Math Benchmark Test on Tuesday, May 16th. 


Science: Students will be working on their garden project! Students will be creating a poster or box to display their data from their project. 


Social Studies: Students will continue to learn about landforms and bodies of water. 

Salsa Party

We are very proud of our garden and will be having a Salsa Party next Friday May 12th to celebrate our vegetables being ready to pick!  Our class grew 2 types of peppers and the vegetables grown by the other 2nd grade classes are tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, and cilantro. We will combine all of our vegetables to make salsa! We would love to celebrate with you!  Please view the invitation below.


The party will include our homemade salsa and pico for you to enjoy, each garden group’s technology project and also each child’s individual poster/box.  We also invite you to check out the garden as well! We hope to see you there!



Hello May!

Thank you to all of the parents who generously donated books from the Book Fair to our classroom last week!  We were very excited to receive such fun new titles! The parents at CFES are so generous and kind and it is much appreciated!  We have another busy week this week in 2nd Grade!


Penny War starts this week and lasts until May 12th.  Please see the note that came home last week for further details. All proceeds from the penny war help the DI team with their travel expenses to get to the global competition in Knoxville, Tennessee! The winning grade level gets an exciting popsicle party at the park!


Reading: Students will be completing book studies on assigned chapter books. Students will read the text and respond to their reading.

Next week students will be taking their end of the year reading level assessment (online). Please encourage them to take their time and read questions carefully... although this is not a grade, it is still very important that we get accurate and reflective data. I will also begin be assessing their current reading level (major grade). 


Writing: Students will continue working on the writing process and will also focus on writing expository text. Students will have a district expository major grade writing prompt this week. 


Math: Students will continue their study of financial literacy and money. They will have a major grade assessment on Friday, May 5th.


Social Studies: Students will begin studying landforms. 


Science: Students will continue studying animals and identify how physical adaptations help  them survive in their environments. 


***Garden Project:*** This is a big deal for our 2nd graders and our school! This "project based learning" project will be coming to end soon and the kids have done a great job planting, researching, caring for and making observations in the garden.

Students need to bring in a shoe box OR a poster board to display all of their data from their project. Students will be creating a slideshow of their pictures and data and creating a display to "show off" during our Salsa Party celebration.

Our salsa party will be on MAY 12th in the afternoon! ALL parents are invited to come view your child's project display and celebrate with us! More information will come home next week. 


Upcoming Dates:

May 8th-9th - STAAR testing (no visitors/volunteers) 

May 11th - Field Day (2nd graders - wear BLUE)

May 12th - Cafeteria closed - all students need to pack a lunch


If you would like to schedule an end of the year conference, please let me know. 




Yay for Book Fair Week!

 Week of April 24th

 Upcoming dates:
This week is book fair! We will go as a class will go on Thursday during our library time at 9:00. You can send money with your child or please feel free to meet us there! The book fair is bigger than the fall book fair with LOTS of fun book choices.
Tuesday, April 25th- Come join your child for Muffins with Mom at 7:30 a.m.The book fair will also be open early that morning. 
Coming Up.....
May 11th - Field Day - 2nd grade students need to wear a blue shirt. 
May 12th - cafeteria closed - students need to bring their lunch. 
* Donations of glue sticks are gladly accepted! Thanks!
What will we be learning? 
Reading and Writing: Students will begin their animal research portfolio using the notes they recorded on their note taking chart! This project has many parts and the final product is a lot of work,  but it turns out really neat. Students are always so proud of the work they put into it. Students will have a Research Skills Test on Thursday.
Students will also continue to read a passage and find the evidence in the text to support their answer! Please work on this at home if you see your child is struggling with going back and using the text. They should be doing this weekly on their homework passage. We took a daily grade this week and will take another one next week. 
Math: Students will continue learning about money. Students should be able to identify coins and their values, determine the value of a collection of coins up to a dollar, make an amount using different coins and write the value using the cent symbol and a decimal point. Problem solving problems are incorporated into our study of money as well. Students will have a daily grade on Tuesday. Students will then be using their money knowledge to learn about "financial literacy". Vocabulary: saving,spending, lending, borrowing, withdraw, deposit, responsible and irresponsible
Word problems are still a big focus in second grade and we continue to practice them daily. Students will take another daily grade this week on Wednesday (similar to the one they have done a few times now). 
Science: Students will be studying how animals meet their basic needs. They will compare the needs of animals and  determine if all animals need the same things to survive. They will also look at an animal's environment and how it effects the animals' ability to meet their needs. 
Social Studies: The students will locate and identify each continent and ocean on maps and globes and describe the characteristics of the continent.Students will take a major grade assessment on Friday, April 28th. 

Spring Happenings..

I hope that everyone enjoyed the 3 day weekend!  I had a wonderful time with my family and little Mason bunny. This is a busy week for 2nd grade! First though a few announcements. 


Please view the flyer to the right for information about purchasing school supplies for next year.  You can also follow the information below:

  • Go to
  • Enter the school ID, CRE078
  • Follow the directions to complete your order.
  • Keep your online confirmation as your receipt.
  • Tax will be applied at checkout
  • Each school pack will INCLUDE a planner for 2nd -5t



The Spring Book Fair will be next week and Ms. Hock said it will be bigger and better than ever!  Muffins with Mom is Tuesday the 25th before school if you are able to attend, it will be fun!


Our animal research began last week and the students are doing a wonderful job using Google Classroom for their note taking.  They either selected an animal from the Coniferous Forest, Deciduous Forest, or Rainforest.  We moved our tables into those 3 clusters and are learning traits of all 3!


What are we working on this week?

Reading and Writing: We are continuing to learn about research, how to cite sources and make original notes.  We are taking notes about our animals and will then be making a final product to display our learning. *Please note that students will be reviewing 2nd grade grammar skills for the next few weeks.  Some students still have difficulty identifying nouns, verbs, and adjectives.  If you are able to incorporate this vocabulary into conversations at home, that would be helpful!


Math: We are finishing fractions this week and taking a TISD Fractions test on Tuesday.  A math review homework page will come on Monday that would be helpful to complete (if possible) prior to the test. We will then move into identifying and counting mixed change up to $1.00.  Students are expected to be able to write the amount in both cent and dollar form.


Science: We are moving onto life cycles and will get some fun little insect friends this week!  Also, we work weekly in our 2nd grade garden growing our vegetables.  All of the vegetables are an ingredient to salsa and we will have a fiesta when everything is ready!


Social Studies: We are continuing with mapping by learning about world geography.  Students are responsible for learning each continent and ocean’s name and location.  We have lots of fun websites and songs to help!


I hope that you have a wonderful week.  As usual, please contact me with any questions and concerns related to your child.  The students are a joy as usual!




*I'm sorry, I had updated the webpage on Monday, but forgot to refresh the post to the top!
I hope that everyone had fun at Creekfest on Friday night!  The PTO did such a wonderful job putting that night together for the kids.  Their efforts are very appreciated!  The kids enjoyed Run the Creek during the day also.  Thank you to everyone who came out to support them!
Please see the information from last week regarding purchasing school supply packs for next year. There is also information on that post about completing the form sent home if your child will NOT return to CFES next year.
Please note that the students are off from school this Friday April 14th!  Spelling Test and Homework will be on Thursday this week instead. I hope that your family has a wonderful 3 day weekend!
What are we learning this week?
Reading and Writing: Students are beginning a big research unit that will last for a while.  Students picked an animal to research and will learn how to site sources and organize information.  Students will for the first time use Google Classroom to take notes in a slide format.  It should be an adventure!  The final product will be a lap book that the students will get to take home and share with their families.
Math: Students will continue to study fractions as they use models to count fractional parts beyond one whole and recognize how many parts it takes to equal one whole. Also, students need to continue to retain their skills on problem solving & understanding word problems. 
Science: Students will understand how living things depend on one another for meeting their basic needs- ANIMALS DEPEND ON ANIMALS, ANIMALS DEPEND ON PLANTS, PLANTS DEPEND ON ANIMALS.


Social Studies: Students will be able to use a map to locate places and describe the benefits and reasons for using a map. Students will take a major grade Maps Assessment on Wednesday of this week. 

VOCABULARY: map, symbol, title, compass rose, key/legend, globe, coast


Have a great week!

School Supplies are available to purchase for next year.  Please see the flyer attached to the right.


1. Go to

2. Enter the school ID, CRE078

3. Follow the directions to complete your order.

4. Keep your online confirmation as your receipt.

Tax will be applied at checkout

Each school pack will INCLUDE a planner for 2nd -5th grade


Also, a gold sheet came home this week asking if your child will NOT return to CFES next year.  If that is the case, please complete the sheet and return it to school.  This will help the registrar gather records prior to the end of the year!


Hope to see you at Run the Creek tomorrow during school at 10:33 or at Creekfest that evening!  I will work the pizza table from 5:30-6:30. Yum! :)





Announcements for the week of April 3rd
The field trip on Friday was a blast!  Our class broke into three groups and each group was led by a chaperone around Mercer on a scavenger hunt.  Then we had a picnic and a great time playing at the park.  We ended our day back at CFES by working in our second grade garden.  The weather could not have been more perfect!
There are lots of things happening around CFES this spring, please mark the dates below on your calendar.
- Lemonade War books are going home today! The students are encouraged to read a chapter a night with their families and discuss the book.  All 2nd-5th grade students at CFES received a copy to keep!  Please see the note from Mrs. Hock last week, which gives more details about the initiative.
- Our run time for Friday is at 10:33. Parents are welcome to come and watch their child run!

Upcoming Events:

April 7- Run the Creek (during school)

April 7- Creekfest (5:30-8:00 PM)

April 14- No School (Good Friday)

April 24-28- Book Fair

April 25- Muffins with Mom


  • Please make sure your child packs a healthy, non-messy, easy to eat, snack every day.
  • Dress code reminder - please make sure shorts, skirts and dresses are finger-tip length. The kids are growing quickly and shorts from last year seem to have shrunk a little bit! Tank tops must cover their shoulders as well or be covered with jacket/sweater.
  • A note from Mrs. Deyoe about Creekfest:

Run the Creek fundraising is in full swing and we need your help! As of today, we are $19,210 dollars away from our goal of $20,000! Remember, if you raise $50, you will receive 10 tickets for the raffle; if you raise $100 you will receive 25 tickets; and if we meet our goal, we will receive a school wide dance party! We appreciate your support!! 

Academic Updates:

Reading: Students will be taking a Media Literacy Assessment for a major grade on Wednesday of this week. Students are expected to be able to recognize different purposes of media, describe techniques used to create media messages, and use reading comprehension skills to analyze how words, images, graphics, and sounds work together in various forms to impact meaning.


Writing: Students will connect Science learning objectives to Writing as they write a narrative from a plant’s point of view! This will require online research in order to promote idea development in their writing.


Math: Students will be taking the Graphing Assessment for a major grade on Monday of this week. This week, students will begin studying fractions as they answer the following essential questions: What is a fraction? How can you determine which figures represent halves, fourths and/or eighths? Do fractions make sense with what we know about mat? How do you partition objects in equal parts? How do you draw a model of a fraction and justify your model? How do you explain the relationship between the parts and the size of the parts? Which fractions results in larger parts? How do you know when a set of fractional parts is more than one whole? What examples can you give for parts of a whole? 

Vocabulary: explain, fractional parts, whole, fraction, halves, fourths, eighths, equal parts, equivalent, partition


Science: Students will take a two-part Plants Assessment this week on Tuesday and Wednesday for a major grade. Students will continue their study of plants as they determine the basic needs, plant parts, how each plant part helps the plant meet its basic needs, and how the weather causes dormancy in plants. Later in the week, students will begin to study the dependency of plants and animals in the environment as they begin examining food chains.


Social Studies: Students will continue their study and creation of maps as they study significant U.S. landmarks located on maps.


Have a great week!



Our Field Trip is Tomorrow!!!! Woohoo!!
A few reminders:
- Students should pack a lunch that is completely disposable.
- Students should bring a water bottle.
- Please apply bug spray and sun screen to your child prior to coming to school.  I am not allowed to apply anything on them.
If you would like to order the class book that we are making, titled "What Makes Me Smile"  Then please send in your payment envelope by Monday April 3rd. It should be really cute!
Check out our latest class photo to the bottom right!
A note from Mrs. Deyoe about Creekfest:
Run the Creek fundraising is in full swing and we need your help! As of today, we are $19,210 dollars away from our goal of $20,000! Remember, if you raise $50, you will receive 10 tickets for the raffle; if you raise $100 you will receive 25 tickets; and if we meet our goal, we will receive a school wide dance party! We appreciate your support!! 
Week of March 27th
Happy Monday! A few announcements for this week:
- Spelling Test on Thursday this week due to the field trip!
- Run the Creek collection envelopes were sent home on Friday. Information is provided inside of the envelope. Please let me know if you have any questions!
- Our field trip is this Friday March 31st!  Please see the information below regarding details for that day.  We had our chaperone drawing on Friday.  The two parents whose names were pulled have been informed!  Thank you to all parents for expressing interest in chaperoning.  I wish that you all could have been picked.
Field Trip: We start getting ready and load the buses right after the bell rings in the morning so  please try and have your child arrive on time. Students will need to bring a disposable lunch and water bottle. Sunscreen and bug spray should be applied at home, before school. Students need to wear tennis shoes. Students should also wear a CFES shirt if possible. Please let me know if you have any questions!
 - Report cards go home this Wednesday (not last, sorry for the confusion).
-  Just a reminder that the older grades are taking STAAR on Tuesday and Wednesday. Please pick a different day this week if you would like to come eat lunch with your child!
What we are learning this week:
Reading - Students will continue learning about media literacy. Students will recognize and compare different forms of media, understand the purposes of media, and describe different techniques used to create media. 
Writing - Students will finish their class books and participate in Writer's Workshop. 
Math - Students will continue to read and interpret data using charts and different types of graphs (bar and pictographs) and generate and answer questions related to the data. Students will have a major grade assessment on Monday, April 3rd. 
Science - Students will focus on the physical characteristics of plants that help them to meet their basic needs and how the weather causes dormancy in plants. 
Social Studies - Students will interpret information on maps and also create maps to show routes in the home, school and community.
Welcome Back!  I hope that everyone had a fun spring break!  
This week starts the 4th 9 weeks!  This is the nine weeks where we really start focusing on getting your child ready for 3rd grade by holding them more accountable and responsible for their learning and behavior. Warnings will no longer be given for the basic behavioral expectations that have been clearly set all year, conduct marks will be given instead.
- If you have not sent in your Field Trip permission slips, please do so ASAP. 
- If you would like to be entered into the drawing to be a chaperone, please make sure to send in that form as well. We will be drawing 2 parent volunteers in class on Friday, March 24th. 
- Report cards will go home on Wednesday. 


- A note from Ms. Dean: STAAR is around the corner, and we are all working together as a team to encourage our students because we know that they are all stars! On March 28th and March 29th, we will have our first round of STAAR testing for this school year. On Tuesday, March 28th, our fourth graders will be taking STAAR Writing, and our fifth graders will be taking STAAR Math. The following day, March 29th, our fifth graders will be taking the STAAR Reading. Due to the security of this testing process, all parents (Kinder through 5th grade), will eat lunch with their children on other dates. Volunteers are also asked to reschedule their time. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter. Here at Creekside Forest, we have the most amazing parents who provide their time and care to volunteer and make our school a nurturing environment.


What are we learning this week:

Reading We will begin learning about Media Literacy. Students will be identifying the purpose of different forms of media. Students will analyze a form of media using a mentor text. We will also be focusing on real world application of media literacy.
Writing Students will  begin writing persuasive text. 
Students will be writing a class book! This book will be published and your child will become a published author! You will be able to purchase a class book for your child. We will be sending home order forms on Wednesday.
We will not give a spelling pretest on Tuesday, rather will just have the students write the words down. Spelling words: books, shook, stood, wool, crook, hood, hoof, soot, brook, nook, hoods, foot, wood, good, should, put
Math Students will begin learning about Data Analysis and Graphing. This week we will focus on bar graphs and pictographs. Students will be collecting data, using charts, interpreting and reading graphs and data charts, and answering questions based on the given data. Students will also be collecting their own data based on a given question and creating their own graphs.
Science Students will begin studying plants. Students will identify the basic needs of plants, the parts of a plant, and how the parts of a plant help them meet their basic needs. 


Social Studies Students will begin learning about maps. Students will identify the purpose of a map, understand what maps are used for and how they are used, and identify important features on a map.
Happy Spring Break!
I think that all of the kids need a relaxing week off after the busy week that we just had! We had Measurement Olympics, Market Day, a magic show, and our gardening is back in full swing.  Thank you for a wonderful 3rd 9 weeks!  Our class is a great group of kids!
As you are out on your adventures this week.... if you see free maps of the places that you visit, please pick up one for our class.  We will be studying maps when we get back from break.  Examples: Amusement park map, campground map, subway map, city map, etc.  Thanks! :)
Please see the following information regarding Creekfest:


Run the Creek and Creekfest will be held on Friday, April 7th.  

 The Run the Creek Pep Rally will kick-off our spring fundraising event during school on Friday, March 24th.  Students will also bring home Run the Creek packets with information about getting donations and sponsors for our fun run event. New this year, students who raise $50 in sponsorships will receive 10 raffle tickets and students who raise $100 will receive 25 raffle tickets! 

Avoid the lines and pre-order all of your tickets for Creekfest!  Order forms for Dinner, Raffle, and Dollar Tickets will be coming home soon... Dollar tickets can be used for drinks, popcorn, cotton candy, sugar shack goodies and more! Please keep in mind that dinner tickets must be ordered in advance and will not be sold at the event. 

A flyer with information about grade level donations for the Silent Auction has been sent home. Please consider bringing in an item or two and help make Creekfest a success! If your business or family is interested in donating to the Silent Auction, please contact Sue Gallice at

 We are also currently seeking donations for the super popular raffle items!  The children love to get involved with this element of the event to try to win their favorite items! If you have the ability to donate an item or get an item donated for this portion of the event, please contact Angela Gomez and /or Marcela Gonzalez Raffle items are available to be bid on at lunch time during the entire week of Creekfest and the evening of Creekfest. 

All donations are tax deductible and due by Friday, March 24th

Once again, thank you in advance for all of your generosity and support. We couldn't do it without each and every one of you! If you have any questions, please contact Lilian Garcia-Plascencia - See more info on CFES PTO Web page or Cougar Connection. Thank You!!






Last week before SPRING BREAK!!

  • Please bring Food Drive Donations by Tuesday March 7th! Thanks!
  • This is the last week in the 3rd nine weeks grading period before Spring Break! Attendance is IMPORTANT! 
  • There will not be a spelling test or homework this week.


Academic Updates:

Reading - Students will continue to work on reading comprehension skills and strategies. Second Graders will take a major grade assessment on Monday, March 6th. The assessment will cover previously taught reading skills and strategies such as using context clues, identifying the main idea and making inferences. Students NEED TO use the text to find their EVIDENCE and PROVE their answer! All previously taught reading strategies are very important to independently put into practice at this point in the year.


Writing - Students will continue to work on narrative stories and go through the writing process as they write about Spring. 


Math - Students will participate in a variety of measurement task projects. Students will also participate in the Measurement Olympics on Wednesday, March 8th.


Science - Students will take a major grade assessment on "Objects in the Sky" on Tuesday, March 7th.  


Social Studies - Students will create a "Market Day" product as producers and use marketing strategies to create advertisements to promote their product . Students will get a chance to be consumers on Market Day on Thursday! Each student will get "school money" and will get a chance to make choices about what products they want to purchase from other 2nd grade classes.  


Upcoming Dates:

March 13th - 17th: Spring Break 

March 20th: Staff Development Day (no school for students)

What is happening this week?


FOOD DRIVE for second grade, in conjunction with Tomball High School Student Council- the following items are needed for local food banks. If you are able to donate it would be much appreciated:
*non-perishable food items, canned goods, rice, flour, formula
*household items-toilet paper, paper towels
Toiletries-soap, shampoo, toothpaste, brushes, deodorant
***Donations must be received by March 7th
Thank you in advance for anyone who can donate to this terrific cause!


Learning Objectives:

Reading - Students will continue to work on reading strategies and independent reading skills. We will focus on using context clues to identify and infer unknown words and their meaning. Students will also be using reading strategies to answer comprehension questions about fictional text. 


On Thursday, March 2nd, is Dr. Seuss Day! Students may dress up as their favorite Dr. Seuss character. 


Writing - Students will continue to write narrative stories (past tense) and go through the writing process. We will practice adding in dialogue at appropriate times in their stories.  

***The spelling words next week will be CONTRACTIONS! This is a difficult, but important skill. Please practice writing contractions and understanding what the words the contraction replaces (ex: don't = do not)


Math - Students will continue to measure objects using standard units (inches, feet, yards, centimeters, and meters). Students should be able to use a ruler correctly to measure an object. Students also need to be able to identify which tool and unit they need to use to measure an object (ex: the length of a classroom = yards VS. the length of a book = inches). 

Students will take a major grade assessment on TIME AND MEASUREMENT on Friday, March 3rd. The homework this week will be review pages for the test. 


Science - Students will identify the differences between day and night and understand that the Earth rotates (but the sun stays still). Students will understand that a sundial creates a shadow to show different times of the day. Students will also learn about the phases of the moon. Students will take a major grade assessment on Tuesday, March 7th


Social Studies - Students will review goods, services, producers, consumers, assembly lines, saving and earning. Students will take a major grade Economics Assessment on Wednesday, March 1st. 


Upcoming Dates:

March 2nd - Dr. Seuss Day

March 3rd - Go Texan Day

March 13th-17th - Spring Break

I hope that everyone enjoyed the long weekend!


2nd Grade Performance Information: The students have been working very hard on their program and will be performing it this Thursday.  Showtimes are 9:30 am and 6:30 pm. Please see the updated information from Mrs. Fender at the bottom of this post.


Please continue to collect box tops, and send them to school, the contest ends this Friday!


Brio Tuscan Grille Spirit Day is this Sunday February 26th from 11am-9pm.  A portion of the profits will go to CFES if you mention our school.


What are we learning this week?

Reading: Students will use questioning strategies before, during, and after they read. Students will respond to reading in written form.


Writing: Students will continue to write narrative compositions that focus on a small moment and include a clear beginning, middle, and end. Narratives must be written in past tense, have a problem and solution, and supporting details that include strong sensory word choice and varied sentences in starters and in length.


Math: Students will continue our unit on measurement as they move from measuring time, to measuring area and length.


Science: Students will continue their study of patterns in the sky, specifically the sun, moon, and stars. This week we will look carefully at what causes day and night.


Social Studies: Students will study how technology has changed transportation, communication, and ways that we get food.



FROM MRS. FENDER:The second-grade music program is Thursday, 2/23, at 9:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.  If your child is wearing a costume and/or is a milliner, he/she should wear the costume/milliner attire at both programs, so he/she should bring school clothes to change into after the 9:30 program.  Go to Mrs. Fender's website for detailed information.


ALSO, your child needs a cap (like a baseball cap), as a prop for one song.  If he/she has not brought one in, please send one. 


Thank you.






Happy Valentine's Week!
Thank you for sending all of the assembly line supplies, the kids had a blast making mini "hamburgers."
Our Valentine's Day party is tomorrow from 2:30-3:30.  Parents are welcome to come!  Please have students bring their Valentine's boxes to collect their cards by tomorrow. There are 21 students in the class.  It is easiest if Valentine's are not addressed or addressed to my friend.  If you would like the class list though, it is posted under Student Names.
*Please see the note below from our music teacher, Mrs. Fender, but the 2nd grade performance and details pertaining to it.
No spelling words this week but there will be homework.
What are we learning this week?
Reading- Students will continue to work on their reading skills and participate in literature circles using fiction books.
Writing- The students will be working on a variety of Valentine's writing activities. 
Spelling - No spelling test this week!
Math - Students will continue to work on telling time. Last week we reviewed time to the hour, half hour and nearest 5 minutes. This week we will work on telling time to the minute and also discussing A.M. and P.M. Practice telling time to the minute here!
Science - Students will learn about patterns in the sky, sun, moon, and stars. 
Social Studies - Students will continue learning about economics - goods, services, producer, consumer, spending, and saving. 
From Mrs. Fender the music teacher:

The Second-Grade Class of Creekside Forest Elementary School Presents


A musical That Celebrates what’s Underneath

February 23, 2017 at 9:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.



On the night of the performance, the doors to the school will be unlocked at 6:00 p.m.  Upon arrival, second-grade students will meet their homeroom teacher in the pod area; I will be in the main hallway directing them.  We ask that parents do not walk their child to the pod, rather, go to the cafeteria and get your seat.  Please be aware that staff is not required to be on duty until 6:00; therefore, you will not be able to enter the building until then.  The doors will be unlocked at 6:00



Some students have speaking/acting parts or solos and already know what hat/costume to wear; this document does not apply to those.  For all others, I would like the morning performance to be casual, as the students will be dressed for a school day, and the evening program more “dressy.”


9:30 a.m. performance: Your child must be comfortable for the school day; however, we want an overall nice look for the performance.  Please have your child wear something that covers the legs, such as blue jeans or pants; no shorts, please.


6:30 p.m. performance: This is an evening performance, an opportunity for your child to dress more nicely than he/she would within the school day.  Boys may wear jeans with a Polo or button-down shirt, preferably a solid color.  Girls may wear jeans, skirts, dresses – anything, as long as it is within the school dress code. 


Subscribe to my website:  A lot of important information has been posted. 

Go to the CFES website:

Click on “About Us”

Click on “Staff Directory”

Click on “Mrs. Donna Fender.”

You will see a “subscribe” tab. 


Students should have a cap for one song.  Most students have already brought one to school and have been rehearsing with it.  Again, this does not apply to those with a special part that are already wearing a costume/hat. 


Please contact me if you have any questions.  You can always go to my website for information, as well.



Have a great week.  Hope to see you at the Valentine's Party!

Announcements for the week of February 6th
Picture day is this Tuesday Feb 7th. Please return your picture money if you would like to purchase.
Thank you to the parents signing up to bring supplies for our fun Assembly Line on Thursday!
The Box Top Contest is going on again.  Box Tops are due Friday Feb 24th and the class with the most box tops wins an ice cream party with extra recess!  
What are we learning this week?
Reading: Students will work in a cooperative Literature Circle to review past concepts and have deeper conversations regarding their books.
Writing: Students will work on narrative writings again and take their writing through the Writer's Workshop process.
Math: We will have our 2D/3D shapes test on Tuesday and then begin working on telling time to the 5 minute intervals and one minute.
Science: We will have a test this week (Thursday) over natural resources, renewable/nonrenewable, rocks/minerals, and the Earth's surface.
Social Studies: We will learn some economics concepts, such as goods/services, producers/consumers, and taking materials from start to finished product.
Assembly Line Supplies Donations
Hello!  I emailed a link to a Sign Up Genius, for a social studies activity that we will do next week.  Any donations are greatly appreciated.  Please send the items by next Thursday, February 9th. I think the kids will really enjoy the activity!  Thanks!

This Week’s Announcements:

**Today is the last day to order yearbooks**

The last day to purchase a 2016-2017 yearbook will be Tuesday, January 31. The cost is $38. Yearbooks will not be sold after this day. It is also the last day to purchase a 5th grade dedication that costs $25 per ad.

To order, please go to and type our school name.


Our music teacher, Mrs. Fender, has asked that students please bring in a hat labeled with their name for the 2nd grade performance.  If your child has a speaking part, they have their own attire to wear, so sending a hat is not necessary.


Please complete your Scholastic book order by Tuesday if you would like to order.


Please return the class picture order form and payment if you would like to order.  Class picture day is Tuesday February 7th


What are we learning this week?

Reading: We will continue with finding the main idea of Nonfiction Text and identifying text features.  We will take a test on Tuesday over this concept. **LOOK TO THE RIGHT FOR AN ATTACHED NONFICTION TEXT FEATURES REVIEW PAGE** Students have been practicing this vocabulary for weeks. The rest of the week will be spent creating a nonfiction book report.


Writing: We will continue with expository writing on student selected topics.  Procedural Writing major grade on Thursday.


Math: We will continue with geometry.  Last week was 2D shapes, this week is 3D.  We will identify, compose and decompose 3D figures.


Science: We will continue to discuss natural resources, renewable/nonrenewable, and conservation.


Social Studies: We will be examining some influential people in celebration of Black History Month.




A Few Mid Week Announcements:
- I am sending book orders home today.  If you would like to order, please have your order complete by next Tuesday January 31st.  If you would like to order online, please see the "Parent Links" tab.
- Our new math unit is geometry.  Problem solving was a very hard unit for the kids and we will be coming back to it to practice for the rest of the year.  If your child's grade is lower than you would like, hopefully hard work in geometry will help to boost their grade.  We are first covering 2D shapes. We have made flip books in class to help them! Click Here for Vocabulary
- Mrs. Hock the librarian emailed out a way for students to read and earn Six Flag tickets.  Please see the attachment.  The forms are due on February 27th if you choose to have your child participate. See the attachment on the side of this page.
Hello!  Here are a few announcements for the week....
-CFES Spirit Night is this Tuesday January 24th at El Chaparro Mexican Restaurant. It will be from 5-close and if you take the flyer from last week a portion of the proceeds with go to CFES!  
-A note from the music teacher, Mrs. Fender about the 2nd Grade musical:

A note from our music teacher, Mrs. Fender:  I would like students without a special part to wear a baseball cap for the song Keep Your Head in the Game. I am hoping you have a cap and do not have to purchase one.  If you would like a cap provided to your child, please let me know.  Please write your child’s name inside the cap, and have your child leave it in my room as soon as possible.  Students with special parts will already be wearing a hat and do not need to bring a baseball cap; it would be too complicated and cumbersome to accommodate.


What are we learning this week?
Reading: We are still working on finding the main idea and details of a nonfiction text.  Students are still practicing their text features vocabulary as well
Writing: Students are writing expository texts and practicing note taking skills by commenting on nonfiction texts.
Math: We are moving onto geometry!  Students will classify, sort, compose and decompose polygons according to their attributes
Science: We will continue to talk about Natural Resources. Students will learn what renewable resources are and how they can be renewed.
Social Studies: We have our timelines test on Monday and will begin a mini project on making a paper Facebook page for a historical person of their choice.
Have a great week!

Another Busy Week at CFES!

I hope that everyone enjoyed the 3 day weekend!


          Please send a penny with your child on Wednesday for a timeline activity

          We will have a math problem solving test on Friday. This will cover double and triple digit addition and subtraction problem solving. We have been practicing very hard at school. You can create practice pages to print if you would like for your child to practice a little more in the evening.

*For this website, don't pick a grade level by the floating arrow, it will link you to something else.  Just hit "create" in blue at the bottom.

          The students’ music program will be Thursday February 23rd in the evening if you would like to add that to your calendar!

          No school again on Friday Feb 17th and Monday Feb 20th.

Learning Objectives for the Week:

Word Study: Review prefixes, work on suffixes

Reading: Finding the main idea and supporting details for nonfiction texts

Writing: Writing expository (procedural) texts about topics of their choice

Math: Last week of 2 and 3 digit +/- problem solving

Science: The uses of rocks and also natural resources vs manmade

Social Studies: Creating Timelines on teacher directed topics


Have a great week! As usual, please don’t hesitate about contacting me with questions, comments or concerns regarding your child!

No School for students this coming Monday, January 16th. Have a wonderful 3 day weekend!

All About the Week..


Thank you for sending the baby pictures last week.  They were adorable!  We enjoyed guessing which pictures of the "past" belonged to the "present" child and discussed what we might look like in the "future."


Please send your recyclable items by Tuesday.  We will use them on Tuesday to make our inventions.


Please have your child bring a rock to school on Tuesday.  We will use them for activities this week.


Report cards go home this week on Thursday.  Please sign the cover envelope and return.


If you would like to order a yearbook, the deadline is January 31st.  The cost is $38. Please go to  to order and type in our school's information.


Students will take their middle of the year computer assessment called STAR this week.  I use the data when planning instruction for the class.


What are we learning?

Reading - Students will continue distinguishing between fiction and informational/non-fiction text. Students will identify and use text features in informational text. Text features: table of contents, photograph, bold/italic print, index, photograph, illustration, diagram, graph, heading, glossary, caption, map

Writing - Students will write a "manual" for their inventions they have created in class. Students will be able to write expository texts as they write comments about what we read in the real word, write to explain real world topics, and write to explain how to do something (procedural).

Math - Students will be identifying, generating and solving addition and subtraction problems (computation, one-step word problems and multi-step word problems). 

Science - Students will be identifying and describing minerals and rocks. They will identify the physical properties of rocks. (color, size and texture).

Social Studies - Students will analyze and interpret timelines for events past and present. 

Happy New Year!!
I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday break doing the things that you enjoy with those you love!  I have missed our class and look forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday! A few thoughts for this week....
THANK YOU so much for all of the sweet gifts that were given to me before break.  I am truly grateful for your generosity and open hearts.  Thank you to each of you for caring about me and the children in this classroom.  Also, thank you to our wonderful room mom, co-room mom, and other parent helpers.  The Christmas party was a wonderful success and really the funnest that I had been a part of! The kids had a blast eating, making a craft, participating in a book exchange, and being overall silly!
This past semester, the students have been prepped, prepared and led to be more independent learners this semester.  What does that look like you may wonder?
        - Students must now read all directions and assignments to themselves.  I can of course clarify directions for them, but the reading is independent. This includes math as well. The students have been taught to highlight key parts of directions to help them slow down and think about what is being asked.
       - Points will be deducted for students who fail to write their name, class number, or who skip problems.  In the past I have handed back work and told students to complete missed items.  Now, it is their sole responsibility to check.  EEK!
      - Conduct marks will be given at a more frequent rate when necessary.  Some students are receiving an E on their report card who truly should receive an S (generally due to an over abundance of talking).  Lots of warnings were given last semester when conduct marks should have been given. Rules and procedures will be revisited this week to help the students transition back into school mode.
Now for the fun stuff......
* We are learning about past, present and future this week in social studies.  Please send a baby/toddler picture of your child by Friday.  We will do a fun guessing activity with these on Friday.
*Please collect recyclable type items. We will use them to make "inventions" very soon.  Examples are empty food boxes, clean empty plastic drink containers, empty paper towel rolls, bottle caps, twist ties, etc. (basically anything that seems like clean junk).  I will post about when to please send the items.
Sorry for the long post!  Thank you for sharing your wonderful children, we really do have the sweetest class!  Happy 2017!
A Fun Week Ahead at CFES!!!!
A few announcements for the week...

  • Thursday is Polar Express Day. Students can wear pajamas and slippers, but must bring tennis-shoes for PE and recess. Students may also bring a pillow and a blanket that day! 
  • Book Exchange: Please send a wrapped, age-appropriate, gender neutral children's book for our book exchange that will take place at the Holiday Party.
  • Friday is our Holiday Party. Parent Volunteers will begin setting-up the classroom at 10:45 while we are at our Sing Along. The party lasts from 11:15-12:15, and parents are welcome to check-out their child and take them home with them as they leave.  This is a Half Day of school.
  • School resumes after the break on Wednesday, January 4th.
  • There will be no Homework or spelling words this week!
Correction to our subtraction test date:  The subtraction test will be this Friday December 9th.  I apologize that I had the wrong date on my website.  We have been practicing subtraction daily and I work with students to reteach and practice in small groups.  If you feel that your child needs more help, I added a few subtraction practice websites under "student links."  Thank you!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who has sent Angel Tree gifts so far!  I am sure that these sweet little girls will be very excited!  Thank you also for sending the recipe cards last week.  The students enjoyed talking about their recipe, sorting them and finding recipe origin locations on the world map.  

Progress reports go home this Wednesday.  Please be aware that there are still major grade assignments that will occur in each subject prior to the final report card.  If you have any questions about your child’s grade, please send me an email and I would be happy to talk with you.

Please remind your child to read every night.  If your child is reading a chapter book at home, or has a favorite picture book, he/she can certainly bring the book to school to read during Read to Self time.  Also, students know that they can go to the library more than once a week if they finish books quickly. 


This week…..

Reading: We will review previously learned skills this week using holiday texts.  Skills we will review include: inferring, comparing plot elements, summarizing,  analyzing character traits, and questioning.

Writing: Students will get back to writing personal narratives and also work on holiday topical writing.

Math: We are continuing with 3 digit subtraction to prepare for a test on December 13th.

Science: Weather and the water cycle (what is a meteorologist, tools used to measure and predict weather, and how the water cycle affects weather patterns)

Social Studies: We will discuss the various elements of culture, and compare celebrations, traditions, and holidays.




Our lunch time for Friday, December 2nd has been moved. Lunch will be from 12:15 – 12:45.  The change is only for this one day.  We are switching lunch times with a grade level that is going on a field trip.  Thanks!

Welcome Back!

I hope that everyone enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving with their family!  We will hit the ground running this week and get back into the swing of things!

Thank you to everyone who has signed up to bring items for our Angel Tree.  I am always so touched by the generosity of the parents at CFES! 

A note is coming home on Monday about sending a family recipe to school for our discussions on culture and tradition.  Please have this sent to school by this Thursday, November 30th.

I will be out on Thursday and possibly Friday this week.  My son is having a small procedure done (ear tubes to prevent more ear infections), so please be aware that I will not be here, but will check my email.

What are we learning this week?

Reading: Continuing poetry (making inferences, visualization, figurative language, etc)

Writing: Continuing writing poetry

Math: Subtracting 2 and 3 digit numbers

Science: Light and energy

Social Studies: Culture around the world and traditions

Week of Gratitude

I am very grateful for our sweet class! The kids worked hard last week on Veterans’ Day letters for 3 Veterans.  We put the letters in the mail and hope that the recipients enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed writing them. We will spend this week reflecting on thankfulness and ways that we can show gratitude to others!



  • This week is College and Career Week. Please see the flyer that came home last week for more information. Students are encouraged to wear college shirts on Wednesday, November 16th.
  • Please put Saturday Dec 3rd on your calendar for Cookies with Santa.  It will be at CFES from 1-4 pm. I will be there with my little guy Mason, so I hope that you can make it! Donations of new socks and slippers, for seniors, are greatly appreciated!
  • On Monday a book order form will be going home. If you would like to view more books than what is in the catalogue, please look on the Scholastic website.  Click here to order and the class code is: Q2P4B.  Please place orders by this Thursday 11/17.  **Side note** If you have a book, and are wondering the reading level, check here. Type in the title and it will tell you the A- Z level.  If you need a reminder of what your child’s reading level is, please email me.  It is a great resource when picking books.

This Week:

Reading: We will continue to read and analyze poetry.  Vocabulary related to poetry: rhyme, rhythm, repetition, imagery, onomatopoeia, alliteration, visualize, personification, infer

Writing: We will continue to write short poems that convey sensory details

Math: Solving 2 digit subtraction problems.  Click here to watch a video that the students (and I) enjoyed watching last week. Also, click here for extra practice

Science: Light and sound energy

Social Studies: Thanksgiving and comparing cultures and traditions


Have a wonderful week!



Happy Election Week!
** If you have a flashlight, please send it with your child on Wednesday to use for science. Thanks! **
I have completed Parent/Teacher Conferences. As future weeks pass, please do not hesitate to contact me regarding any of your child's academic, social, or emotional needs. This has been a great school year so far, thank you for your support!
This week, students will learn about the election process, without discussing any details of the candidates.  Students in our class will get to vote on Tuesday and pick our class mascot! 
If you would like to participate in the Project Tomorrow Speak Up Survey, please see the attachment regarding how to do that.
What are we learning about this week?
Reading: The student will be able to understand, make inferences, and draw conclusions about the structure and elements of poetry and provide evidence from the text to support their understanding
Writing: Students will be able to write short poems that convey sensory details.
Math: Students will work on Subtracting 1 digit numbers from 2 digit numbers and then subtracting a 2 digit number from a 2 digit number. Students will be taught strategies to do this.
Science: Magnet and Force Test on Tuesday
Then we will begin a new topic: Light and Sound Energy
Social Studies: Citizenship Test on Monday.  We will also spend the week discussing the election process and Veteran's Day
Have a wonderful week!

Happy Halloween Week!

Veteran's Day is coming soon (Friday November 11th).  If there is a veteran in your family that you feel would appreciate some cards/letters/artwork from our class, please write their name and address in your child’s planner by this Friday, November 4th. We will put the letters in the mail next Monday so that they reach the recipient by Friday the 11th! Thanks!


This year is flying by.  Tuesday is the 50th Day of School! CFES is encouraging students to dress in 1950’s themed clothing and accessories.


A note from our music teacher, Mrs. Fender:

          The second-grade program is titled "Hats!" There are several characters that have speaking lines, as well as a solo.  

 Hatless Hank (or Henrietta) has a solo in "The Perfect Hat for Me." 

Uncle Sam has a solo in "Uncle Sam is Who I Am" and will need an Uncle Sam costume.  

Ima is the lead character and has a solo in "My Head, My Heart."


If your child is interested, I will be listening to students in class the week of 11/28, as well as 12/5.  To keep it light and not feel, to the kids, as though it is a big deal, I don't call it an "audition."  


Send a flash drive or blank CD, and I will copy the music for your child to practice at home.


What are we learning this week?

Reading: Folktales: The elements of fairy tales and fractured fairy tales. Folktales test this week

Writing: Writing a friendly letter

Math: Addition story problems with two and three digit numbers.  Test this week!

Science: Magnets

Social Studies: Presidents and First Ladies


Have a wonderful (and spooky) week!



What’s Happening This Week..

Red Ribbon Week is a week for the students to dress in fun ways as a reminder that CFES is drug and bully free! These are the daily events:

          -Monday “I’m too cool to ever use drugs” Students can wear sunglasses and/or hat

          -Tuesday “Our class is proud to be drug/bully free” Wear shirt to school that your friends can sign.  **Please write in your child’s planner if your child does NOT have permission to have people to sign their shirt**

          -Wednesday “Hair’s to a drug free life” Wacky hair-do day.

          -Thursday “Don’t sleep through life, accomplish your dreams” Wear pajamas to school

          -Friday “Work hard, train hard” Wear sports gear


Book Fair Week!  Students completed a Wish List on Friday.  If  you would like for your child to purchase any books, please send the wish list and money with your child. He/she can purchase the books any day this week.  Please send a little extra for tax. Also, you can come and visit the fall book fair Monday thru Friday 8:10-3:40. You can also shop the Book Fair online:


Donuts with Dad is Tuesday Oct 25th at 7:30.  Dad’s can come with their children for a special treat and opportunity to shop the Book Fair


Family Education Night is Thursday Oct 27th.  Come and participate as a family in some fun educational activities.


Box Tops Deadline is Oct 26th!  Please send your box tops so that we can win an ice cream party!


What are we learning about this week?

Reading: Making inferences, comparing, thinking deeply about folktales: Myths

Writing: Writing friendly letters to book characters, Flat Stanley Friends, and persuasive letters

Math: Double digit addition (adding up to 4 numbers), triple digit addition, problem solving

Science: Force and Motion

Social Studies: Good citizens that have impacted the lives of many Americans





What’s Up This Week?

No School on Monday 10/17.  Have a fun day!

The students had fun finishing their symbols projects last week.  We toured all of the 2nd grade classrooms and got to view the creative ways other people represented the U.S. Symbols.  Please view the “pictures” tab to see pictures of the projects.


Thank you for sending the TP and paper towel rolls.  Last week students worked in their table groups to build a bridge that could withstand the weight of a hot wheels car.  Mr. Abshire was nice to lend us some (very old) cars from his childhood collection. The students only had 10 minutes to build. There are also pictures posted of this project on the “pictures tab.”


Please collect Box Tops and send them to school by Oct. 26th.  There is competition between the grade levels for an ice cream party. Yay!


CFES Announcements:

  • Yearbooks are on sale now for $28 and the price will increase to $38after Oct 31st. Go to HERE to order.
  • PTO is seeking small business owners who would like to be vendors at the 3rd Annual CFES Market Day Sunday Nov. 6th. See the pink note that went home last week.
  • CFES Family Fun Run at Rob Fleming: Sat Oct. 22nd from 9-11 am. See the yellow note that went home last week.
  • Report Cards go home Oct. 26th

What are we learning this week?

We are starting the 2nd 9 weeks this week!  Time is flying by.

Reading: Students will analyze, make, inferences, and draw conclusions about theme and genre in different cultural, historical, and contemporary texts and identify moral lessons as themes in well-known fables, legends, myths, or stories. Students will compare different versions of the same story in traditional and contemporary folktales with respect to their characters, settings, and plot. 

Writing: Students will write short letters that put ideas in a chronological or logical sequence, correctly using the five parts of a friendly letter and appropriate conventions. 

Word Study: Review of verbs (previously taught in first grade)

Math: Solving 2 digit addition problems with regrouping

Science: Force and motion

Social Studies: Study of influential citizens (this week: Amelia Earhart, George Washington Carver and John Hancock





 Last week was a fun week!  We published our stories in the computer lab, melted crayons with a blow dryer to learn about matter changing states and built 3D models of our U.S symbols/monuments.  Students will finish their models on Monday in time for us to gallery walk through all of the 2nd grade classes to view eachother's models.  Thank you for supporting your child and sending all of the supplies that they requested.  I will post pictures when we are through.


This week……

  • “Walk and Roll” Please reference the note that came home last week about International Walk to School Day, Tuesday October 11th. Wear the CFES spirit shirt (or school colors) and sign the CEFS Walk-of-Fame!
  • Please collect Boxtops from products that have the symbol. Please send them to school labeled in a Ziploc.  There is a school wide competition and the class with the most will win an ice cream party (wohoo)! The deadline is Wednesday October 26th!
  • Please consider participating in the Light the Night event on October 16the at 5:30 at Market Street. You can read more information about the event on the flyer that came home last week!
  • Half day on Friday October 14th and no school on Monday October 17th


What are we learning about this week?

Reading: Using context clues to determine the meaning of unknown words

Writing: Major Grade writing prompt on Monday and writing stories with the “just right amount” of dialogue

Math: Completing addition/subtraction, word problems, missing parts, number lines.  Test on Wednesday

Science: Combining objects to make a new and useful item.

Social Studies: Complete our U.S. symbols projects and present posters, U.S symbols and Government Test on Tuesday, taxes


Have a happy week!




Clarification and Apology!
Thank you to all of the parents who have sent paper towel rolls and TP rolls.  I read back over my post, and I was not very clear.  I am sorry for your trouble, but we need rolls that have been used.  So basically we just need the cardboard tubes from the paper towel and TP.  Please don't give up on us, haha!  I am sending home anything sent so that you can use it and hopefully then send the empty rolls.  I did not want them going to waste because I know all of that gets expensive.  Please send by next Monday 10/10. Thank you for supporting our science endeavors!
Also, thank you for encouraging your child's enthusiasm about the US symbols project. The students selected from 10 symbols yesterday.  They will research today (Tuesday) and tomorrow.  They will then begin their posters on Thursday and finish Friday in order to build their 3D models!  Please send the supply that they selected (if possible) by Friday.  I asked that they please pick something that they already had at home so that you do not have to go to the store!  I will take pictures of the models on Friday and post them on our webpage. Thanks!

Recent Happenings..

Last week was a busy week!  We went to the science lab twice last week!  The first time we made root beer floats to observe the 3 states of matter. Later in the week we went to the lab to rotate through matter stations. We are also enjoying meeting every Friday with our 4th Grade Book Buddies! Also, I am done with reading testing, so we began our Book Clubs in the classroom. Students are part of a Book Club that meets with me twice per week to discuss in depth compression questions of a book read by all group members.

A few Announcements.

  • For science this week, each student needs a click pen for an investigation. PLEASE send a click pen with your child. It does not need to actually work, just needs to be a pen that clicks close. It can be one of those cheap give-away type of pens. Students will take it apart, so please do not send one that you would be upset if did not work again.
  • Also, for science, please send toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls this week!!! We will use them for a science investigation soon!
  • Please be on the look out this week for a note coming home from your child regarding a United States symbols projects. The students will complete a project in class, but will need supplies based on their project choice (legos, shoebox, paper plate, etc)  for the 3D element of the project.  Thank  you in advance!

What are we learning this week?

Reading: Character Traits, the way a character looks, feels and acts

Writing: Writing personal narratives with a beginning/middle/end and a strong ending

Word Study: Pronouns (he, she, it, they, me, my, I, you, her, him,etc).

Math: Adding 3 numbers, adding 2 digit numbers, solving addition/subtraction number sentences, looking for a missing part in a problem (ex: 5 + ? = 8).

Science: Changing the states of matter through heating and cooling.

Social Studies: United States symbols/monuments. The students are doing a research project/poster over a symbol of their choice. 





Happy Fall, Y’all!


I hope that everyone had a restful weekend! These are the latest happenings at CFES……


I was just given the login information to a new resource with lots of books to read called BookFlix!  It is through Scholastic and pairs fiction books with a nonfiction reader.  The fiction books have a read along feature where students can read to the "book movie."  The nonfiction reader is more of a book style rather than movie.  Click Here for BookFlix.  Username: csideforest   Password: grolier


Thank you to all of the parents who donated peanut butter!  The students enjoyed watching the stack of peanut butter grow this week. A student in another second grade class brought in a suitcase of peanut butter, haha! Thank you for promoting a giving spirit in the students.


I will be emailing parents who were interested in volunteering a new Sign Up Genius.  Every other week during our computer time (Mondays at 2:30), we will work on publishing our writings. I am looking for parents who are interested in helping with that process.  I am also looking for parents to help out every other week when we go to the science lab.  I will get that email out this week to the parents who expressed interest at Meet the Teacher.  Thanks in advance!


Second Grade is now in charge of the entire garden at CFES!  Last week we weeded and our class planted peas.  Wish us luck!  If you have lots of gardening expertise, please let me know!


The Place Value Test grades have been posted in Parent Access.  Please let me know if you have any questions.


Mrs. Deyoe has asked that all teachers post about the upcoming College and Career Week.  We are looking for parents who are interested in speaking about their job. Please see the information below:

College & Career Week

November 14-18, we will be having a College and Career Week for our

students here at CFES! On Friday, November 18th , we would love to

have parent volunteers participate to share how they contribute to

society while discussing their careers. Career development is

essential, encouraging acquisition skills, attitudes, and knowledge that

facilitate a successful transition from the school to the world of work.

Please contact the counselor, Ms. Dean, if you are interested in

being a guest speaker at Creekside Forest Elementary!


What are we learning about this week?

Word Study: We will read and write words with the long a sound using ai and ay.


Reading: We will compare texts by the same author (an author’s study) of David Shannon.  He is one of my favorite authors!!


Writing: Using varied sentence length and structure in our personal narratives.


Math: We are starting a new topic, Addition and Subtraction facts.  We will review strategies for solving simple facts quickly.  Then, we will focus on solving 2 digit addition and subtraction problems (no regrouping).  We will also spend a lot of time on solving and writing word problems.  Students can practice on IXL- 2 Digit Addition and 2 Digit Subtraction.


Science: Ways that the properties of matter can be measured (ruler, meter stick, thermometer, balance, scale, etc). Also, ways that matter can change.


Social Studies: This week we will learn about the roles of the Mayor, Governor, and President.  Also, at the end of the week we will begin to discuss US Symbols.




Sunday September 18th
Last Friday we had the opportunity to have a group from the Harris Country Water Authority come to speak to the 2nd graders about pioneer life and the importance that  water plays in so many aspects of our lives.  The presenters dressed as pioneers, had many great artifacts for the students to see and engaged the students with fun facts!  The students seemed to really enjoy the presentation and we all learned a lot!
If you have any already read magazines that you no longer need (that are child appropriate) please send them with your child by Tuesday.  We will use them for a cut and glue activity in science.  Thanks in advance!
A few BIG things going on at CFES....
- Individual student pictures are this Tuesday 9/20
- The Peanut Butter Drive!  The school is collecting brand new jars of peanut butter.  The class who donates the most peanut butter wins a pizza party!
- Please see the attachment with updates about the school's fundraising campaign. We appreciate all of the PTO's efforts to raise money for the children of our school.  Please consider being a Friend Of Creekside Forest.
- As a class, we are tracking our perfect attendance.  The students will pick their class reward after we reach the set number of perfect attendance days.  There is a school wide initiative to promote daily attendance. The students' attendance is tracked and there are school wide fun events to reward the students who have perfect attendance.
- If you have not yet, please check out the Parent Links Page on our website to see how you can log into our textbooks, IXL math practice, and AR testing progress.
What are we doing this week?
-  Math: This week we are wrapping up place value.  Our 2nd Place Value test will be this Thursday and Friday (it is a long test, so it is over 2 days).  If you are looking for some extra practice for your child (which would be good for everyone), please print the Halloween Math Freebie pages created by Shelly Sitz. The Comparing Numbers, Ordering Numbers, and Mental Math pages are most beneficial for the upcoming test.
- Reading: Students will read and comprehend fiction text as they identify the setting, the problem/conflict, and check for comprehension by retelling the story using plot summaries.  
-Writing: The students are continuing to work on planning, drafting, and editing personal narratives. Students will learn about how to write a "Bold Beginning" to draw a reader into the story.
- Word Work: Words with ng and nk.  We will also talk about capitalizing proper nouns.
Science: Last week we talked about the properties of matter.  This week we will talk about the 3 states of matter and measuring matter.
- Social Studies: September 17th marked the beginning of Freedom Week. We will discuss the the meaning of the words in The Pledge of Allegiance. Also, we will learn about the 3 Branches of Government and the roles of the branches.
Well, I think that about sums it up!  I am enjoying each and every child in the class. Please contact me with any questions in regards to school work, grades, learning material covered or anything else!  Ask your child about the Act of Kindness they chose to work on completing!  Have a great week!

Here Comes Another Busy Week in 2nd Grade!


Sunday September 11th


The students enjoyed meeting the police officers and firefighters during their lunchtime on Friday!  The students made cards for these heroes and seemed proud to give the cards to them.  We also visited the computer lab and took our first AR test over a book that I had read to the class.  Students are now allowed to take AR tests over the books that they are reading in class.  I will talk with them more about when they can do that.


More Announcements:

  • Our official computer lab day begins on Monday. We will take a reading beginning of the year online assessment called Star Renaissance during this time.  This will give some great starting data on the students.  We will do the same for math next week.
  • Please allow your child to log on to IXL to practice math skills. We will continue with place value (emphasis on comparing numbers) so 2nd Grade Place Value is a great place to start. Please check the online gradebook, if your child got below a 90 on the Place Value Test, it really would not hurt to login and practice Place Value. The login information was sent home on Friday in the Take Home Folder.
  • If you are interested in viewing the students' math and science textbooks, please visit the Parents Link page for information on how to do that.
  • If you would like to be able to view your child's progress on AR tests, please see the Parents Links page on how to do that!
  • A few Scholastic book order flyers will come home this Wednesday. If you would like to order, you may do so online or send in the catalogue slip.  Please complete orders by the following Wednesday the 21st. A boy student won our “Reading Raffle” and I used bonus points from classroom orders to purchase two books for him as the prize!  Ask your child about the Reading Raffle and how they are able to get their name in the raffle :)


What are we learning this week?


Word Study: The spelling pattern is short vowel words with the FLOSS rule (double f, l, or s if it is at the end of a word ex: mess).  We will also talk about plural nouns and when to add an s and an es.  


Reading: How we solve problems when we are reading and how fluency looks and sounds during reading. We will also learn more strategies to become better independent readers.  


Writing: Students will use elements of the writing process to write brief narrative stories that have a beginning, middle, and end.


Math: Students will learn how to compare and order numbers on a number line.  In addition, we will always do a number of the day, problem of the day, prove it poster, and problem solving tiles.  Also, we have a once a week +/- fluency assessment that will be taken for a grade beginning the second nine weeks.


Science: Students will learn about the properties of matter and classifying matter. Students will also learn about solids, liquids, and gases.  


Social Studies: We will learn about the roles, traits, and responsibilities of citizens. Students will be challenged to find acts of kindness to complete this week based on a 100 Acts of Kindness list we will talk about on Tuesday. We will also have a communities and citizens test on Thursday.


Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!  Have a great week!


Thursday September 8th
Hello!  This has been a very busy short week!  I have a few announcements and things that I wanted to share with you.
- Tomorrow is Heroes Day at school! Local Police Officers and Firefighters will be coming to eat lunch with the kids!  A note came home last week, but as a reminder, please have your child wear red, white and blue tomorrow to honor these heroes.
- There is a program called IXL that allows students to practice math and ELA skills at home.  It is a wonderful tool  to practice specific skills.  I have a letter coming home tomorrow with your child's username and password.  Please hang onto this and you can have your child practice skills that we are currently covering in class.
- Tomorrow are our Place Value and Spelling Tests.  Those grades will be entered into the online gradebook as soon as I can get them graded.
- I am working on being able to allow the students to login online to their math books and science books.  There is a small issue that we are working out, so I hope to have that available to you on Monday through the class website.
- Students will be going to the computer lab tomorrow to practice logging into Accelerated Reader (AR). Once we successfully login, students can begin to take their tests and earn points.  Our librarian has wonderful rewards for the students. The first reward is a spirit stick for students who earn 4 points.  I allow students to take tests on our classroom computers as well as being able to go to the library.
- Our usual computer lab day is on Monday.  It was missed this week due to Labor Day, so next Monday we can begin our regular schedule.  The kids are very excited!
I think that is all!  Have a good night!
Monday September 5th
Happy Labor Day!  I hope that everyone enjoyed their 3 day weekend!  Thank you to the 17 out of 20 parents who have completed the online survey about their child! If you have not done so yet, please click the link below and take a minute to complete the questions. I appreciate your honest and thorough answers!
- Please support CFES by joining the PTO!  A form came home last Wednesday.
- Please sign up for Parent Teacher Conferences through the link emailed last week. Or by clicking here
- Please check and initial your child's agenda each night. Thanks!
This is what we are up to this week.....
Word Study:
- Short vowel review words with beginning blends
Spelling Test on Friday
-Finding the main idea of a passage and doing a 5 finger retell     -Increasing reading stamina during Read to Self time. - Self monitoring reading comprehension
- The parts of the writing process  - How writers edit their drafts to correct capitals, punctuation, spelling and spacing  - Giving Glow and Grow feedback to peers
- Counting, reading and showing numbers up to 1,200 (4 ways to write a number: standard form, expanded form, base ten model, word form) - Decomposing a number multiple ways (ex 344 can be 300 +40 +4 or   200 +140 + 4 or    300 + 30 +14)  - How the position of a digit affects its value  _ Justifying and explaining an answer    - Number of the day, problem solving tiles, and problem of the day
Place Value Test on Friday
- Parts of the scientific process  - Classify matter by its physical properties (measuring length, volume, mass, and temperature)
Social Studies:
- Purpose of Labor Day   - How needs are met in a community  - Modifications to the environment  - How do communities change over time
This will be a wonderful and quick week!
Sunday, August 28th
Week 2 has arrived!  A few announcements for this week...
- If you are able to attend, Parent Orientation Night is this coming Wednesday August 31st.
                                            6-6:30 PTO Meeting.
                                            6:30-7 Teacher Presentation Session 1
                                            7-7:30 Teacher Presentation Session 2. 
This will be an opportunity for you to hear about the upcoming year and ask any questions that you might have to this point.  It will also be the kickoff to signing up for Parent/Teacher conferences. I will present the exact same information at both sessions, so you only need to attend once.
- Please complete the online parent questionnaire using the link which can be found in the post from Friday August 26th.
- Spelling Tests start this week.  Students will take the pretest in their planners on Monday.  A note with further information will be included with the pretest.
What skills are the students learning this week?
Word Study:
-Short vowel word review
Spelling Test on Friday
-Predicting, making inferences and questioning while reading - Finding evidence in the text  -Increasing reading stamina during Read to Self time.
- The parts of the writing process  - How writers draft a narrative text   -What writers do when they finish with a piece of writing
- Counting, reading and showing numbers up to 1,200  - Why 10 is an important concept in our number system   - How the position of a digit affects its value   - How can you prove one number is larger or smaller  - Number of the day, problem solving tiles, and problem of the day
- Safe practices in the science lab  - Exploring and identifying science tools.
Elementary Science Safety Test on Friday
Social Studies:
- 3 types of communities: suburban, urban, and rural
Have a great week!
August 22nd
Today was a great first day of school!  Thank you for sharing your wonderful children with me!  Just a few quick reminders...
- If you have not purchased a planner/agenda yet from the school, please send $5.00 with your child.  We will begin to fill them out on Tuesday.
- There is not a rush for this, but students are required to have headphones for the computer lab.  If they can be sent by the end of NEXT week, that would be wonderful.  They do not need to be fancy, just comfortable for your child.
- "Me Bags" are optional, but encouraged.  The bag and directions came home in the Take Home Folder today.  Please complete by Friday if your child wants to participate!
Friday August 26th
-The first week is almost complete!  Thank you to all of the parents who have sent gifts for me or donations to the class. I truly appreciate your generosity and am blown away by the outpouring of kindness.   I feel that the year is off to a great start!  This week was spent learning the class procedures and building a sense of community.  We have also done lots of reading, writing and math!  More rigorous work will begin next week.  Also, we will begin spelling words and copying events into our agendas next week.  Please initial the agenda each night and be on the lookout for conduct marks (which I hope will be an uncommon occurrence).
A Few Announcements:
- Please complete the Parent Questionnaire by next Wednesday August 31st.  The answers to these questions help me to learn more about your child and therefore better serve your child and family.  Only one parent per family needs to complete the questions.  I am trying an online format this year rather than sending home papers, so I hope that it is convenient for you. I know the first few days of school are exhausting, so I wanted to wait a few days before I got this to you.
- A book order flyer came home this week.  If you would like to order books for your child, you may do so online by using the link and class code (found in the section of our class website titled Parent Links. Or, you may send the order form and a check by next Friday September 2nd.
- I am organizing the parent volunteer forms that you filled out at Meet the Teacher, I plan to send emails out to those parents this weekend to create a schedule.
Thank you!  Have a happy Friday and weekend!

Welcome to Second Grade!

My name is Katie Abshire and I am thrilled to be your child's teacher this year!  I graduated from Texas A&M and have been teaching for eight years.  I am excited to now be a part of the wonderful faculty at Creekside Forest! Please take a moment to become familiar with the class website. I will update the website on a weekly basis with information about what is happening in our class and at CFES.  Please also click on the subscribe button in order to stay in the loop!


Contact Information:

Mrs. Katie Abshire

281-357-4526 ext. 3886