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Happy Friday!

Well, another week has flown by!! Here's what we have planned for next week.
Social Studies:  MG on Monday - Good Citizen Test.  We've been talking about famous Americans who were great citizens.  Three books that we read were about Amelia Earhart, Thurgood Marshall, and John Hancock.  Ask your child to tell you what he/she remembers about each one.  There will be an independent reading selection on the test.
Tuesday we have some Election Day activities and Friday we'll recognize Veterans Day.
Science:  MG on Tuesday over Force/Motion and Magnets.  The students have vocabulary cards in their planners to study.  We visited the Science Lab this week and the students participated in numerous activities involving Magnets.  They should also be familiar with the motion of spinning, rolling, and sliding.  We did that lab activity the week before. 
Please send a flashlight to school by Tuesday if you have one.  We will begin the Unit on Energy and our first source is Light. Make sure your flashlight is labeled with your child's name. Dim and Bright are two concepts they need to understand. 
Friday the students will take the Science CBA for DG.  It will be over concepts learned from the beginning of school.
LA - In Reading and Writing we will begin our Poetry Unit.  The students will be creating a Poetry Portfolio that will count for a DG.
Math - We begin subtraction!!  We start off slowly but we will definitely get to  subtraction with regrouping. Please practice the basic facts at home so your child is confident with that. 
Have a great weekend!

Happy Monday!

I think this week will be as busy as last.  Here's what's going on in our class:
Tomorrow is the 50th day of school and students are invited to dress up like someone from the 50's!
Math:  2 and 3- digit addition with regrouping.  I'm sending home a paper I graded for a DG to give you an idea of where you might review at home.  We have a MG test on Wednesday. 
Reading:  Fairy Tales - as we continue with our Folk Tales unit we will concentrate on Fairy tales this week.  There will be a MG test on Friday that will cover fairy tales, tall tales, trickster tales, legends and folktales.  Everyday we read and discuss the differences between the types of tales to review. 
Writing:  Friendly letters - the letters for the Flat Stanley project will go out this week.  Please send the address if you haven't already.  There will be a MG writing assignment on Thursday.  Students must know the 5 elements of a letter and how to write one.  We write letters everyday..
Science: How we use magnets in our everyday life.  We have another Science Lab activity planned and participation will be a daily grade.  Some students need to realize that the activities are specifically planned and it is not a play period.  Concepts covered in the lab activity are also covered on the test.  The science test is scheduled for next week, Tuesday November 8. 
Social Studies. We will continue to learn about famous Americans and how they were good citizens.  There will be a test (MG) on Monday Nov. 7.  It will be an independent reading selection about a famous American and the students go back to the text to find the answers. 
Thank you all for a very special birthday celebration!  There is nothing like sharing your birthday with hundreds of elementary students!
Have a great week...we will!

Happy, Thursday!

A note from Mrs. Fender:

Dear Teachers: 

A note from our music teacher:

The second-grade program is titled "Hats!".  There are several characters that have speaking lines, as well as a solo.  


Hatless Hank (or Henrietta) has a solo in "The Perfect Hat for Me." 

Uncle Sam has a solo in "Uncle Sam is Who I Am" and will need an Uncle Sam costume.  

Ima is the lead character and has a solo in "My Head, My Heart."

If your child is interested, I will be listening to students in class the week of 11/28, as well as 12/5.  To keep it light and not feel, to the kids, as though it is a big deal, I don't call it an "audition."  

Send a flash drive or blank CD, and I will copy the music for your child to practice at home.


Donna Rae Fender

Music, Creekside Forest Elementary



Sorry, but we are moving our celebration to Monday!  The teachers are being treated to a PTO luncheon and I can't miss that!  So Monday, if your child wants to bring a lunch or buy, we will be having lunch in the classroom and watching a movie.  Might be good to mention not to send anything that would spill on the carpet. Thanks

Happy Wednesday!

Congratulations to us!  We spelled out PERFECT ATTENDANCE  by everyone being here 17 days in a row.  To celebrate the class voted to have lunch and a movie in the classroom.  The students would like to bring a lunch tomorrow so they will have the entire lunch period to party.  If that's not possible, students will be allowed to go to the cafeteria and get a lunch, and then come back to the classroom to join the other students.  Yeah for us!!!!

Happy Tuesday!

Book Fair was a huge success today! We saw lots and lots of Dads!
Flat Stanley Project:  In Writing we are concentrating on friendly letters. The students are writing to a relative or dear friend and asking them to participate in the project.  The participants are asked to take Flat Stanley on an adventure, take pictures, and then send Flat Stanley back to school.  Letter writing, geography...lots of concepts are covered.  Please send the name and address of your child's recipient to school by Thursday.  The school is providing the envelopes and the stamps, even if the letter is mailed to outside the US.
This is such a fun activity, and the class has written some really cute letters.

Have a great weekend!

Next week is Red Ribbon Week.  A calendar of events was sent home on Wednesday. 
A note about the book fair:  Students with money may shop the book fair from 8:10- 8:30.  They must drop their backpacks in the classroom and tell the teacher where they are going.  Students need to be back in class before announcements at 8:40. 
Thanks for sending the old CDs and marbles - I'll be "combining materials" to make an activity for the science lab. 

Happy Wednesday!

Before the week gets away from us I want to remind you of some things next week:
All Week is Red Ribbon Week.  A calendar of events will go home today in the Wednesday folder.
Next week is our Fall Book Fair.  We will go on our preview walk tomorrow, but the students cannot purchase books until next week. Tuesday (Oct 25)  is Donuts with Dad starting at 7:30 AM.  Hope to see you there.
Thursday night (Oct 27) is Family Education Night.  Lots of fun activities planned so come and join us!

Happy Tuesday!

Special request:  We are in need of some old cds (scratched, unusable), marbles, and yo-yos.  They will be used in some science experiments so you won't be getting them back.  Thanks.
This week in class:
LA - we'll be studying about different types of folktales - fairy tales, fables. 
Writing - we'll be learning to write a friendly letter
Math - 2 - digit addition with regrouping!! Yeah!!!
Science - Energy in motion - spins, slides and rolls.  A fun filled adventure in the science lab to go with this unit. 
Social Studies - Famous people - this week we'll focus on Amelia Earhart and George Washington Carver. 
Have a great week...we will.
Diane Hall

Happy, Happy Wednesday!

Just a reminder that Friday is a half day for the students and we are on an abbreviated schedule.  Lunch will only be 20 minutes long.  

Happy Monday!

What a busy, fast week we have planned! The time is flying by, and every day I tell the class it's because they are working so hard!  
Here's what's happening this week:
Reading:  Context clues - unlocking an unfamiliar word by looking at the words around it.
Writing:  Today the students wrote a narrative on a visual prompt.  They will be graded on several elements of writing, one of the most important being if the story had a beginning, middle, and end and if a plot was developed.
Math:  Test on Wednesday - Addition and Subtraction and word problems. The most difficult types of problems the students get incorrect are:
Billy had 15 toy cars.  He gave some to his brother and now he has 6 left.  How many cars did Billy give to his brother?  Make up examples like this.
Social Studies:  Major Test tomorrow on the National symbols and government officials.  Knowing our President and Governor is very important.  The students will be presenting their projects today, and if they are good listeners they will learn the answers to many of the test questions.
Science:   How can you combine materials to build new things?  We will use all the cardboard materials you have sent to school to build a bridge.  Please send some small toy cars to use to see if our bridges are sturdy. Thanks.
After tomorrow we no longer need paper towel and toilet paper tubes, but we could use a few more click pens for next week. 
I've sent a reminder sheet in the planner for your conference this Friday.  I look forward to seeing you. 
Have a great week....we will!
Diane Hall

Happy Friday!

A note from Ms. Dean:

College & Career Week

Thank you, parents, for volunteering to present for our College & Career Week!  We have volunteers for 5th grade, 4th, grade, and 3rd grade for now!  We do still need volunteers for Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade!!!  On Friday, November 18th, we would love to have parent volunteers participate to share how they contribute to society while discussing their careers.  Please contact the counselor, Ms. Dean, if you are interested in being a guest speaker at Creekside Forest Elementary!    


We've had a great week.  The SS projects are fantastic!

Have a great weekend.

Mrs. Hall

Happy, Thursday!

To answer some questions about the Science Test, there is no study guide.  We do lots of review in class. 

Happy, Happy Wednesday!

We are excited to announce that Mrs. Stevens had a healthy baby boy yesterday at 3:19.  Mother and son are doing very well.  
Social Studies Project update:  Types of 3-D projects can include clay models, lego models. dioramas (in shoeboxes), I showed the students some examples from the internet yesterday.  There is also an example of a paperplate foldable that I thought would be a good project.  Just send some paper plates and photos of the project.  The students will be expected to draw the picture themselves, but they can certainly copy a real picture.