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 Dear Parents,
I am honored to be a part of your child’s learning experience in 4th grade. This website will tell you a little about me and some important information for our school year. Please subscribe to this website for any important newsflash reminders or updates.

I look forward to getting to know your child.  These first few days are most important.  I value parent involvement and encourage you to partner with me to make this the most successful year for you child.  

Thank you,
Casey Morrow
281-357-4526 x 3850

Conference Period:


Recent Posts

Friday Wrap Up and Look Ahead

The Fall weather came earlier this week really gave me a boost of energy! (Now where did it go AND when is it coming back???)  Please check out our new playground!  I had the chance to supervise play on Thursday and the students LOVED it!!  

Our week coming up:

In Writing, our 2nd Personal Narrative is still  in progress. We will wrap it up next Friday. We will be adding what we call 3-D details (3 descriptive phrases to describe one moment in time or an object.).  The rubrics from our first narrative will come home Wednesday.  We keep the actual writing pieces in class to add to our writing portfolio.  The writing will all come home towards the end of the year.  This allows the students to see their growth as author’s.  It is very powerful for them to compare a piece from September to a piece written in April or May.  They are already commenting on how much better their writing is with this piece compared to the first one! For publishing, I am trying to acquire any fun copy/printer paper.  I have some, but not enough,  to meet the needs for publishing.  I know they sell it at the dollar store and other places.  If you have some extras at home we are always happy to use it.  It doesn’t have to be a matching set! Thank you!

In Reading,  we will continue to look at Author’s Craft.   We discussed why an  author might use specific words, and how do a character’s actions give us  insight to what they are thinking.  We picked out  bold beginnings from different pieces of  literature this week, and then used those as models to create bold beginnings in our own writing.  I was proud of the determination they put into this, on top of the outstanding leads! We will look at Author’s craft for the next 2 weeks.

In Social Studies, we will begin learning about the Texas Revolution.  This is an exciting time for the kids and they become so engrossed in the events that take place.  We will spend 2 weeks immersing ourselves in this portion of Texas History,

In Math, we have jumped into our multiplication unit!  Today we learned how to use the Break Apart strategy.  Ask your child to show you an example or play a game with them using dice.  They LOVE to be the experts!  Next week we’ll work with the distributive property, partial product box method and the traditional algorithm.  Traditional algorithm is the one most of us know and use.  You’ll be amazed by how well students can explain what multiplication is and why it works that way once we finish this unit.  MATH FACT practice is essential to success in this unit.  Please help your child practice their facts daily.  Our next sets of Fact quizzes will be mixed problems 0-10.  Thank you!

Our new Science Unit begins next week.  We’ll be investigating Light and Thermal energy!   If your child wants to bring in their own flashlight for our experiments, they may.  PLEASE send back the paper bag foldable if your child left it at home.  We will use it for ALL 3 units.  THANKS!!

Homework for next week:

Vocabulary study guides should come home today,  Your child can cut it apart to make flashcards, or use it however it works best for them.  They also have access to the online website:

We will have our QUIZ on Thursday, 10/26.  I want the kiddos spending their time studying vocab and spelling during the week.  Of course, as always reading, reading, reading! No response this week either!

Math will be p. 179-180 (ODDS)

****UIL WRITING- Mrs. Merida sent home a pink sheet today with students who are interested in joining the UIL writing team.  The first practice is THIS Monday from 4-5pm.  Please email her if you have any questions****

Next week is also Red Ribbon Week.  Each day the students are encouraged to stand up to drugs and show their spirit in a different way.  This also came home in Wednesday folders this week (AND IS WRITTEN ON MY PLANNER).

Mon=Wear RED

Tues=Wear shirt and hat backwards


Thurs=Wear Favorite sports jersey (or gear!) Hmmm, I wonder who I will wear?

Fri=Wear Peace signs or Tie Dye!

Important dates to remember:

10/26 Class Book Fair PREVIEW, for the real deal next week!

10/30-11/3 Book Fair (My favorite!!!!)

10/31 Donuts w/ Dads 7:30 (Yes, it is on Halloween, fun times! I will definitely be drinking my Starbucks that day!)

11/2 Family Science Night (6-7)

11/9 4th Grade program 9:30, 6:30

Have a FABULOUS FALL weekend!  

Casey Morrow

Quick Reminder

Good evening!
This is just a quick reminder that tomorrow is our Science Unit test on Mechanical Energy.  We reviewed all major concepts today and students came home with their foldable (BIG brown Trader Joe's bag) to study.  In addition, I printed copies of the review sheet and it's also on Google Classroom Science.  Please encourage your students to review tonight.  They have worked hard this week!  
AND...there's a spelling test tomorrow.  I'm so thankful we didn't have reading and math homework this week.  This time allowed us to dig deep into our new vocabulary unit (test next week....more information to come in my post tomorrow).
Enjoy your night and thank you for your support!
Casey Morrow

Math Test tomorrow, Science test Friday

Hello!  Today we did our final review of Unit 2 concepts in math.  Students came home with a graded study guide that we have completed.  Our test tomorrow includes 16 word problems (adding and subtracting whole numbers and decimals)!  Today we created a chart in our math notebooks to help us identify "key words" that tell us which operation to use.  Please look these over tonight.  Tomorrow our goal will be to show our work and work accurately.
Reminder, our science test is Friday.  I've printed the study guide notes and they will come home tomorrow.  It's also in Google Classroom Science.  Students are working in class on a foldable that contains all of the majors concepts covered.  We're working on this alongside our hands-on experiments each day.
There is no math homework or reading response this week!  Study for math and science and please remember our fact test is x 3,4,6,7,8,9 this week.  Play multiplication war every day if you can.  Thanks so much.
Have a great night! 
Casey Morrow
Here's a note from our counselor:

College & Career Week

Thank you, parents, for volunteering to present for our College & Career Week!  We do still need volunteers for Kindergarten, 2nd, 4th, & 5th grade!!!  On Friday, November 10th, we would love to have parent volunteers participate to share how they contribute to society while discussing their careers.  Please contact the counselor, Ms. Dean, if you are interested in being a guest speaker at Creekside Forest Elementary!


Happy Friday!! 10/13/17

This short week has once again, zoomed by! Thank you for all the donated goodies for our classroom.  We will put them to great use.  

Thank you to all of our families for setting up a conference time with me this week.  I'm so happy to share all of the good work your children have been doing so far this year!!

Our week coming up:

On Monday will begin our 1st Vocabulary unit, Unit 1.  I will show the students how to access our words online..  (The link will be in Google Reading classroom). We will spend 2 weeks on each unit.  This allows the students time to become familiar with the words and also use them correctly in their writing.  Our goal is for the kiddos to internalize the words and NOT just memorize them for the quiz!

In Writing, our 2nd Personal Narrative is in progress.  Each day we focus on one particular skill we want to add to our writing.  These skills include, sensory details, Ba-Da-Bing sentences, unique words choice, and the list goes on and on!

In Reading, we will look at character traits and how we can infer these traits through a character’s actions. We read such a good book this week, The Memory String.  Each student worked to identify the character trait that best identifies themselves, and then provided evidence to “prove their case”.  Then we began to create a class memory string to hang around our classroom. We will be sending a family memory string project home.  Don’t worry, it is a great way for you to share some stories and family history that your child might not even know about.   You can get as creative and crafty as you like.  I am looking forward to our family doing this with my daughter. The projects won’t need to come in for a few weeks. Time for you to marinate on what to add to your family’s string! If you would like to become more familiar with the story, her is a link for a video of the book:

In Social Studies, we will continue to look at the Colonization of Texas, our writing advertisements  will begin Monday!

In Math, we will review Unit 2 concepts on Monday and take our test on Tuesday, October 17th.  Remember to practice multiplication facts often as our next test covers x3,6,4,8,7,9.  Our next unit is multiplication!  We will move into multiplying two digit numbers.  This is why knowing our basic facts is essential to success!  Please play a game with your students like Multiplication Fact War!  All you need is a deck of cards.  They’ll show you how.

Our Science unit is all about mechanical energy.  Students have spent the week designing experiments to apply their learning.  The focus concepts are  force, motion, push/pull, gravity.  The test will be next Friday, October 20th.

Homework for next week:

Due to introducing vocabulary, the only ELA HW this week will be to study spelling and practice Vocabulary.  Please know that reading every night is always great practice and a great way to sneak in some snuggle time with your “little one”.  (I know they keep growing and getting older, but reading together at night is still one of my favorite times!!!)  Study for Math and Science Test!

If your child would still like to do Reading Responses they are welcome to do so.  It is not required this week.  

Important dates to remember:

10/30-11/3 Book Fair (My favorite!!!!)

10/31 Donuts w/ Dads 7:30 (Yes, it is on Halloween, fun times!)

11/2 Family Science Night ( I still do not have a time for that yet!)

Science Test Tomorrow and supplies needed

Good Afternoon,
Today we spent our Science period reviewing major concepts in Kahoot on the upcoming test.  The test is now tomorrow!  The study guide is posted in Google Classroom Science.  I've also uploaded it onto my website as well under the "Resources" tab.  Use it as a guide to ask questions.  They do not need to memorize definitions, just be familiar with key words and concepts.  They should be well prepared!
After attending my writing conference last week, the fourth grade teachers are creating a new system to hold all of our work for Editing/Revising.  I'll ask for a few volunteers to make these folders for us.  If you're willing to send in any of the following items, please do: 
3 packs of colored cardstock 8 x 11 (assorted colors please)
3 balls of yarn
2 rolls of red duct tape
2 rolls of blue duct tape
2 rolls of yellow duct tape
It's Walk to School Day tomorrow!  Wear your spirit wear and walk to school if you can.  Have a nice evening!
Casey Morrow

Our week at a glance (10/10-10/13)

Another week has come and gone.  We were busy!   I have attended a writing conference at Teach Big in Kemah, TX over the past two days.  I am returning tonight with new techniques to teach revising and editing.  I can’t wait to share this with students.  Now onto the important information for our week ahead:

Monday, NO school for the kids!  I’ll be here planning out our next nine weeks.  Enjoy your day!

In Writing, we have officially published our 1st Personal Narrative. We will continue to exercise our writing muscles as we move into our 2nd Personal Narrative. We will use all of the same strategies, and fine tune our individual areas of need.  This time, the process does go a bit faster.  The kids are familiar with the strategies, so we spend less time introducing them and more time implementing them.

In Reading, we will look at character traits and how we can infer these traits through a character’s actions.

In Social Studies, we will look at the Colonization of Texas.  We will be creating an advertisement writing piece for this.

In Science on Tuesday, we will take the unit assessment covering density, mass, and volume.  We’ll complete a thorough review before we take the test!  Our new unit in Science begins on Wednesday.  It includes exploring mechanical energy and how it affects other objects.  Students will be designing experiments to test and analyze scientific concepts like friction, gravity and magnetism.

Homework for next week:

Math worksheet p. 135-136 (even only), Math Fact quiz Thursday  x7, x9,  Read 20 minutes, Reading Response (handwritten or in Google).   If your child would like to work ahead, it is ready to go in Google Reading classroom!


Don’t forget:

Monday, 10/9 No school (for kids!).  Think of the teachers while you are hopefully enjoying some Fall weather!

Many thanks,

Casey Morrow

College and Career Week Volunteers!

Below is a note from our counselor:
College & Career Week Volunteers!
November 6-10, we will be having a College and Career Week for our students here at CFES! On Friday, November 10th​, we would love to have parent volunteers participate to share how they contribute to society while discussing their careers. Career development is essential, encouraging acquisition skills, attitudes, and knowledge that facilitate a successful transition from the school to the world of work. Please contact the counselor, Ms. Dean at , if you are interested in being a guest speaker at Creekside Forest Elementary! 
If you are one of the presenters, you would share your time with other volunteers during specials. Presentations typically last between 10-20
minutes. I would have a cart with a computer/projector and a

microphone available for you to use.

Previous presenters discussed:

1. Career description

2. Path for the career, i.e. college, degree, training, etc.

3. What it is like to participate in the career (some brought a

demonstration i.e. products the company makes)

Warm regards,
Elysia Dean

Education Galaxy

I've just posted Education Galaxy on my website.  It's now the last tab on the right.  This week student's will begin to explore this new educational learning tool.
Use this link to check it out:
Username: lunch #
Password: tisd birthdate
Example login
Username: 12345
Password: tisd04122007
Students can go to "My Study Plan" or "My Skill Practice" to work on items.
If your child would like to preview and practice this weekend, I highly encourage them to give it a try.  They can report back to the class on Monday on what they love and what others should try.   Enjoy!
Mrs. Morrow

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!  The week went by so fast that I didn't realize I missed the first day of Fall....last week!!  Now, onto October.  I am overjoyed as we had another fabulous week of learning, getting to know one another and BIG celebrations with academic achievements.  Here's a look ahead at our first week in October:


In Writing, we are publishing our Personal Narratives.  During the drafting process we focused on our word choice, transitions, and strong conclusions! In Google Writing classroom we have several tools to help us. These young authors have poured their heart and soul into these pieces.  I am proud of the effort they continue to show.  The published Personal Narrative will be our final Major grade for this 9 weeks.

In Readingwe will continue with summarization and locating the most important events.  We will wrap up what we have learned in this 9 weeks with a Story Elements Major Grade.  It will be a foldable that showcases all the BIG IDEAS from our learning.

In Social Studieswe have begun researching the early explorers of Texas.  We will also be creating a chart to highlight the important information about each explorer.  This is also a great way for us to practice those summary skills!

In Math, we will begin adding and subtracting whole numbers using different strategies.  Monday we'll work with Strip Diagrams. Students will analyze word problems to determine which tool will be most effective in solving each problem.  Later in the week we'll explore estimation and compensation of whole numbers, and decimals will return as we learn to add and subtract them.  ***PLEASE review multiplication facts x3, x4, x6, and x8 for Thursday.  

Science labs are my favorite!!  Students have completed two labs this past week and they have learned SO much!  Next week we'll wrap up density and move onto mixtures and solutions.

Homework for next week:

Math (a review of decimal concepts), Spelling List 5, Read 20 Minutes, Reading Response (on paper or in Google Classroom).  I have added the new OCTOBER Independent Reading Response.  If your child would like to work ahead, it is ready to go in Google Reading classroom!

Some important notes for the upcoming week(s):

Friday, 10/6 is Early Dismissal.  We will dismiss at 12:50.

Monday, 10/9 No school (for kids!) Think of the teachers while you are hopefully enjoying some Fall weather!!!!


Mrs. Casey Morrow

A Look Ahead at our Week 9/26-9/29

Thank you to all the families that joined us for Parent Information Night.  If you were unable to make it, I will send  home the slideshow handout  in Wednesday folders this week.  You can also access it on my Edlio page.  Just look for the Parent Information Night tab.

For Writing, this week and next, we are at the FUN part of the writing process!  We have used a Personal Narrative timeline to plan out our stories.  We have begun what we call “Scene Work”. We divided our story into 3 sections (beginning, middle, and end).  For each scene we SketchStory tell, and then Write.  We also add F.A.T. details, (feelings, actions, and thoughts) for each scene.  This is really when they start to see their stories come to life! We will continue with our scene work, and begin the drafting process.

In Reading, we are continuing to look at plot elements.  We will dig deeper next week by looking at how the character’s actions affect the future events in a story.  It has been an A-HA moment for the kids this week, to plot out their own story and then do the same with an author’s story.  I love hearing their conversations when they share their work.  They are FULL of compliments.

In Social Studies, we will finish up Native American in Texas and move on to begin learning about explorers that were important to Texas. I like to maximize as much of our learning time as possible.  Social Studies is the perfect outlet for fine tuning our real life reading skills. We use non fiction text to research and summarize information, use text features to locate information, as well as using our comprehension skills.  This time is crucial to our reading success!

Our Math goals for this week revolve around reading, writing and ordering decimals.  Today we made a Human Number Line and students became the decimals.  It was fun for all!  Our homework this week a good way to prepare for our Unit Test on Friday.  

In Science tomorrow we will begin our lab for density.  Students will use the scientific method to guide their research and conduct an experiment.  This first one involves using hard boiled eggs, so please remind your child to use proper handling and safety procedures during a lab.

Homework for this week:  Math worksheet, x4 and x8 fact quiz (Thursday), Read 20 minutes, Reading Response (in google classroom or on notebook paper), Spelling List #4

Parent Conferences:  As I mentioned at Parent Information Night, I will be creating a Sign Up genius with dates/times after school for the next few weeks.  This will come to you via an email.  Please choose a time that's best for you.  I can be available other times/days if need be.

We had a great day today!  I hope you did as well.  Enjoy your evening.


Casey Morrow

Parent Information Night tomorrow

Good Evening,
Tomorrow is Parent Information Night.  Please join myself and the staff of CFES at 6:00 pm in the cafeteria.  I look forward to meeting you.  For those not able to attend, my slide presentation is posted on the Parent Information Night tab on the homepage.  
Please sign and return your child's weekly conduct report tonight in the Wednesday folder.  Be sure to look through all of the handouts that came home as well.  Graded work will come home next Wednesday.  I am compiling all of the grades for each of the students into my grade book.  
We will have a test in Science next Monday, September 25th.  Review materials can be found on my Science Google Classroom page, student's slide shows, and in their Science notebooks.  We will finish our content and begin review on Friday.  
Have a great night!  I hope to see you tomorrow.
Casey Morrow

Fabulous First Day!

Welcome to the first day of 4th grade in my classroom!  We had the most productive first day I could have ever wished for.  This is one talented group of students.  
The most important information right now is that tomorrow is Picture Day!!  Be sure to send in your envelopes or order online if you have not done so yet.  THEN.... mark your calendars for Thursday night at 6pm.  CFES is hosting our Parent Information Night.  This will be our (parents only) Meet the Teacher and Information Night all in one!  I'm looking forward to meeting you.  If you cannot attend, please see my power point slides posted on my home page (coming soon).  
In the meantime, your child will be going with their original class to specials for the remainder of the year.  This means that all of us are going in different directions each day for specials.  Be sure to wear sneakers on gym days.
Thank you for sending in healthy snacks and water.  I encourage the students to eat when hungry and stay hydrated.  They work hard everyday!  
Please subscribe to my to my webpage.  I will be sending information out at least a few times a week.  Check your child's planner for upcoming assignments, homework and tests as well.  
I'm just so proud of all of them today.  Thank you for sharing your child with me.  
Best wishes,
Casey Morrow