My name is Molly Schwarze and I am the ESL specialist at Creekside Forest Elementary. This is my ninth year at Tomball ISD. I am very excited to support your child in their journey with English learning and academic success!

Even though it is my ninth year at Creekside, it is my twelfth year in education. I am a graduate of Sam Houston State University where I received my bachelor's degree in Education. I am EC-6, ESL, and GT certified. As a life-long learner, I have many individual goals still to reach in education.

I have a 9th grade son, Mack, who attended Creekside for a few years and is now a sophomore at Tomball High School! We are looking forward to a successful freshman year both academically and in his sports. On the weekends, we enjoy hiking, fishing (him, not me :) ), playing baseball (lots of it), and reading.

Please let me know how I can support your child feel successful and celebrated at Creekside Forest Elementary.


Math Place Value Test Part 2 Tomorrow

Hello 3rd Graders and Families!
I just wanted to remind you that we have our Place Value Assessment Part 2 tomorrow. This will include counting money. We reviewed with different stations and activities in class. Your child is bringing home their review packet today to look over and study if needed. This should be in their yellow folder. 
Also, thank you to all of the materials that were brought in to help out with stem activities and science labs. Our materials are being refilled :). I appreciate the extra help.
Have a great rest of your week.
Molly Schwarze

Happy October!!!

Hello Fantastic Famililes!
I hope you all are getting into a routine and enjoying this decent weather. We have officially gotten into the October spirit in Ms. Schwarze's class :). We have a few spiders and pumpkins to help us learn this next month. Please review the Edlio for information on what we are learning next week, upcoming tests, and how to view your child's grades. I am attaching the Science Matter Study Guide to this Edlio as well. Please have your child view the links and information by Tuesday. Matter Review If you have any questions, please email me and we will set up a time to talk. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
Also, the classroom is in need of a few supplies. If you have any of the following at home and are not using them, we would love to have them. Flat square pieces of cardboard, balloons, plastic spoons, clothespins, and paper plates. 
I also am going to be doing a project with both classes coming up these next two weeks. I have a good friend who is part owner of Avanti Senior Living. She has said that they have been having a difficult time with everything going on. I thought it would be a neat idea to put them together some "Fall/Halloween Goodie Bags". I thought it would be fun, helpful, and a great lesson for the class to do a kind act for others. We are going to put jokes on notecards and positive sayings and fill the bags. She also said that they can have candy. So we are going to fill them with pieces of candy. If you have any fall stickers at home or could provide some pieces of candy, that would be much appreciated. 
Your kiddos are amazing and make me smile every day!
Molly Schwarze

Math Review and Parent Support

Hello 3rd Grade Families,
I wanted to remind my amazing mathematicians that their place value review is due tomorrow. This was a 7 question packet to help them prepare for their test tomorrow. 
Ms. Andress and I are also wanting to email you to ask for your support on discussing the following topics with your child: 
*off-task behavior 
*blurting out during lessons, teaching times, and when directions are given
*sidebar conversations with the students around them
We believe and provide choice and movement throughout the day, including brain breaks and time allowed to talk with friends. Even with this put in place, we are still seeing the above behaviors, and it is taking away from our learning time. Would you please help us by reinstating this at home as well?
Starting tomorrow, we are going to put the "reset" plan in place. We will continue giving a warning, then having a private discussion. If these do not work, the third step is going to be a stop and think form. I am attaching the form to this Edlio. This form will be filled out, brought home, and needs to be signed and returned to school. 
We are confident that working together at school and home will solve this issues in a timely manner. 
Thank you for your partnership this year.
Ms. Andress and Ms. Schwarze

Comparing Numbers
Working hard on comparing numbers! Students making sure they are lining up their numbers by place value and comparing based off of the biggest values.

Weekend Time! Week of September 28th-October 2nd

Hello FANTASTIC Families!
Wow, what a great week it has been. Even with the remote learning on Tuesday, we got so much accomplished. If you would like some talking points to ask your child about their week, have them show you our comparing and ordering strategy! They have hand motions to go along with it :). Also, ask them how we used alligators in math. Ask them what science measuring tool we used today and what objects they found the mass of. Ask them "Why did Ms. Schwarze let a balloon go crazy in the classroom?". We definitely "got our learning on" this week and I loved seeing the connections. 
Please read the 3rd grade newsletter carefully for next week. It includes our learning objectives, ways to support at home, and upcoming tests and homework: https://www.smore.com/40b25
Hope you all have a good weekend and get some rest. 
Ms. Schwarze

Happy Friday! Week of September 21st-25th

We made it through a full week of 3rd grade! We learned so many new things and had a great time doing it. Ask your child about their hats they built for the island today and how it ties into properties! I will be sending pictures soon. Have them tell you our place value chant. 
I hope you all have a fun and restful weekend. Here is the 3rd Grade Smore for next week:

Just wanted to welcome those who have already subscribed to our classroom website. I will be posting weekly, and sometimes more, to keep you informed on what we are learning in the classroom, ideas to help at home, upcoming events, etc...Please feel free to reach out with a personal email at anytime of the year. I can't wait for the 2020-2021 school year to start. I hope you all have a fun-filled weekend. 
Molly Schwarze