All About Ms. Kranson


I am excited to be a part of your child’s education this school year as their first grade teacher! I grew up in the Spring area and graduated college from Sam Houston State University with a Bachelors of Science in Education (Eat ‘Em up Kats!) This is my fifth year at CFES and my sixth year teaching. I feel like first grade is a very pivotal year for students so I am glad to be teaching it again this year. In my free time I like to paint, read, explore the Woodlands area with friends and family. I have two wonderful fur babies! I have a poodle mix named Lacey and a bobtail cat named Stella. I have always been passionate about teaching students and making a positive impact in their lives. I feel to really understand my students it is important to form a connection with each student and to have open communication with parents. My goal for my first graders is to establish a growth mindset and to become lifelong learners. I am looking forward to all of the fantastic memories that our school family will have this year! 


Room - 403

Email – kimberlykranson@tomballisd.net

Phone - (281) 357-4526 x 3877

Scholastic Code- Q9GYM
Library - Thursday 10:30



This Week
Good evening families,
Here is what your child will be learning about this week. There is also an optional Alliteration Boom Cards to reinforce this element of poetry that we are learning about in class in the Cougar Camp Out folder this week. This Friday will be Creekfest! More information regarding this will be sent out soon. For now I would like you to know that your child can wear their creekfest shirts or camping gear. They may also bring towel/blanket and a flashlight for this day of fun! :) 
Kind Regards,
Ms. Kranson

Creekfest Fundraiser

Good evening families,


Camp Creekfest is quickly approaching. Each class has been asked to create a basket for the Silent Auction portion of our Creekfest fundraiser. We would love for you to participate by visiting the link below where you will find an itemized list via SignUpGenius. Then click on “View Full Description” to see details and instructions. 


LINK HERE: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/508094ea8aa29a3f85-first3

All items are due to our room mom no later than March 23rd.

Thank you for your continued support!

Kind Regards,

Ms. Kranson



I hope everyone's family is safe, warm and doing well! The new 100th day of school will be on Monday March 1st. I'm looking forward to seeing all of the creative shirts that the students come up with! I'll be documenting this special day with the students on our Class Dojo. 
In the 'Cougar Camp Out' folder I put in boom cards for students to practice sorting and making shapes as an option for them to do this week. :)

2-16 Remote Learning

Good afternoon families,
On Tuesday the 16th please check in at 9:30 A.M. with Ms. Kranson on Google Meet by typing in the url meet.google.com and the nickname will be 'kranson'. Please make sure you are logged into google with your student's gmail account for this to work. All the assignments for this day will be found in Schoology inside the 'Tuesday' folder. Check all of the subject folders in Tuesday and work on completing this with your child on that day to perform remote learning. 
Kind Regards,
Ms. Kranson 

100's Day

February 22nd is the 100th day of School! To celebrate 1st grade students will make shirts that have 100 items on it. We will do lots of 100 day activities during the day. Have you student wear their shirt for class on the 22nd.

Schoology Camp Out Directions for 2/1-2/5

Good evening families,
Our class has practiced using an interactive website called 'boom cards'. We practiced as a whole group on Friday and today in class the students were able to login to their Schoology accounts to practice double facts during math. For the Schoology assignment at home this week I put in the Cougar Camp Out Folder and titled it 'Boom Cards Assignment 2/1-2/5. In this assignment students can practice identifying nonfiction text features like we did in class. The kids seems to really enjoy doing this in class! Please make sure when you click 'sign in with Boom!' and not with google. Their username is their school ID number and their password is :cfes   (no caps!) You do not have to click submit anywhere as I can login to boom cards and track the student's progress. :) 

Timeline Assignment

Good evening!
I wanted to give you an update on the timeline project. I know it's hard to get quick access of baby and toddler pictures so if the students bring in 3 pictures of them at any age then I will show them how they can sequence the pictures in order that they happened and they can still create a timeline. Please bring these pictures in by Friday. Thank you!
Kind Regards,
Ms. Kranson 

January 19-22

Good evening families!
Our class will be presenting Call to Greatness February 8th-12th so to prepare for this I will be sending out an email with the student's scripts. Each child's name is highlighted and certain parts will be changed daily. Feel free to practice with them early to get them prepared for when it is our turn. I know our class will do an awesome job! :)
We did a Schoology assignment in class today, but we will not have a Cougar Camp Out assignment this week as it is a short week. 
We are studying timeline and  how we can use them to learn about peoples lives. 
We  will be making our own time lines in class.
**Please send in a baby, toddler, and current photo of your child by Friday January 22nd. 
In reading students are identifying nonfiction text features and the author's purpose to using these.
In word work students are practicing making and finding the vowel-R syllable pattern in words. (-er,-ir,ur)
In writing students are writing about a topic they are an expert on. 
In math students are building and comparing numbers to 120. 
In science students are learning objects in the nighttime sky and the phases of the moon cycle. 

Good evening families,
I hope everyone is having a fantastic start to the new year! It was such a joy to be back with the kids and pick up from where we left off last. I wanted to thank you all for the generous donations and kind words from before the winter break. I shared some pictures of our winter party on Class Dojo if you have a chance to take a look. :)
Information for this week:
-We will resume Cougar Camp Out in Schoology starting next week.
-In reading the students will be determining if a book is fiction or nonfiction. 
-They will be working on handwriting with our 'Handwriting Without Tears' program.
-In writing student's will be writing a personal narrative of what they did during the break.
-In math students will be practicing place value with making numbers and identifying them to 99 using base blocks.
-In science students will be studying objects in the daytime and nighttime sky. 
Our class has adopted three girls from the Salvation Army's Angel tree program for the holidays. One is a 3 year old girl named Sofia, another is a 7 year old girl named Jessica and the third one is an 11 yr old girl named Dulce. Please click on the link below to sign up to donate an item.
This is due December 4th.
Also today please login to your child's Schoology account and do the activity listed in the red folder labeled 'Cougar Camp Out'. Make sure to insert a document stating that this activity was completed before clicking submit. Thank you!
Here is a link to a math kahoot that we practiced in class.
Game PIN: 09875647
angel tree
Our class has adopted three girls from the Salvation Army's Angel tree program for the holidays. One is a 3 year old girl named Sofia, another is a 7 year old girl named Jessica and the third one is an 11 yr old girl named Dulce. Please click on the link below to sign up to donate an item.