Welcome to Mrs. Foytlin's First Grade!
I anticipate a wonderful year with your children!
This is my fourth year at Creekside Forest Elementary
but it also begins my 24th year as a teacher.
I attended Southern Methodist University and received a
Bachelor of Science degree in Speech Pathology. 
I earned a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Special Education
from The University of Texas.
I am also certified as a teacher of the Gifted and Talented.
Though I gained considerable knowledge at these institutions,
I gained my most important schooling while in the classroom!
I am pleased to bring my knowledge and talents to Creekside Forest! 
As for your child, I will be the kind of teacher that I wanted for my own children.


Pumpkin Math!

Dear Parents,
The students just love pumpkin math which is from October 4 through October 7. If you would like to contribute a pumpkin for these activities, I would appreciate it. Pumpkins of any size would be wonderful!
We will measure, weigh, sort, count seeds by 10's. and do a sink/float activity. 
Thank you in advance,

Week of August 30, 2021

Dear Parents,

I have had an amazing two weeks with your children! They have become a family that cares about one another. We have spent much of our time getting to know each other and learning classroom and school-wide routines and procedures. Learning these expectations, the children know what to do and our day runs very smoothly.

Word Work

We reviewed the sight words from Kindergarten and I tested each student individually......every student read them quickly and correctly! I introduced the next set of sight words and I was pleasantly surprised how many of these words the students are using in their writing.


The students read independently and in whole group lessons. I've read books to the class and we discuss characters and setting as well as connections they have to the story.
I'm teaching the children to write in complete sentences when writing stories about their lives.
We are using Base 10 Blocks and Unifix cubes to count and add to 20. This is a review for many, so I'm extending the learning for these students.


We've discussed lab safety and experienced our first lab. Students explored lab tools in our school's science lab. They loved it.

Upcoming Events

9/2 - Parent Information Night

5:15-5:45 Session One presentations begin

6:00-6:30 Session Two presentations begin

9/9 - PTO Welcome Coffee Social (9:00 - 10:30 am)
9/14 - General PTO Meeting
9/16 - Picture Day

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