Week of January 25, 2021

Dear Parents,

I’m so glad to be back and feel so much better…..energy is almost back to normal! Since we’ve been back from the Winter Break, we have been very busy with testing. I am individually testing each child for an instructional reading level as well as giving each student a dyslexia screener. Every student has been given a math and reading test, on the computer, that shows their progress since September. Yes, I have a lot of data that I want to share with you!

Due to the amount of testing, we had not had time for Guided Reading. I realize your children haven’t received new books in their Red Folders…….but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been reading…..I promise!

While I’m testing, your children still have books in their hands! We call this Green Folder Reading. Each child chooses three leveled books to read. They read them and record them in a green folder. Then choose three more. This reading time is 15 minutes every morning. 

Many students have read over 50 books since October!

I have introduced a computer reading program called Lexia. The children enjoy the reading and phonics activities for 15 minutes daily. These games and activities have been well received by the children.

Your child can get on this program at home by going to Clever and clicking on “the globe”.


Our spelling pattern this week is /ir/ and /or

bird, third, dirt, flirt, skirt, shirt, short, snort, fort, squirt


Reading and Writing:

We continue to learn more about nonfiction texts as we begin writing one of our own. Each student will choose a nonfiction central idea and write 3 supporting details that will be their chapters. They will include a table of contents, bold print, headings, photographs and illustrations in their books. I hope to see a glossary and index in each book. They are excited to be nonfiction authors!



We are learning strategies to help add 3 numbers. For example, if the number sentence is 8+6+2, the student will combine 8 and 2 to make 10 and then add 10+6. We work on word problems every day.


We’re completing our unit on Objects In The Sky…..moon, sun, and stars. Rocks, Soil, and Water will begin this week.


Social Studies:

The children have loved looking at all the baby pictures. As we make our timeline, we discuss past, present and future. We will complete these soon to display in the hall.


Each First Grade teacher is supporting students for 30 minutes each morning. We have divided students into three groups by area of need. This is small group intervention and we have seen much growth by this individual attention. We have a fourth group that is for our eager writers. Another group will be getting enrichment activities provided by our GT specialists. A win-win for everyone!


As always, please feel free to contact me with any concerns or questions. The best way to reach me is by cell phone at 713-858-7555 or email at nancyfoytlin@tomballisd.net.

Upcoming Events for February:

**National African American History Month

2/5  Texas Reads One Book Kick-Off

2/9  General PTO Meeting

2/15-19 Friendship/Kindness Week

2/16  Spirit Night at Rib Tickler

2/17  Dress like a DETECTIVE and get caught being KIND

2/22  100th Day of School (info coming soon)