Howdy Tomball ISD Families,

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic the Registration office for Creekside Forest Elementary is on a modified work schedule. We are truly sorry for any inconvenience this might cause for you, but will be glad to help with any enrollment, Withdrawing, report card or Transcript Questions. 

I can be reached by:

Email: patriciavintimilla@tomballisd.netRegistrar

Phone Number: (281) 357 4526 Ext. 3803

Email: elysiaparson@tomballisd.net– Counselor

 (We are having high call Volume’s at this time we recommend Emailing if not please leave a voice mail)

Enrolling a new student ONLINE:

  1. CREATE a parent Tomball ISD Link account at https://link.tomballisd.net
  2. Next, click on Enroll/Update student then select ENROLL new student
  3. Process through all the online forms and submit them.
  4. Print out/write down OR take a picture of the CONFIRMATION NUMBER.
  5. Please have the following documents scanned in or photographed and ready to send electronically. Copies or scans must be legible
  • Certified Copy of your child’s Birth Certificate
  • Child’s Social Security Card or Income Tax Return form. If your child does not have a Social Security number, a state ID number will be issued by the district
  • Legal Guardian’s current driver’s license / Identification card or international ID.
  • Child’s up to date immunization records from a healthcare provider.
      • Proof of residency – you will need to provide ONLY ONE of the following documents (must be under one of the names on the birth certificate):
      • Utility bill (gas, electricity or water bill)
      • Property tax statement
      • Home mortgage payment voucher
      • Signed rental agreement (must include the student listed as an occupant for an apartment lease)
      • Signed home closing disclosure for a new home
      • An affidavit of residency obtained through (Central Office email:studentservices@tomballisd.net).
      6. Legal documents – Divorce decree or guardianship paperwork
      7. Records for any special services such as SpEd, 504, GT and/or ESL. If records are not on hand, please be sure to let the Registrar know what services or accommodations your student is receiving.
      8. Student Record of Withdrawal from the previous campus.
      9. Have your documents ready to send electronically and contact the campus Registrar to schedule a registration appointment over the phone.


Note: If you are living with a district resident and need to obtain an affidavit/transfer, please contact studentservices@tomballisd.net. You will need to login into your Tomball ISD Link account and complete the affidavit/transfer of residency application.



Withdrawing a student ONLINE:


Only a legal guardian can withdraw a student from enrollment within Tomball ISD. To begin the withdrawal process please do the following:


  1. Contact the campus Registrar by email or phone to set up an appointment.
  2. The campus Registrar will email the parent the Leaver form to the email address on file.
  3. The parent will return the completed and signed Leaver form, and a picture of their driver’s license to the campus Registrar.
  4. Discussion about returning the school's property (does the student have textbooks or library books out that need to be returned. uniforms/choir dress etc)
  5. The campus Registrar will prepare the withdrawal form and send it to the parent email address on file.
  6. The parent will contact the receiving school and give them a copy of the Withdrawal form to facilitate enrollment.

Thank you for your understanding and looking forward to helping you.

Registrar’s Office