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Dear Parents.

 I am proud and excited to be teaching at Creekside Forest Elementary! I will be teaching 5th Grade Science this year. It is my goal to ensure that my students gain the most out of their education in my class. I'm looking forward to this year and getting to know each of you, and your children! I believe that by working together this year your child will experience great success. 


Everybody is waiting for the school to start, but at the same time many people are worried how things are going to be. I will teach Face-to-Face and Virtual classes. We will be learning together new aspects of the classroom management and the instructional strategies due to the virus situation. We might have some bumps on the road , but we will get the students where they need to be academically and emotionally.


The first days of the school year are very important. Please feel free to contact me to let me know your thoughts, suggestions, or concerns. I value your opinion and would like to have a strong partnership with you as parents in order to help this year to be the most successful year for your child.

I cannot wait to meet my students!


We will have a great year!


Thank you,

Victoria Hunsucker

281-357-4526 x 3855

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Science Test on Wednesday, April 7th

Hello dear parents,
I plan on administering Unit 11 test in Science on Wednesday, April 7th.
Topic: Interactions in Ecosystems
  • Lining and nonliving things and examples of their interactions
  • Niches: producers, consumers, decomposers
  • Types of consumers: herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores
  • Energy flow in a food chain ( transforming or obtaining energy)
  • Energy flow in a food web ( transforming or obtaining energy)
  • Examples of prey-predictor relationship
To review, I recommend the digital notebook pages 112 and up.
We also will do a small review tomorrow, that could be a useful tool to study as well.
Thank you for your support at home,
Stay safe,
Victoria Hunsucker

Science this week

Hello dear parents,

Science homework this week is to work in Education Galaxy 5th grade level actively:

1. Pre-test.

2. Practice in Recommended Topics 

3. Post-test

4. Practice on recommended Topics for the Post-test.

Focus of this week is to continue to practice on Recommended topics of 5th grade.

 Your child should be on step # 2 , # 3  or # 4 at this time.


Unit 10 test is on Thursday.

It includes: plants and animal traits and adaptations and learned and inherited traits.

 I will NOT be sending a review for this test.

We have been studying adaptational traits and behavior of animals in class.

We have completed in class the Animal Adaptation research on 7 animals.

 The bird beak investigation was conducted in class on 6 birds.

We have investigated animals with hooves, and compared sea and land turtles.

Now , in class , we are focusing on learned traits and behavior.


The digital notebook pages 98 and up and their class projects should be a nice resource to review as needed  before Thursday.


Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you for your support at home,



Science Unit 9 test Review Guide

Hello my dear parents,
I hope you and your family are doing ok this week.
As we are returning to a regular routine with the school week, I would like to provide you with a study guide for the next Science test.
This Unit 9 includes several concepts: Earth patterns, Solar System, and the Water cycle.
We have been studying the Earth patterns and the Solar system in class. This week, we will revisit the Water cycle part which it is not a new concept to a 5th grader. On Thursday, we will do a class review for this test as well.
If you would like to check your child's understanding or help your child with studying or reviewing the concept for this test, I am providing this link for you now.
 I also have included a student copy of the key questions without answers: slides:16-21
The test will take place on Friday.
If you have any questions for me, please let me know.
Have a great day!
Mrs. Hunsucker

Science test this Wednesday

Dear parents,
I would like to inform you that this Wednesday, January 27th,  your child will take a multiple choice Unit 8 Formation of Fossils Fuels and Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources Assessment (12 questions) and an Open Response Assessment on the same topic with 3 questions in it.
Please review with your child the pages  68 - 76  in the Science Digital Notebook. On Tuesday, there will be a class review activity completed, so you can use it to study with your child on Tuesday night.
Thank you for your great support at home.
Have a great week,

6th Grade Information

Please see information below from Creekside Park Junior High.

We have two parent information meetings scheduled via Zoom for incoming 6th grade parents. At this meeting, we will give an overview of the course selection process, explain a typical day in the life of a CPJH student and answer any questions parents may have. They have already been posted on our CPJH Counselor Page along with reference materials for any parents desiring additional information.

Join us for an informational meeting on 1/21/2021 at 6:30 PM

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 871 0016 5166
Passcode: x22Hhf

or 1/22/2021 at 10:00 AM via Zoom

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 879 0731 0775
Passcode: LZZeJ0


6th Grade Course Selection


Science test is tomorrow

Dear Parents,
I would like to inform you about the Science test scheduled for tomorrow.
We have been studying formation of the Sedimentary rock this week.
It is a short unit, and the assessment will only include 10 questions.
Please make sure your child will review tonight everything we have done in class studying the Sedimentary rock
formation this week:
1. Science Digital Notebook pages: 65, 66 (including the video), 67.
2. Study Science Review in Schoology ( It will be done in class today).
3. Review or finish Sedimentary Rock Practice Questions assignment ( It will be done in class today).
Thank you for your great support at home!
If you have any questions, please email me.
Mrs. Hunsucker

Science Test this Friday

Good Morning,
We will take Unit 6 Science test of Landforms and how they were formed this Friday.
 This is not new material. We have studied this for10 days before the break. Yesterday and today we are completing different review activities in class.
Please make sure your child is reviewing pages 52-63 in the Digital Science notebook, and please ask your child how he/she did on the Practice Quiz#1 from yesterday and Practice Quiz #2 from today. Each Quiz has 10 questions. If your child missed more than 2 questions on each Quiz, he/she needs to retake it. It is all in Schoology.
Please feel free to email me if you have any questions,
Thanks you for your support at home,
Mrs. Hunsucker

Science Test is on Friday

Forces and Motion test is on Friday.
The test Review was assigned on Monday in Schoology.
Please make sure your child completes it by tomorrow night.


1. Science Test Sound and Electricity is tomorrow Friday, November 13.
2. A note from our music teacher:  Students use their Chrome Books frequently in music, please make sure your child has working head phones.  Thank you.
Donna Rae Fender

Science Test

Dear parents,

 I would like to inform you that this Friday your child will take a Heat and Light Energy test. (20 questions)With Schoology being in transition, I would like for your child to review notes from class in the Digital Notebook from pages 25- 34. I might add another page #35 tomorrow. We will do a class review activity tomorrow as well. The digital Notebook is on your child's Google drive.

Here is the link I put together for you to review with your child. Please make sure they open the Digital notebook as you review with them.
Thank you for your support at home.
Please email me if you have any questions,
 Mrs. Hunsucker

Science this week

Hello my dear parents,
I would like to inform you that we will start the Light Unit this week on Tuesday. Here is what I would like to ask you. 
For Face-to-Face students:
Please provide 1 shiny metal table spoon. Your child will bring it back right away after the activity is done. Also, if you have paper towel or toilet paper cartons rolls at home, would you please send them with your child please.
For Tomball Virtual School students:
Here is the link with the materials I would like your child to have at home on Tuesday. 
Thank you for your support at home.
Mrs. Hunsucker

Science items are needed please

Dear F2F parents,
This week in Science we will work on Heat Energy in class, and I need your help please.
If you have these items at home, would you send them with your child PLEASE:
1. Empty baby food jars
2. Empty tin cans 14 or 15 fl oz
3. Sawdust or wood chips ( 1 pint size zip lock bag) 
Thank you very much in advance.
Mrs. Hunsucker

Science test is tomorrow

Topic: Matter properties and Mixtures
The review activity was done in class today.
Please make sure your child completed everything for today.
This is a copy with the answers of what we have done in class .
I am also including the student copy that was completed today if you would like them to practice again.
Homework Test Review folder is also available in Schoology since Monday this week. There is a variety of practice activities there as well.
I hope the links are working for you.
Thank you for your support at home.