Welcome to Ms. Andress' Class!

Happy 2020-2021 school year! I look forward to helping your child grow as a learner this year. 


Last Day of School

Good afternoon! Tomorrow students will sign yearbooks. If your child has one, please have he or she bring it tomorrow. For students who didn't purchase one, we will make yearbooks for them. Also, please send your child with a backpack. Thank you! 

Tomorrow's Countdown Item

Tomorrow is the day for students to bring their favorite pens or markers! We'll have lots of fun creating art. :)

Ms. Schwarze's Birthday

Reminder: Tomorrow is Ms. Schwarze's birthday! Help her celebrate by having your child make a card for her. :)

Vocabulary Quiz and Games Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the Unit 14 Vocabulary Quiz. Also, for our end of the year countdown, students are allowed to bring board games or card games to play tomorrow. 

Biography Projects Due Tomorrow

The students worked so hard today and yesterday on STAAR! Tomorrow is the day for biography presentations. If your child chose a video interview or slideshow, please have them email it to me or share it on Google.
Thank you! Have a wonderful evening! :)

Spelling Quiz Tomorrow

Tomorrow is our spelling quiz over Lesson 22. Students can bring in proof of practice at home to receive a punch on their punch cards. 
Have a great evening!