College & Career Week

College & Career Week

A wonderful site provides virtual tours for colleges:

The eight components of college and career readiness include the following:  college aspirations, academic planning for college and career readiness, enrichment and extracurricular engagement, college and career exploration and selection processes, college and career assessments, college affordability planning, college and career admission processes, transition from high school graduation to college enrollment.

            According to the data collected by The College Board Advocacy & Policy Center, there are five reasons education may improve quality of life.  Earning a college education fosters a strong community, wealth, security, health, and a closer family.

Financial aid availability is a crucial component for college and career readiness.  Financial aid may be acquired from the U.S. federal government, state of residence, college attending, or a nonprofit/private organization.  Federal student aid includes grants, loans, and work study.  Additional information may be located at

            We all have various interests, and here at CFES, we value each other’s uniqueness, understanding that we are all pieces of a greater puzzle.  The following are career clusters that may pique the interest of our students:  Agriculture, Food, & Natural resources, Education & Training, Hospitality & Tourism, Manufacturing, Architecture & Construction, Arts, AV/Technology & Communication, Business, Management, & Administration, Finance, Human Services, Marketing, Sales, & Service, Government & Public Administration, Health Science, Information Technology, Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics, Law, Public, Safety, Corrections, & Security, Transportation, Distribution, & Logistics  (  This link assists in the exploration of interests and careers: