Math Review and Parent Support

Hello 3rd Grade Families,
I wanted to remind my amazing mathematicians that their place value review is due tomorrow. This was a 7 question packet to help them prepare for their test tomorrow. 
Ms. Andress and I are also wanting to email you to ask for your support on discussing the following topics with your child: 
*off-task behavior 
*blurting out during lessons, teaching times, and when directions are given
*sidebar conversations with the students around them
We believe and provide choice and movement throughout the day, including brain breaks and time allowed to talk with friends. Even with this put in place, we are still seeing the above behaviors, and it is taking away from our learning time. Would you please help us by reinstating this at home as well?
Starting tomorrow, we are going to put the "reset" plan in place. We will continue giving a warning, then having a private discussion. If these do not work, the third step is going to be a stop and think form. I am attaching the form to this Edlio. This form will be filled out, brought home, and needs to be signed and returned to school. 
We are confident that working together at school and home will solve this issues in a timely manner. 
Thank you for your partnership this year.
Ms. Andress and Ms. Schwarze