Math Review

I just wanted to send a quick note that your child brought home their review packet for our multiplication and division test that we did in class today. It should be in their backpack this evening. Some are not completed due to time. If your child would like some extra practice, they can complete this or review the questions from today. **the most valuable time to review may be just practicing their multiplication facts. 
Also, tomorrow in the Smore, there will be a section about the Valentine's party next Friday. Please check this section and let me know if you have any questions.
Last, but not least! We had a presentation this morning from Greg Tang on how to look at our times table. He is this AMAZING mathematician and showed some really neat ways to break apart numbers and use number sense. Ask your child what they thought about it!
Hope you have a great evening and the rest of your week. 
Molly Schwarze