Smore for Week of March 29th-April 1st

Happy Weekend!
Wow, we had an amazing week back from Spring Break full of hands-on learning. We picked roots and compared them discussing plant adaptations. We searched for vines and plants with thorns. We went on a parallel line and right angle scavenger hunt inside and outside the building. We had a glow stick geometry party and created polygons. We participated in a virtual lab from Ms. Paquette  who taught us really neat adaptations that birds have.....the learning and fun goes on and on :). I am so proud of the hard work they put in. 
Since Monday is officially the start of the last 9 weeks, we will be focusing on closing out the year strong, but also showing independence and problem solving to move into almost 4th graders. Ms. Andress and my expectations from day one have been set high, but we will continue to push for growth with character building and learning expectations. Personal accountability will be a big goal.
Here is the Smore for next week:
Remember, next Friday is a holiday and students and staff will be off. 
Molly Schwarze