Happy Rainy Friday! Next Week is May?!?!

We had another successful week in Math and Science! We compared and contrasted life cycles and started exploring different ecosystems. Ask your child what biotic and abiotic are! In math, we wrapped up measurement and began analyzing graphs. Next week, we will really focus on all of our TEKS we have learned throughout the year to prepare for the Math STAAR on May 11th. We have a lot of fun activities planned to do this.
Here is the next week's Smore:
Please read the below message from Ms. Andress and I:

Good afternoon!

Ms. Andress and I would like your teamwork on making sure our last few weeks of 3rd grade are successful in academics, working as teams, and treating our classmates with kindness. It is not uncommon to get the summer wiggles and to need more redirection on class and school expectations. We have acknowledged the hard work our 3rd graders have put in and try to take brain breaks and extra recess breaks whenever we can to help them stay focused on our goals. 
One of the big things we have been noticing these last few weeks are the fidgets and toys that are being brought into the classroom. We have been flexible with testing them out to see if they are beneficial; however, we have found that the majority of students are using them to play, and they are becoming a huge distraction. We have had many discussions about the expectations and have had to collect these items daily due to misuse.  We ask that fidgets and other toys stay home unless your child has a specific plan implemented through the school. Thank you for partnering with us to end 3rd grade with high expectations, growth, and fun! ​


Have a wonderful weekend with your family!

Molly Schwarze