CFES Bluebonnet Program

The Texas Bluebonnet Award (TBA) was established in 1979 to motivate students in grades 3 through 5 to read outstanding children’s literature. A committee of teachers and librarians choose the 20 books to be included on the Bluebonnet list each year. 

Guidelines for CFES Bluebonnet program for grades 3-5

·         Students who read (or have read to them) 5 or more Bluebonnet books, from this year or any of the years, may choose a Spirit Stick or an item from the Treasure Chest. Students who read 10 books may pick out two prizes from the Library Treasure chest. Students who read at least 15 Bluebonnet books earn a Master Reader Card. This card lets you check out 3 extra books in the library until the end of the year!  The student will also be invited to the End of the Year Bluebonnet Pizza Party. If you read 20 Bluebonnets, you earn a special BLUE trophy. 

          After reading a book, students must take and earn at least 70% on an AR quiz, and record it in the reading log kept in the library. You don't only have to read Bluebonnets from the CFES Library. You can check them out from the public library or read ones you have at home already. Happy Reading! Here are some resource lists to help you choose books:  Texas Bluebonnet Award List ; Previous Nominees