My name is Michelle Bisig and this is my tenth year teaching at Creekside Forest Elementary. The majority of my teaching experience is with children five-years-old to twelve-years old but I have also taught at the high school level. I received my education at Texas Tech University where I learned so much about art, including: general design, art history, drawing, painting, ceramics, metal fabrication, jewelry design, traditional photography, and more. If you have any questions about your student's artwork, or questions about your own artwork, feel free to contact me. I can be reached most reliably by email. 
I am also one of the coaches for the First Lego League program at CFES!


This is a "gonger-upper" and it is a tool that can fix anything. This group of kindergartners worked as a team to build this idea together. 
This is a sculpture named "Cougartown". Creekside Cougars live and play in the town.There are lots of pools to swim in and tall buildings to look at living animals. The first graders who built this sculpture had exceptional teamwork. 
This is an artwork named "Ducktown" by a group of kindergarten students. They say the duck's name is "Duckly", Today in art this group of students had excellent teamwork. 
Magnetic Tile Sculpture
This is an artwork by a group of first grade students. These students built cooperatively to achieve this result. They even tucked details inside the bigger sculpture so when you look inside there are interesting shapes, wow! 
Rainbow Castle
This sculpture was built by a group of kindergarten students who are very good at working together. They call this "Rainbow Castle". In the back there is a sun on top of a tall tower, this gives the castle light and keeps it warm.There are trees and other plants growing around the castle.
This sculpture was made by a group of kindergarten students who have named it "Lightscraper". It is a tall skyscraper and a city built around it. It is the tallest sculpture that anyone has built this week, according to Ms. Bisig. These students worked SO well together today, they even ran out of building blocks to use! Not only that, when other students were describing their sculptures this group was very respectful and listened very well. Great job!
Lucky Town
This is a sculpture by a group of first graders named "Lucky Town" In this place you have everything you could ever dream of. If you want it, it's there! There is even an unlimited amount of food, nobody goes hungry in this place.