Hello Cougar Families!!

I am so thrilled to be a part of your child’s Gifted learning experience. This is going to be a great learning year for all of us! I'm looking forward to lots of great projects and the chance to get to work with each of your children. Please subscribe to this website for any important newsflash reminders or updates.

Contact information:

Cecelia Lummus
GT/Math Specialist

Creekside Forest Elementary
5949 Creekside Forest
The Woodlands, TX 77389

281-357-4526 X3897
FAX: 281-357-4535



5th Grade showcase tomorrow

Their projects have been outstanding!!  I want them to have the opportunity to show off what they have learned.  I need them to come to school by 8:00 tomorrow.  We will line (6 ft apart) the front driveway where car riders are dropped off.  They each should be in costume and they will hold their sign they made in class that shows the name of the god or goddess they are representing and the "moral" of their story.    I would encourage parents to drop off and come back around 8:45 to take pics.  That is when the traffic is less.  I'm so sorry we can't do this inside like last year!!  STILL...it will be fun for the kids to see the 5th graders in costume!!  Their projects were really fantastic!!   
I'm working on learning how to teach them to use our NEW 3D PRINTER!!  I hope they will be soon designing something they want to print that represents their Mythological god or goddess!  Crossing my fingers this works out!!  We are excited to have this printer!!  

Hello Spring GT Testers!

I have created a Schoology class and added your student to the page.  In this page there are practice tests for the Ability portion of the GT testing.  This year we are testing in 3 areas:  Verbal, Nonverbal, and Quantitative.  This is new!!  We have only used Nonverbal Ability scores in the past...so I'm excited to see results!!  Even if you have tested before...try again!  These practice tests are optional...but they will familiarize your student with the testing so that when they come to me to test they won't be super surprised.   Go over them with your child so they have a comfort about testing!  I'm hoping to gain lots of new students! Here is the link to the Schoology class if your child is not already added: 493K-JC8P-6JXGK  Have a GREAT SPRING BREAK!!  Testing starts when we return.


The window is now open to ask for your student to be tested for Gifted Services.  Testing will begin the week we return from Spring Break.  There is some new things about the test this year so it might be a good time to re-test if you have tested before.  I will be checking with each classroom teacher for their testing nominations and I'm working with Mrs. Clark at the Creative Campsite to help identify students who need to be tested.  If you would like your student tested, and you have not already emailed me, or your child's teacher, please do so as soon as possible.  
KINDERGARTEN TESTING IS DONE...but I can not release that information until I meet with the District Committee.  That meeting has been pushed back due to our absence with snow.  We are meeting next Friday and I will release testing scores then.  I will send them home in backpacks.  The virtual students can schedule a pick up time with me or I will mail it.  An email will follow to virtual students.


ALL OF YOU ARE WINNERS IN MY EYES!!  You took this on and blew the judges away!!    I am so proud to work with kids who love Science as much as I do and are eager to share their extended learning.
ALL students will receive an award for the Science Fair on Monday during the Announcements.  
Those moving on to the District Fair are:
1st Place:  Sana Kale
1st Place:  Ishika Varipilli
2nd Place: Ryan Nugent 


SCIENCE FAIR IS HERE AGAIN!!!  Hooray!  We are offering any 3rd -5th grader who is interested (can be in groups of two also) to participate in our school Science Fair.  If you are interested in doing Science Fair, please go to this Google Classroom and join.  All the information you need will be there for you.  Mrs. Lummus is working with all of the students who are participating and you will find her contact information on the page.  (even during the Winter Break!)  The Science Fair will be on January 8th and the top two or three students (depending on how many enter) will attend the District Fair on January 14th.  This is a big deal! The participants of that fair are presented in front of the School Board and get to meet each one of them.  CFES has done well in the past!  :)
If you choose to participate I need you to fill out the Intent to Participate by December 16th.  I need a head count of how many kids to expect.  
THIS IS A GREAT OPPORTUNITY to work with your student and do something Academically FUN!!
GOOGLE CLASSROOM code:  npwmusp       (go to google classroom, the icon is the chalkboard, and join a class.  Put that code in and you should see our classroom.)  Say hi so I know you were there!  OR click on this link to take you to our classroom:  


Dear Parents of Kindergartners,
It is that time of year for Kinder screening!! There are a lot of changes to our screening process this year.  According to the Texas State Plan for the Gifted, every kindergarten student should be screened for giftedness by March 1st.
The biggest change is that the screener is now digital.   All kindergartners will be given the 2020-2021 Kinder Screener through the use of a google form.  F2F students will be given the screener during class when pulled by the GT Specialist.  Virtual students will be given the screener during a google meet with their teacher and the GT Specialist.  
Another big change is that we have practice materials for parents to do with their children IF you choose but it is NOT required at all. 
The teacher guides provide info such as "Say instructions" to let you know how to introduce the questions to your child.  It is not necessary to read the entire guide.  Once you read a couple of examples for each category, you should understand how to practice with your child.  
There are 3 types of testing:  Nonverbal, verbal and quantitative.  Each practice booklet contains similar problems for the type of test.  Each type of test has 3 different categories.  We suggest practicing a couple of problems from each category to help familiarize your child with the types of questions that they may encounter.  The Kinder Screener was developed with similar type problems but on a shortened version from the full CogAT.  Below are links to the practice activities and teaching guides.
It is important to understand that ability testing is not something you can fully prepare for.  Ability testing is designed to test how your child processes information and how they think.  There is not a complete way to "study" for the test.
The Kinder Screener, as well as a few other criteria including math report card, Independent reading level and a teacher recommendation, will be used to determine if a student qualifies to proceed with further testing.  The screener will be given during the next 2 weeks.  As stated in the district letter that was sent out in November, if your child qualifies to continue, you will receive a letter of permission for further testing.  If your child does not qualify to continue, the screening process will stop and you will NOT receive a letter.
Thank you,
Tomball ISD GT Specialists

Hello GT families!!

I hope you are all doing well and finding fun ways to entertain my friends!!  My team has been meeting and been busy trying to make some lists for you all to use for anxiety, stem activities, as well as summer activities.  I am missing all the interactions with my kids all day!!  I did post some new activities today!
Click on the link to see the slide show with all the information:


Please know that I do not want GT kids to think they have to do more work than others because they are special!  Usually when I pull them to my classroom for GT we leave the classroom doing work that they miss, so they don't feel like they are doing more.  That is not the case now.  It is most important to me that they are doing their classwork that is assigned and then if they are needing stimulation then they can do my projects!  
My 3rd - 5th graders are all set up and ready to go!  
3rd grade will work on their Theme Island project.
4th and 5th grades have a Geometry and Art activity with Cubing.
2nd Grade Google classroom is new.  I have invited each of them, but the code is pq5hmli if you have not made it in yet.   We are taking a pause on our zoo project about animal needs and wants and doing a people needs and wants activity.
1st grade Google classroom is also new.  I have invited each of them, but the code is bfmzdy2 if they want to add themselves that way.  We have been learning of the 4 aspects of Creativity and and I gave them 2 Flexibility art ideas to create!  

Can't wait to see who does the projects and to see how amazing they all can be!  Stay safe and well!  I miss those kiddos!!  I can't wait till they are all in my room again!
As always, please reach out to me if you have any questions.  Email is easiest, but my cell is fastest   210-219-6644.

Hello GT Families!!

Hello GT Families, I hope you are all staying well and calm.  I miss seeing all of the kids faces and I hope they are enjoying the pretty weather!  Right now we are working hard to make sure the students have some great ways to learn new things next week from their classroom teachers.  As far as GT goes, I don't want to add to their TO DO list.  I am happy to add somethings to our Google Classrooms if they have time and would like to do some extra stuff...but right now it would just be for fun!  Do not worry about the projects we were working on...we will get to that when we can.  NO WORRIES!!  I will keep everything!!
I currently have google classrooms set up for 3rd-5th.  I will be making one for 1st and 2nd soon.   

I just want the kids to relax and enjoy being at home and feel safe.  These are difficult times for all of us, so I don't want to overwhelm any of my kids or families with more work.  ANYTHING I post will be optional, and should be challenging, but able to be completed by students independently.  Are you all interested in having your kids do some GT extensions??  Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions!  
More information will follow...I just wanted to touch base with you!  Tell the kids HI from me!  I'd love to hear from them too!

Chess Tournament Flyer 2019-2020

This is such a fun day!!  And CFES has been VERY successful in the past!!  Please consider letting your chess student participate in this fun day of district Chess Play!   Email me if you have any questions!  
Look at the flyer and click on the bit ly at the bottom to register and order shirts and lunch from Chick-Fil-A.   


If you would like your student tested for GT services, please send an email to cecelialummus@tomballisd.net requesting testing.  I will get a permission to test form to you in the next 2 weeks.  Testing will begin in March.
**New test this year, and all testing is done on the Computer.  
Due date for testing requests is March 6th.

3rd Grade Students Showcase

Student need to remember to bring 5 items that describe their personality.  Most students forgot today!!  Please remind your student to gather these items and put them near their backpack in the morning.  
Hope to see you at the Showcase!!  9:20 in 3rd grade Mod



Ryan Nugent 

Rameen Shiraz 

Chaithra Mannepalli 

ALT: Dithya Kammilli 



Ishika Varipilli

Sana Kale

Saketh Komarigiri

ALT:  Aubrey Casserly


Ali Jafri

Layli Kasumova 

Rishi Pasam

ALT:  Tanay Joshi