Hello Cougar Families!!

I am so thrilled to be a part of your child’s Gifted learning experience. This is going to be a great learning year for all of us! I'm looking forward to lots of great projects and the chance to get to work with each of your children. Please subscribe to this website for any important newsflash reminders or updates.

Contact information:

Cecelia Lummus
GT/Math Specialist

Creekside Forest Elementary
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UIL is going STRONG!!  Keep the date Feb 25th Marked on your calendar just in case!!  We will identify the 3 per team late January....so working over these breaks might be a good idea.
1st Grade has learned all about FLUENCY with being creative. They should be good to go with making a Christmas list!  HA HA
2nd Grade has been working on the Castles Unit.  We have found castles on Maps, learned all about the parts of a castle, learned about misconceptions from our schema, and mastered SUDUKU.  We will be building castles soon out of boxes and recycled things...be collecting at home!
3rd Grade is working on a new project this year.  Personality project!  We have taken 4 personality tests and done lots of things to learn about ourselves and how others see us through our behaviors.  I'm looking to wrap this one up soon.  Showcase likely in Jan!  They will need a large Tri-board.  
4th Grade finally finished our Walks!! We are waiting to hear back from the judges on how we did.  We have started our Cultures unit and we are incorporating the Icons of Depth and Complexity this year so it is a little different from the ones in the past, but we will still have our culture fair because the kids love it!
5th Grade is deep into Mythology.  They have researched a famous Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Hawaiian, or Indian god or goddess and presented it to the class!  They did a great job and I was amazed at what these 10 and 11 year olds can do with a Google Slide Show!!  WOW!   Next we are writing our own myths, and creating their own god or goddess.  This will take a few weeks, we are hoping to showcase from 7:30 AM through Call to Greatness in the front hallway on January 5th.  BE PREPARING A COSTUME!
I will start screening Kindergarten students for testing in December.  
Please reach out if you ever have any questions or need anything!  I am so thankful that each of you share your children with me in the GT program.  I get to work with wonderful kids and families and I am THANKFUL!!    HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  

GT Updates:

1st - We have almost finished our All About Me in GT books and will be bringing those home this next week!
2nd - Finishing up our Pizza Box Biographies of Famous GT People (several have brought this home this weekend to finish!! Please finish and return by Monday)
3rd - Finished True Colors and just too the Creative Type test.  We will be making our vision boards next.
4th - We are on TRAIL!!  We are completing the Outdoor trail and finalizing our plans for submission to the Jason Project.   We hiked the trail next door on Thursday.
5th - We are finishing our Colonial Unit.  They will be showcasing for their friends on Thursday next week.  Parents do not attend this event, there will be a showcase in the Spring you will attend.  We have already started our new Mythology unit.  (Keep in mind, this is the one they will have to have a costume for...talk to them!)
GT IS SO FUN, and I'm so lucky to get to watch your incredible kids do great things everyday!  :)
UIL has started...next week we have the last two courses starting.  Chess is going, DI is strong.  Science / Math Olympiad is about to roll out, so look for those notes to come home.  
Have a great WEEKEND!!


UIL Storytelling will start next week on Thursday at 7:30.
CHESS CLUB starts next Wednesday the 5th.
UIL CHESS letters will be given out at the first Chess club and it will begin on the next Wednesday.  
The other coaches will be sending out their letters this and next week.  Please let me know if you do not receive a letter and would like to join the study group.  
SCIENCE FAIR is coming home this week!  I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE my students to do this.  This is a great extension of school that can be done at home WITH PARENTS!!  What a great way to see how your student learns and learn with them!  Be on the lookout for the SCIENCE FAIR!  Our School Fair will be on Dec. 12th.
DI was chosen today and we are thrilled about this group!  Mandatory parent meeting tomorrow at 4:30 in the library.
Robotics has not been decided yet.  I sent out an interest inventory and lots of students are interested.  Please wait for an update on Robotics.  We are trying to be more inclusive and will be making decisions soon!

GT OPEN HOUSE!!  Friday, Sept. 16th at 9:30 in the CFES Cafeteria.  This Open House is for CURRENT GT STUDENTS PARENTS.   


I have had to move dates and times quite a bit as you know there is a lot going on at our school and we are running out of time to do it all in.  
3rd Grade and 5th Grade Showcases will run at the same time in the Cafeteria on Monday, May 23rd from 9:50 - 10:20.  Parents are invited.  :)
4th grade will be in the main hallway on Monday, May 23rd from 11:00-11:45.  This is going to be an interactive Renaissance Faire.  My GT students will lead 7 different stations where you can learn all about Leonardo daVinci's teachings!   Parents are invited.  :)

3rd - 5th SHOWCASES

I am in the planning phase of Showcases for 3rd - 5th grades.  These will be open to parents and I will post dates and times when finalized.  I am planning the last week of school.   SO LOTS to work around!
They need to bring in a Trifold board that is 36 X 48.  Color does not matter as long as they are color coordinating with what goes with the topic.  They will also need to bring in 5 artifacts that go with their topic.  ALMOST ANYTHING goes here...just need some talking pieces that sit in front of the project.
4th grade:  daVincci Unit
We do a Renaissance Faire for this project and I'd love some parent help for the preparation!  DECORATIONS!  Email me if you want to help:  [email protected]   If we get a few parents we can do it quickly.  I'd also love your help with the faire!  Renaissance costumes are OPTIONAL for the GT students!!  It would be fun, but too late to require it!  
5th grade:  TRAVEL PLAN
We are planning a TRIBOARD and interactive web showcase for the 5th graders.  They will need a 28x40 triboard and dress like a Traveler...or dress to represent thier country.  They will need 5 artifacts or "talking pieces" to display from their trip!   (we will talk about this next week in class)
PLEASE HAVE TRIBOARDS HERE BY MONDAY....Class times are limited and we still have lots of planning to do.

SIGN UP FOR CAMP PERSUIT!!  GT CAMP FOR 1st - 6th Graders  June 27-30
HERE IT IS!!!  CAMP PERSUIT!!  This is going to be an AMAZING opportunity for my GT friends and I hope you all sign up!  I will be there and the theme this year is OUTSTANDING!! You will really enjoy the camp this year!  Only the first 100 students can attend.  Sign up quickly!  


Please be aware of these upcoming deadlines for the Chess Tournament and share with whoever may need this info. 


**Day of tournament registration will be $12


Volunteers get a free shirt and Chick-fil-a lunch so please make sure you fill out the volunteer form by April 13. 


Also, here is a tentative timeline of events for the day of the tournament. 

CHESS Tournament Flyer 2022

CALLING ALL CHESS PLAYERS!!!  This is going to be an event to enjoy!!  We have so many strong Chess Players and I would LOVE to see them all at this event.  Even if you are not in the Chess club, you are invited to attend!  This is for Kinder through 12th grade students!!  Top 8 in every grade-level cluster get trophies!!  And TOP SCHOOL!!  We have consistently won this tournament and I hope we continue this year!  Check out the bit.ly attached and register!!  :)  I'll see you there!


We will be taking our Chess Club Picture for the yearbook tomorrow at club.  I know the weather is going to be bad, but I have to get this picture in tomorrow.  I will also hand out the district paperwork for the district meet tomorrow!  SO, come to Chess Club!!  I can't wait to see you then!!  :)


I just finished Kindergarten testing and the scores were sent home today.  Please check backpacks!  I will be starting testing of 1st - 8th Graders in the next few weeks.  I've sent home requests to test for all parent requests and I have one more meeting with a group of teachers tomorrow.  Tomorrow should be the last day of sending home Permission to test.  If you have not received a letter, and would like your student to test for GT this year, please email me and let me know.  Please keep in mind, this is about a 4 hour test and they will miss class to test.  I will post some "study guides" that help students know what to expect on the Ability test which they will take first.