General Student Expectations

The Eight Expectations for Living
1. We will value one another as unique and special individuals.
2. We will not laugh at or make fun of a person's mistakes nor use sarcasm or put downs.
3. We will use good manners, saying please, thank you, and excuse me, and allow others to go first.
4. We will CHEER each other to success.
5. We will help one another whenever possible. IT IS ALWAYS POSSIBLE.
6. We will recognize every effort and applaud it.
7. We will encourage each other to do our best.
8. We will practice virtuous living using the Life Principles.


5th grade t shirts

Students were given a form on Friday to order a fifth grade t shirt. Please have them bring the completed form and $13 to school by Thursday, April 1.

Welcome to Creekside Forest Elementary where we are TEAMing up for Excellence each and every day! 
I wanted to share some of the campus procedures in hopes to help everyone have a smooth start and to keep communication high.  

For the safety of all students, nobody will be allowed into the building except staff. All Tomball schools will be following this procedure in an effort to ensure the safety of all students.  

The school day is from 8:40 AM-4:05 PM.  Doors will open each day at 8:10 A.M.   If your child eats breakfast at school, please be sure he/she arrives early enough to allow them time to eat and be in class by 8:40 AM.  On the first day of school, all students will report directly to their classrooms. Before entering the building, they must have a mask on.     

Please do not park or drop-off in the staff/bus parking lot.  We do not want any student injured as a school bus enters or departs the drive.  Only bus students will be allowed to enter the building from that side of the building.   l 

Children riding in cars to school will remain in their cars until directed to come in to the school in the front of the building.  ** Our CFES staff arrives on campus at 8:00 AM, therefore; for the safety of everyone, no student may be left unattended by their parent prior to 8:10 AM when the staff is on duty to receive your child from the car. Please form a single car line. Please help us prevent confusion and traffic jams by dropping-off the car-riders with the staff member on duty.   Car-rider signs are available in the front office.  Please be sure to display this sign on your car’s passenger side front dash at dismissal.  Please expect lines to be long and slower the first week of school.  To assist with traffic congestion, we will be double stacking cars at dismissal.   
Please read carefully:
 For the safety of all we request that you always drive with courtesy and caution and do the following:
•       At dismissal only, a staff member will signal cars to move forward at 4:05 PM to form the double line.  DO NOT form a second line until signaled to do so.  Creating the second line prior to 4:05 PM will block in parents who are picking students up for appointments. 
•       During high traffic times (arrival/dismissal), please do not approach from the traffic circle and enter by turning left.  Entering from this side quickly blocks the traffic circle.  Please enter from the park side, turning right. During high traffic times, please exit by turning right. Crossing on-coming cars and pedestrians may result in an accident.  
•       Do NOT use your cell phone while in the school driving zone.
•       Students will not be released to parents between 4:05-4:20  due to traffic blocking due to double stacking. 

If your child will be riding the school bus regularly, it is recommended that he/she ride the bus the first day. Please call transportation at 281-357-3193 to register your student for transportation services.  Students in Kindergarten and First Grade must be met at the afternoon bus-stop by a parent or responsible adult.  Transportation will provide forms for parents who wish to have someone other than themselves pick up their children at the drop off location.   

Students riding bicycles or walking may cross Creekside Green Drive (only at the new location) safely with our crossing guard. At dismissal, parents may wish to meet their children there to accompany them home.  Students in Kindergarten, First, and Second Grades will not be allowed to walk or ride bikes home without a parent or guardian accompanying them.   Parents of students in grades K-2 are provided with Biker/Walker ID cards (much like car-rider cards).  Students are released from the primary area near the enclosed playground. This card must be presented to the teacher before the student is released from the biker/walker area.
As a reminder, pets are not allowed on school property.

Thank you so much for always following our school procedures in an effort to keep all of our students safe. 
CFES Administration

Meet Mrs. Miller

I am so excited to begin my 28th year of teaching! I have taught 3rd-5th grades in neighboring districts, mainly Language Arts. 
 My professional experience has been teaching 3rd-5th grades, and I can't imagine myself in a better career. Enriching students learning experiences is the best job in the world! I am always searching for ways to motivate my students, so I am a teacher 24/7!
When I am not in the classroom, I am usually busy with my 3 dogs: Angel (golden retriever), Sandy (pomeranian), and Charlie (papillion). There is a lot of fur in my house!
 My main philosophy is always to treat others with the dignity and respect they deserve.
 With all our support, this will hopefully be your child's best year yet!

CFES Procedure to report an absence


  1. Online

Please report any absence electronically by emailing the Registrar , the nurse and your student’s teacher. Email must include parent’s name, child’s name, teacher's name, date(s) of absence, and reason for absence.

  1. Handwritten Note

You can handwrite or type a note and send it into school with your child. Upon receipt, the homeroom teacher will then forward the note to the main office. Please include your child’s first and last name, teacher's name, the date(s) of the absence, and the reason for the absence. (A printout of the previously sent email with your signature at the bottom may count as a parent note) 


Excused/Unexcused Absences


Absences will be classified as “excused or “unexcused.” Absences that are documented and verified for the following reasons will be classified as excused.


  • Personal Illness (with a doctor’s or parent note)
  • Serious illness or death in the immediate family
  • Medical or dental appointments (with a doctor’s note)


Absences for reasons other than those listed above will be considered unexcused.


Patricia Vintimilla

Registrar / Attendence Secretary

Creekside Forest Elementary

(281) 357 4526 X 3803


With the increase in the technology through phones and watches, we would like to make you aware of the expectations on all elementary campuses:

Cell phones shall remain silenced and in  backpacks, unless the classroom teacher authorizes use for instructional purposes.

Cell phones shall not be used during non-instructional time periods including lunch and recess.

Our preference is no cell phones or watch phones on elementary campuses due to the possibility of disruption or loss of the items.  However, if it is necessary outside the school day, it should remain in the backpack turned off.