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Last Week of School!

Last Week of School!

It has been a wonderful year teaching and spending time with your children.  We will relax and have fun the last week!

Monday: Memorial Day- No School

Tuesday: Read In- Bring favorite books from home and pillow/blanket/stuffed animals.

Wednesday: Bring a board game from home that you know how to play. Please bring a candy bar (non peanut or peanut butter) for tomorrow's game!

Thursday: Outdoor play and the party.  Parents are welcome from 11:30-12:30 for the party.

        *Early Dismissal on Thursday at 12:50

Please send your child’s backpack the entire last week.  I will be sending home extra supplies, notebooks or textbooks each day. 😊

Also, thank you to the fabulous room moms, Amy Auld and Lilian Rodriguez.  You have both worked so hard to make this a fun year for the kids and organized year for the parents (and me).  Your efforts are sincerely appreciated. Thank you also to the moms who filled Wednesday papers for me and our Watch DOG Dads who have come!

Thank you for all of the generous Christmas gifts, baby gifts, Mrs. Foitlyn gifts and teacher appreciation gifts.  Wow! I have been beyond spoiled this year. I want to say this without being tacky, but please do not send any end of the year gifts and use the money for something fun for your child!  I appreciate all of your kindness and do not need/deserve/expect anything else!! Thank you!


Week of May 21st

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend!  Things are winding down for the year so this will be a week of review!  We are done with spelling tests (yay)! All library books were due on Friday, so if you happen to still have yours please return them. 
Yearbook signing will be this Friday May 25th, so please bring your yearbook back for that.  Please have your child's name written in the book.  If you did not order a yearbook, but would like one, I believe there are a few left for sale in the front office.  Students who did not order a yearbook can have their friends sign a memory book that we will be making this week. 
No school on Memorial Day 5/28
The last day of school is Thursday 5/31.  This will be a partial day with dismissal at 12:50. Parents are welcome to the class party from 11:30-12:30.

Itchy Grass!!

Quick announcement... first grade went next door to the grass at Rob Fleming  to get out some energy while the older grades were taking STAAR! Some of the kids rolled down the hill in the grass.  I stopped them, but a lot of them were very itchy after!! They had white residue on them so we washed in the sink with soap and water. I checked with the nurse to see if I should take any further action.  Everyone was much better after they had washed and were cooled off.  No one complained or mentioned it the rest of the day, but I wanted parents to know just in case! Thanks!

Week of May 14th

Hello! I hope that everyone had a great Mother's Day weekend! Hopefully you were spoiled by your little ones! 
Please see above for a message from the coaches about field day. Our grade level color is yellow!
Check out our field trip photos in the Photo Album section of the website!
Just a reminder that on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday CFES is a closed campus to visitors and volunteers for STAAR Testing for 3rd - 5th. 
Please send all library books back (and any book bag books you might find that got left at home).  All books have to be inventoried. Please have the kids continue to read nightly with either books from home or RAZ Kids for nightly reading. 
What are we learning this week?
Reading: We are reviewing nonfiction text features and also using non fiction books to research different endangered animals. 
Word Work: We are reviewing adding inflectional endings to the end of words (s, es, ed, ing). Please see the Spelling section for sample words to practice. We have learned all of the sight words for the year, so will be reviewing those as well. 
Writing: Students will continue to write personal narratives in booklets about a small moment from their life. 
Math: We are finishing up coin counting and financial literacy.  Vocabulary to review: need, want, income, charity, save, spend. Students will take their money and financial literacy math test on Wednesday. Check student links for a few good coin websites that the students have been using.
Science: Students are continuing to learn about characteristics of different animal groups.  We talked about mammals, reptiles and birds last week.  This week we will cover fish and amphibians.
Have a great week! 

Field Day Information from the Coaches


Your child will participate in field day this week. K-2nd grade will be on Thursday from 9:30-12:30, and 3rd -5th grade will be on Friday from 9:30-12:30. Please make sure that they wear the color that their teacher has given them, and tennis shoes. Field day attire must follow the school dress code. Kindergarten lunch on Thursday is from 10:30-11:00, 1st grade from 11:00-11:30, and 2nd grade is from 11:30-12:00. On Friday, Grades 3-5 will eat after the games at 12:30. If you did not order a box lunch for your student, please be sure to send your student with a sack lunch. On Friday the cafeteria will be closed, and will not be serving the regular menu to ANY grades. Only box lunches that were pre-ordered, will be served on Friday. Please pack a lunch on Friday as well, if you did not order a box lunch.


Please make sure that your student puts on sunscreen/bug spray before they come to school. Also, send them with a water bottle and towel for picnicking at lunch. We are hoping for beautiful weather, but you never know what could happen. Unless it is storming, we will plan to go on with the day. Thank you for allowing your child to participate. We are looking forward to 2 days full of fun!


Coach Baxter & Coach V

THANK YOU!!! And Field Trip Pics Coming Soon!

Thank you so very much for all of the wonderful cards, notes, gift cards, candy, school supplies, and other beautiful thoughtful gifts!  I feel very appreciated!  I am so blessed to be able to teach your children every day.  Thank you for your support and patience this year when I was on maternity leave!  For those of you who have not heard, Mrs. Foitlyn will join the CFES 1st grade staff next year! CFES is blessed to have her! This year has flown by, just a few more weeks left!
Our field trip was a success!  The kids got to see a variety of interesting animals and learn lots of neat facts.  They got to pet a snake, lama, tortoise and other animals!  Thank you to our wonderful chaperones, Mrs. Auld and Mrs. Zerangue.  I took a ton of pictures that I will upload to the website this weekend!
Have a great weekend!

Field Trip Reminder

First of all, THANK YOU so much for all of the nice notes, candy and gift cards for Teacher Appreciation Week!  I feel very special and appreciated.  I do not expect anything at all just coming back from maternity leave!  Thank you for your kindness!
Filed Trip Lunch Reminder:
I wanted to make sure that all parents are aware that students must bring a lunch from home on Thursday..  Please have the lunch in a ziplock bag, labeled with your child's name.  Also, please send 2 water bottles that can be thrown away, also labeled with your child's name. **If you need a lunch for your child, please let me know by Wednesday morning so that the cafeteria can prep one to be ready for Thursday.  Please let me know if you have any questions regarding lunch! Our wonderful chaperones will be providing coolers with ice to keep the lunches fresh.  Thanks!

Week of May 7th

Hello! Happy Monday!
2018-2019 School Supplies:
We are getting closer to the end of school, which means that it is time to think about next year's school supplies!  If you would like to order the school supply packs, please do so using the link below! This is a great stress free option! 
Field Trip:
Don't forget our field trip is this Thursday.  Just a reminder to have your child wear a CFES shirt and pack a completely disposable lunch in a zip lock bag.  Please label the bag with your child's name.  Chaperones will have coolers to keep the lunches cool.  Also, please send 2 disposable water bottles (one for lunch and the other to drink while we walk). Please label these with your child's name as well.  Please apply any sunscreen prior to your child coming to school and hats are allowed.  We will leave promptly at 9:00 and return about 1:00.  It should be a fun day checking out exotic animals!
Field Day:
Please sign up to be a Field Day Volunteer if you are interested! 
What are we learning this week?
Word Work: Inflectional endings adding ed to make a verb past tense.
Please see the spelling section for practice words.
Reading: We are going to pick an endangered animal to research over the next 2 weeks. We will use books, magazines and the internet.  We will use our research to create a foldable project. 
Writing: We will plan and write our End of the Year personal narrative about something fun that happened in first grade. It is graded using a rubric provided by TISD. We will also use writing time to work on our endangered animal research projects.
Math: We will continue to learn about money and focus specifically this week on financial literacy.  Important vocabulary is: income, good, service, want, need, spending, saving, and giving
Science: We will learn about animal classifications and how animals have certain features that help them to survive. We will also discuss common habitats for the animal group.
A note from Ms. Dean about STAAR:
Students in grades 3, 4, and 5, will have an opportunity to show all that they’ve learned this year as they take a variety of STAAR tests.

May 14th, 2018: 3rd, 4th Math, 5th retest
May 15th, 2018: 3rd, 4th Reading
May 16th, 2018: 5th Science STAAR

Due to the security of this testing process, all parents (Kinder through 5th grade), will eat lunch with their children on other dates. Volunteers are also asked to reschedule their time. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter. Here at Creekside Forest, we have the most amazing parents who provide their time and care to volunteer and make our school a nurturing environment.

Field Trip- May 10th

For our filed trip, we will be visiting TGR Exotics on May 10th. Students will have the opportunity to see 100 exotic/interesting/endangered animals.  Here is the link to TGR, if you are interested in finding out more
-The buses will arrive in the morning and we will leave promptly at 9 am. Please make sure your child arrives to school on time that day so that he/she has time to get settled. 
- Please pack a completely disposable lunch for your child in a sealed zip lock bag, labeled with your child's name. The bags will go into coolers to keep everything fresh. Students should also bring 2 disposable, labeled water bottles. One will be for lunch time and the other will be for when we are walking around. 
- Please dress your child in a CFES shirt (any color/design is fine).  If you do not have a CFES shirt, then red will be fine also.
- Please apply sunscreen prior to your child coming, we are not allowed to.
- Students are allowed to bring hats to wear
I think that is it for now!  We will return to school about 1:00, so your child will finish out the school day at CFES. Please let me know if you have any questions.  This Friday I will contact the two parents who are selected as chaperones. Thank you for all of the interest, we have such great parents!

Hello! These last three months have flown by!  I have missed all of your wonderful children, and am excited to return.  I had my little Emma on January 30th and have just been enjoying this time with her (and my family). She has been a joy and is growing like crazy!  I cannot even begin to thank Mrs. Foitlyn for the amazing job that she has done while I have been gone.  Her sweet nature and funny personality have made her so well liked by the children!  What a blessing that she walked through our door! 
A few announcements:
- Our class field trip is May 10th.  If you have not returned your child's permission slip, please do so as soon as possible.  I am still looking for another chaperon to join us.  If you are interested, please email me and I will put your name in a drawing to take place on Friday. More information will be posted next week regarding things to pack for your child, what to wear, etc. 
- First grade will be wearing yellow for Field Day, so I wanted to make sure that you had time to pick up a yellow shirt if you did not have one. More information will be coming home soon!
Please bare with me as I get back into the groove!  

What we are learning the week of
April 30 - May 4, 2018
Word Work: 
We will be adding /ing/ to root words this week. The children should be able to “sound” out each root word, so this should be another week of great grades! Our sight words this week are: after, could, very, and where.
We will begin the week by reading Love Your Forever by Robert Munsch. Not only does this complete our Time Line unit, this book will emphasize the bond between Mother and Child. I think the children will enjoy this prelude to Mother’s Day!
The students will learn to write a new type of poem this week, the cinquain. The cinquain, inspired by the Japanese haiku, has a specific format that involves using words defined by specific rules and guidelines. This may be a challenge for some, but by the end of the week they will be poets!
Money, Money, Money! We started this unit last week which perfectly coincided with Book Fair. They loved counting their change and trying to figure out if they could buy JUST ONE MORE BOOK! Coin recognition and adding coins will be our focus this week.
Social Studies:
We’re fortunate to live in Texas as we begin our study of landforms. Texas has them all! This week, we will study lakes, plains and deserts.
     Monday is my last day with your beautiful children! It has been an honor to spend these weeks with them and to meet such wonderful parents. Your support has been overwhelming and I appreciate all your kind words and gifts.
     Mrs. Abshire is VERY ready to come back and spend the remainder of the year with these precious children.
     Thank you, again, for sharing your children with me!

April 23

Just a brief synopsis of our week:
In Spelling, we will be adding es to make a word plural.
If a word ends with sh, ch, s, x, and use es.
In Reading and Writing, we are working on Time Lines.  We will look at time lines of important people and create one of our own.  Thank you for sending the pictures!
In Math, we will complete our fractions unit and start Money on Wednesday.  They are very excited about this!
Our plants went home today and they were thrilled to see how fast our Lima Bean seeds grew.  We wrapped our bean seeds in a wet paper towel and then put them into an open baggie. These seed packets were put near and window and received just the right amount of sun.  Unfortunately, some of our seed packets were taken.  Since we each had two beans, we shared and everything worked out well.
I hope to see many moms tomorrow at Muffins with Moms.  Please come by any time to view our Book Fair!
Thank you,

What we are learning the week of
April 16 - April 20, 2018
Word Work: 
Our Spelling Words this week will contain /s/ to make words plural. The ones that we’re using as practice are: bugs, chips, gifts, trucks, shells, frogs, dads, cones, gates, cubes, rules, homes.
Since Earth Day is Sunday, April 22, we will read The Great Kapok Tree. This is a fictional story about the Amazon Rain Forest but includes many interesting facts. As the children listen to the story, I will encourage deeper comprehension as they ask themselves why this book is so important.
We begin our student of fractions by looking at equal and non-equal parts. They will learn the term “fair share” and how we use fractions every day.
We will continue watching our seeds grow and bring them home this week.
Social Studies:
The class will read non-fiction text about Earth Day and will complete several projects around this theme.
Upcoming Events:
April 19: The First Grade Spring Musical. The students will perform during the day at 9:00 and in the evening at 6:00. More information to follow.
April 23 - 27: CFES Book Fair in the school Library
April 24: Book Fair “Muffins With Moms” in the cafeteria
If you ever have questions or concerns, please email me at
or call my cell phone at 713-858-7555.