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I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to be teaching 1st grade this year.  It is going to be an amazing year full of growth and learning.  I am excited to work as a team to highlight your child's strengths and help them have a successful first-grade year!  This will be my 11th year teaching and my 2nd year as a full-time teacher at Creekside.  I love starting a fresh school year and getting to know my students.  I can't wait to get started!
 Please contact me any time with questions or concerns by phone or email.  
With excitement and anticipation,
Meredith Bohnert
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Recent Posts


I can't believe we are in our last full week of first grade!  Today we did a lot of math review before our end of the year benchmark.  It will come home in the Wednesday folder tomorrow.  We are still working on our animal research.  Our class is doing a balloon pop to countdown of our last days together.  So far they have earned a movie, free morning recess, and tomorrow they get some arts and crafts time.  
In case you haven't heard, I will not be teaching next year.  I will be substitute teaching though, so I I am excited that I will get to see the kids next year.  I will also be tutoring over the summer and next school year if you are interested.
Reminder:  We will sign yearbooks on Friday.  
I hope to see you at the end of year party on Thursday, May 31 at 11:30.  
I will be attending my son's 8th grade ceremony followed by my daughter's 5th grade ceremony, followed by MY FAVORITE FIRST GRADERS leaving me, so let me just apologize in advance for a teary, make-up smeared face!!!  I will do my best to keep it together!  Ohhhhhh, how I love these kids so much!
Have a great week!  Soak up all of your last-minute free time!
Meredith Bohnert


I forgot to do my Monday post!  This week we are finishing up our financial literacy unit in math.  We will have a test on FRIDAY.  We are polishing some of our writing to make it our BEST and students are working on researching the endangered animal of their choice!  We are also finding time for a little fun!  We've had extra recess, time at the park, our game days and a popsicle party!  
We are reviewing spelling words in class, but let's be done with spelling tests, don't you think? ;-)
Tomorrow is FIELD DAY so send your child in a YELLOW shirt with their lunch packed (unless you pre-ordered one from the cafeteria).  Don't forget sunscreen and a hat!  It will be hot!
YEARBOOKS - We have decided the sign them next Friday, May 25th.  If you did not purchase a yearbook, we will make an autograph book for signing.  Also, if you purchased TWO yearbooks, but only got one, could you let me know?  THANK YOU!

Field Day etc.

I told the kids we could do GAME TIME again tomorrow since we still will not have specials and many forgot their games today.  They did a TREMENDOUS job playing together nicely.  See the detailed note below about FIELD DAY on THURSDAY.


Your child will participate in field day this week. K-2nd grade will be on Thursday from 9:30-12:30, and 3rd -5th grade will be on Friday from 9:30-12:30. Please make sure that they wear the color that their teacher has given them,(YELLOW) and tennis shoes. Field day attire must follow the school dress code. Kindergarten lunch on Thursday is from 10:30-11:00, 1st grade from 11:00-11:30, and 2nd grade is from 11:30-12:00. On Friday, Grades 3-5 will eat after the games at 12:30. If you did not order a box lunch for your student, please be sure to send your student with a sack lunch. On Friday the cafeteria will be closed, and will not be serving the regular menu to ANY grades. Only box lunches that were pre-ordered, will be served on Friday. Please pack a lunch on Friday as well, if you did not order a box lunch.


Please make sure that your student puts on sunscreen/bug spray before they come to school. Also, send them with a water bottle and towel for picnicking at lunch. We are hoping for beautiful weather, but you never know what could happen. Unless it is storming, we will plan to go on with the day. Thank you for allowing your child to participate. We are looking forward to 2 days full of fun!


Coach Baxter & Coach V


Thank you so much for all of the wonderful hand written cards, gift cards and lovely gifts!  You really know how to make a teacher feel appreciated!  I hope you know how much I LOVE each and every one of your children!  I am so proud of them and all that they have accomplished!
Monday is a STAAR Testing day so we will not have specials.  I told the kids that they can bring a board game or card game for Monday if they would like.  We will spend our specials time having fun playing games with friends!
Reminder that FIELD DAY is next THURSDAY, May 17th.  Our color is YELLOW and students may wear hats and sunscreen.  It will a hot, but super fun day!
Have Mother's Day to all of you wonderful moms who have worked so hard to raise these beautiful, smart, polite, respectful children!  Enjoy your special day!


REMINDER:  Our Field Trip is this Thursday.  Just a reminder to have your child wear a CFES shirt and pack a completely disposable lunch in a zip lock bag.  Please label the bag with your child's name.  Chaperones will have coolers to keep the lunches cool.  Also, please send 2 disposable water bottles (one for lunch and the other to drink while we walk). Please label these with your child's name as well.  Please apply any sunscreen prior to your child coming to school and hats are allowed.  We will leave promptly at 9:00 and return about 1:00.  It should be a fun day checking out exotic animals!
Field Day is NEXT Thursday, May 17th and our color is YELLOW.
This week in First Grade:
Word Work: Inflectional endings adding ed to make a verb past tense.
Example Words: acted, baked, smelled, boxed, called, coded,  filled, dated, drilled, wished, hiked, bumped, smiled, looked, missed
Sight words: how, now, down
Reading: We are going to pick an endangered animal to research over the next 2 weeks. We will use books, magazines and the internet.  We will use our research to create a foldable project. 
Writing: We will plan and write our End of the Year personal narrative about something fun that happened in first grade. It is graded using a rubric provided by TISD. We will also use writing time to work on our endangered animal research projects.
Math: We will continue to learn about money and focus specifically this week on financial literacy.  Important vocabulary is: income, good, service, want, need, spending, saving, and giving
Science: We will learn about animal classifications and how animals have certain features that help them to survive. We will also discuss common habitats for the animal group.
Social Studies: We will finish our landforms.


The kids had a great time celebrating 100 points with their DANCE PARTY!  When the lights were off, they were ready to show their cool moves!  They also loved having their stuffed animal buddies with them all day!
We are getting so excited for our field trip next Thursday.  Thank you for turning in the Field Trip form ASAP.  I just need 7 more.  Please email if you need an extra copy.  Reminders for the MAY 10th Field Trip: 
Please send TWO disposable bottles of water (one in their lunch)
Please send a lunch in a disposable bag with student's name on it
Apply sunscreen ahead of time
Apply bug spray ahead of time
From Coach Baxter:


We really need field day volunteers for both Thursday, May 17th & Friday, May 18th. Please follow the link below and sign up to help!

From Ms. Dean:

Students in grades 3, 4, and 5, will have an opportunity to show all that they’ve learned this year as they take a variety of STAAR tests.   

 May 14th, 2018:  3rd, 4th Math, 5th retest

May 15th, 2018: 3rd, 4th Reading

May 16th, 2018: 5th Science STAAR

Due to the security of this testing process, all parents (Kinder through 5th grade), will eat lunch with their children on other dates. Volunteers are also asked to reschedule their time. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter. Here at Creekside Forest, we have the most amazing parents who provide their time and care to volunteer and make our school a nurturing environment.


This week in first grade:
Our class has earned 100 points again!  They voted to bring a stuffed animal and have a "dance party."  We will do this on Wednesday.
I have started a new game of "Beat the Teacher" as an incentive to earn rewards for the last month of school.  I'm hoping to see improved behavior with this final push through May!
This week we will be working on finishing up our timelines.  Thanks for sending in those pictures last week!  
In reading we will be reading stories and practicing retelling, character traits and making connections.  I am testing individual students on their reading levels, so I will not be meeting with Reading Groups.
In Writing we will be writing our own cinquain poems.
For word study we will be working on the inflectional ending -ing.
In math we will continue to learn about coins and counting and comparing values of a group of coins.  
In social studies we will be learning about the different types of landforms.  

Work Work:

Sight Words: where, could, very 

base word


new word














































*Please remember to get the Field Trip permission slips turned in.  Thanks to those who already returned it!
If you are doing any Spring Cleaning or shopping any clearance sales, we could use some more goodies for the TREASURE BOX.  It is their favorite reward by far!  THANK YOU!
Have a great week!
Meredith Bohnert


Tomorrow (Tuesday) is Muffins with Mom at 7:30 am. There will be pastries in the cafeteria and the book fair will be open for shopping! Please join us! 
We will go as a class to the book fair on Thursday at 9:30 am. You can send money with your child then, or you can send it any day and I will send them. You can also come shop with them any day during lunch, or Thursday until 6pm! 
This week in First Grade:
We are again integrating reading, writing and social studies as we learn about TIMELINES! 
I am still missing timeline pictures from 8 families.  If you could send those in by Wednesday at the latest, that would be great!
In Math we are taking our test tomorrow on Geometry and Fractions.  I am sending home an optional study guide.  If students complete it, they will get fuzzies.  We have reviewed several different ways in class as well.  For the rest of the week we will be starting a unit on financial literacy and begin by focusing on the value of coins. 
Work Work:
This week we are practicing plurals with -es
Sight words: knew, don't, saw
Brainstormed words:
benches, branches, churches, inches, dishes, rashes, buses, gases, classes, foxes, mixes, boxes
Book Orders!  The flier went home in Wednesday folders.  If you choose to order...

Order Due Date - Monday, April 30th.

1. Go to

2. Enter our one-time Class Activation Code. (QBGD7)

3. Shop and submit your child's book order.

4. Your books will be delivered directly to the classroom.



This week in first grade:
For Reading, Writing and Science we will be talking about Earth Day and completing activities about the book The Great Kapok Tree.
In Math we are learning about fractions!
Word Work: We are learning how to make nouns plural by adding -s.
bugs, chips, gifts, trucks, shells, frogs, dads, cones, cubes, rules, homes
Sight words: two, many, more
We are excited about our Music Program this Thursday, April 19th.  I hope to see everyone there!
Thank you to those of you who have sent in pictures for the timeline.  If you could get them in by the end of this week, that would be great!
Thank you!
Have a great week!

Two Things

1. In 2 weeks we are going to start a timeline unit for Social Studies.  Students will create a timeline of their life.  Please send in THREE pictures of only your child at your earliest convenience.  
a baby picture
a toddler picture
a current picture
2.  I could use some help in the classroom doing simple tasks... cutting, stapling, etc. and in the afternoon working with students on math facts.
Please email if you are interested!
Thank you as always!  


We have a busy week! The STAAR test is on Tuesday and Wednesday for the upper grades, so the campus will be closed to visitors. Tomorrow, we will have a change in schedule.  We will have specials at 8:45 and lunch at 12:15. Please make sure to send your child with a good morning snack. 
Our music program is coming up next week on April 19th! Please make plans to attend the evening performance. If you are not subscribed to Mrs. Fender's site you might want to do that for reminders! 
We will have a field trip next month on May 10 to TGR Exotics right here in Spring! We are very excited! 
This week in first grade:
Reading:  We are continuing to focus on author's craft studying Mo Willems
Writing: We are so excited to write our own books using Mo Willems' style!
Math: We are learning about 3-d solids
Science: We are beginning to study plants
Word Work: This week we will review ALL the long vowel words.  Our dictation sentences will count for a Writing Major Grade.
Important Dates:
April 10th and 11th NO VISITORS in the building
April 19 - Music Program 9:30am, 6:30pm
April 23rd (all week) Book Fair
April 24th Muffins with Mom 7:30am
May 17th FIELD DAY
*This is the time of year that it's so important to focus on positive behaviors.  Please remind your child to be respectful in class.  Be sure to check red folders.  There has been an increase in conduct marks (mostly) due to students being off-task or interrupting repeatedly during instructional time.
THANK YOU!  Have a great week!


This week in first grade:

Reading: We are studying author Mo Willems to prepare to write our own version of one of his books next week.
Writing: We are learning the 4 types of sentences: interrogative, declarative, imperative and exclamatory.
Math: We started our new unit on shapes.
Social Studies: We continue to work on maps.

Word Work

Sight Words: because, out, use, your
-ube -ute -une -ume -uge -ule -use
cube cute tune fume huge mule  use
tube flute prune   luge rule fuse
lube mute dune        
Have a great week!


A few quick reminders:
1. The Egg Drop is tomorrow!  Our bad weather back-up plan is to meet outside the front of the building where the car riders are dropped off.  That way we can be under cover and parents still don't need to worry about signing in at the front office.  
2. There is a math test review in red folders.  Students did the first one in class which was measuring with cubes.  The test will be tomorrow.
3. Long o Spelling Test is tomorrow.
Happy Easter!