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 Dear Parents,
I am honored to be a part of your child’s learning experience in 4th grade. This website will tell you a little about me and some important information for our school year. Please subscribe to this website for any important newsflash reminders or updates.

I look forward to getting to know your child.  These first few days are most important.  I value parent involvement and encourage you to partner with me to make this the most successful year for you child.  

Thank you,
Casey Morrow
281-357-4526 x 3850

Conference Period:


Recent Posts

Tomorrow is PICTURE DAY!  Students will be participating in our class photo along with individual spring photos at 9:15 am.  Envelopes came home a few weeks ago and I have collected those that have been returned.  Thank you!

Long Weekend

This short week flew by!  We had our Valentine’s Day party, 100th day of school, and our Creekfest pep rally. Next week I’ll share a photo of our Run the Creek flag.  It’s full of “Things” that are smart and amazing!

The kindness rocks will be set into motion over the next week.  I have put mod podge on them to make them last longer.  Our goal is to put them somewhere to make someone else’s day! It can be in your neighborhood, at a friend’s house, or around our school.  There is no wrong way to spread kindness!

Our week  coming up :

Reading- We will continue with Nonfiction text features.  We learn how they help a reader locate important information, they aren’t just for decoration, they serve an important purpose.

Writing- We  have begun our Expository book reports.  We will spend each day locating specific details that make our book THE BOOK that students should be reading.  This is the project where we investigate our book with an “infomercial” lens.  We continually discussing how can we convince our reader to pass up every other book the library, and choose the one that we are using.  It is our job to sell this book DANCE details.  Let me say, these kiddos are pretty convincing!  

Social Studies-. We will begin a Vocabulary project revolving around our Government and Constitution.  This project will be done in class only! It will carry us into the end of the 3rd 9 weeks.  It will be due on Friday, March 2nd.  We will do our presentations on that day!

Math-. We are wrapping up our unit on Measurement.  We will review on Tuesday and test on Wednesday.  Many graded math assignments have come home with corrections.  Please review these questions along with additional resources in Google Classroom.  Our next unit is a quick one and it covers Elapsed time.  Take some time this weekend to practice telling time, notice how long tasks take (start to finish, how much time went by?).  I may practice this one with my children cleaning their rooms!

Science- We are continuing with our Weather Map reports.  This week students will have a choice of how to present.  They can present to me, to a small group, on a Screencastify video, or to the whole class.  It’s been a great week to watch and report our current weather here in The Woodlands.  Our new unit leads us into exploring Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition.  We’ll add a few labs in this week to identify what happens to the Earth’s surface when erosion occurs.  Students are beginning to connect our learning to real world examples like Niagara Falls (close to my hometown!), and the Grand Canyon.  Please share any photos you might have from a family trip of an example of weathering.  We love to make those connections!



Reading: 30 minutes nightly reading/ 120 minutes for the week. Our goal is to finish The One and Only Ivan by Friday.

Writing: Study Spelling List and Vocab. Vocab quiz is Thursday this week.

Math:  Review Slip

Important reminders for this week:

This Friday is the day the kiddos have been waiting for…

GO TEXANS day!!!

We will be boot scootin’ and square dancing from


I love watching them dance and prance around!

I know they secretly love it too!

Now for a little quick check in about 4th grade life this time of year!

As January roars past, I find this time of year to be important.  It’s the time when we begin to transition to being “almost 5th graders.”  It’s when the content and pace of our week ramps up.  So, I’ve spent the past two weeks reinforcing the expectations of our classroom.  This week was a focus on kindness and it truly made a huge difference on how we all felt toward one another and about ourselves.

I’m proud of the work and effort I’m seeing of this fine group of students.  I’m challenging them daily, holding them to high standards, and watching them RISE to meet those expectations.  I continue to teach them that mistakes are important.  Each mistake that we make, be it in math, in friendships, or just in our daily routine, teaches us something.  We learn and we grow each and every time.  

Take time this weekend to celebrate your child/children.  This weekend my “baby” turns 13.  Time does fly by.  Remember, no school on Monday 2/19.

Happiness and Hugs,

Casey Morrow

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!
We had a fun afternoon of eating treats, exchanging valentines, and making kindness rocks!  Thank you to our room moms for organizing this day for us.  A special thank you to Tatiana, Regina's mom, for designing our class flag for Run the Creek!  You'll see our smart and amazing "Things" flying at Run the Creek.
Today, Wednesday folders are coming home.  You'll find conduct reports to sign along with the Spring Writing Benchmark scores.  


Last week the students took their District Writing Benchmark.  There were two parts to this test:

  1. Expository Writing Piece
  2. Revising and Editing Questions

The test that was given was actually a released STAAR Test, so overall I was extremely pleased with the results!  I know some of the kiddos are very discouraged by the scores they received.  I want to reassure you (and them) that I still have a lot left to teach them before the actual test on April 10th.  

Your child will receive a slip of paper that has grades for both parts of the test.  I averaged those together for one daily grade for writing.  Please sign the slip of paper and return it to me, so I know you are aware of these grades.

Important Reminders:

Spelling Test and Math HW are due tomorrow

No School Friday 2/16


Thank you and enjoy your night!


Casey Morrow


Spring is in the air!  We have lima beans sprouting on the window sill and there are shoots of green peeking out from the grass on the playground.  I can’t wait for spring temps to return for good.

Thanks to ALL who created kindness posters.  I was blown away by the creativity and pure heartfelt thought that went into making them.  Our school halls are filled with inspiration!  Another big thank you to our room mom, Tatiana, as she has taken on our Run the Creek flag project.  

Our week  coming up :

Reading- We will begin introducing Nonfiction text features.  We learn how they help a reader locate important information, they aren’t just for decoration, they serve an important purpose.

Writing- We started publishing today our poems today.  I am allowing the students time to finish on Monday.  This is for a major grade!  We are moving on in writing  and our new unit will include an Expository Book Report.  On Monday each student will choose a book (from my library) to take through the writing process.  We will be focusing on writing thesis statements and supporting it with 2 claims about the book.  This project is by far one of my faves! This is where we really see the personality and voice make its way into our writing.  I cannot wait to get started!

Social Studies-. Most student are finished with The Railroad Boom summaries.  If not, they will wrap it up this week.  Due to the short week will will not start a new unit until the following week.  

Math- We have started conversions in measurement and it will be our focus for next week too. I encourage you to help your child this weekend by: practicing estimating units by reading their drink labels or cereal box labels, or when they pick something up think about the weight or mass, etc…  .Feel free to talk and incorporate this into making dinner, lunches, sports, and much more!

Science-. We will finish our weather maps on Monday and then begin our next unit on Weathering and Erosion.  More information will follow next week, but listen for lots of hands on experiments as we connect our real world to our in class learning.

RAKS- Random Acts of Kindness week begins next week!  Here’s what we’ll be doing in school:

Monday: Make someone smile today!

Tuesday: Take time to help in your neighborhood!

Wednesday: Write a thank you note to someone!

Thursday: Think of others, what is something thoughtful you can do at school? Home? community?


Math- review slip

Reading - Read for 30 mins each night

Spelling- List 18 - test Friday

Vocabulary - Unit 6 (review week)

Important dates:

Valentine’s Day party 2/14 2:30-3:30 pm

No school 2/16 and 2/19

Spring Photos - (class/individual) 2/20:

Good afternoon,

I've returned from a memorable, snowy trip up north to a very happy class!  I was thrilled to hear how kind and hard working they all were while I was away.  Here are a few important pieces of information for the week ahead:

Wednesday Folders:  These come home tomorrow.  There will be a conduct report to sign.  The other 4th grade classes will be returning their Writing Benchmark scores.  Since I am new to the district, I am attending a training on Friday afternoon that will teach me how to calibrate my scoring with the district and my team.  Please know that I will send these scores home next week in Wednesday folders and they will need to be signed and returned.  Thank you!

RUN THE CREEK:  The blank flag is here!  I am in need of a volunteer to take over this artistic, creative project for our class.  In past years, flags have a theme, represent all the students in the class, and were unique.  If you're interested, please email me.  I certainly would appreciate someone taking on this special, time honored project.  Flags are due February 15th.  Thank you!

Homework this week:

Reading HW: Book Club Reading (if needed), Read for 30 Minutes

Writing: Study Spelling List 17- test Friday and Vocab. Unit 5- quiz Thursday!

Math: Review slip - show work on separate sheet


Important reminders for this week:

* Randoms Acts of Kindness posters:

If your family is making a poster we would love to have them by Friday, February 9th.  We have already started hanging them up! We are spreading kindness like confetti all through the halls of CFES!

*Kindness Rocks projects: We will be doing this project on February 12th and we now have plenty of supplies!  Thank you for your generosity.  Just think of how your kindness will spread as these rocks are created and found around campus.

Here is a note about Creekfest:

Greetings, CFES families! The Creekside Forest PTO will be hosting a Silent Auction during our annual fundraiser, Creekfest. Thanks to the generosity of our students, parents and community partners, the Silent Auction has been a great success over the past several years.

Every grade level will have theme baskets featured in the auction. We are inviting each student to donate an item or items that correlate with their grade level theme. The PTO team will assemble baskets with the donated items, and auction them off during Creekfest. 

While your participation in this is not required, we greatly appreciate your help in making this year’s Silent Auction a success.

We have created signup genius links  for each grade to help provide ideas for donations so the contents of our baskets are robust and balanced, and to avoid duplicate contributions. The signup will include blank slots for those of you who like to be creative! The themes and links for each grade are as follows:

KindergartenSummer Fun, Barbie, Hot Wheels and Hatchimals/LOL. Link: Kindergarten Theme Baskets

First Grade: LEGO Friends, American Girl, Shopkins and Super Heroes. Link: First Grade Theme Baskets

Second Grade: Arts & Crafts, Movie Night, Minecraft and LEGO Star Wars. Link: Second Grade Theme Baskets

Third Grade: Backyard Fun, Harry Potter, Family Game Night and STEM Toys. Link: Third Grade Theme Baskets

Fourth Grade: Electronic Games, Star Wars, Sports and SLIME! Link:  Fourth Grade Theme Baskets

Fifth Grade: Gift Cards (including restaurants, department stores, local boutiques, Amazon, Fandango, and many more!) Link:   Fifth Grade Theme Baskets

Please send your donations to school with your child by February 17th, so we have ample time to make any remaining purchases and assemble all the amazing auction baskets!

Thank you for your participation in this fun event to raise money for our school! 


Julie Bridenstine

Call/text: 713.594.6068 or email: 


Have a wonderful evening!!

Casey Morrow

Heartfelt THANKS to each and every student today....

Today the class surprised me with a birthday party, cupcakes, and gifts.  I am overwhelmed and so blessed by their kindness.  Thank you for making me feel so appreciated.  My favorite gift was the seven times throughout the morning when the whole class sang Happy Birthday.  Yes, 7 times!  THANK YOU to our incredible Room Moms for organizing this!


A little bragging about benchmark business:

I must compliment these 4th grade writers this week.  I am extremely  proud of the effort they put into our rigorous benchmark.  I saw them using revising and editing strategies on their writing portion.  They were proving their answers in the Revising and Editing section.  They all worked hard and should be proud of themselves!  We will be analyzing the data together over the next several weeks.  I will be pulling each student individually to go over the scores.  The students will make corrections, if necessary, set goals, and reflect on the strategies they used or should be using.


Our week  coming up :

Reading- We will wrap up our poetry unit and continue with our One and Only Ivan book clubs.  

Writing- We are finishing up drafting and moving on to the publishing portion.  These will be finished by next Friday.

Social Studies-.We are still summarizing nonfiction text with our Social Studies Weekly  newspapers.  This week’s newspaper will be covering The Railroad Boom.

Math- We are working on the Metric Units in Measurement.  Be sure to find examples at home that are Real World examples.  This helps tremendously with this unit.

Science- We are creating weather maps!  This is such a fun part of this unit.  Students will be using all of the weather symbols to create their own weather forecast.  The week will conclude with live weather forecasts presented by our classmates.




Reading HW: Book Club Reading (if needed), Read for 30 Minutes

Writing: Study Spelling List 17- test Friday and Vocab. Unit 5- quiz Thursday!

Math: Review slip - show work on separate sheet


Important reminders for this week:

* Randoms Acts of Kindness posters:

If your family is making a poster we would love to have them by Friday, February 9th.  We have already started hanging them up! We are spreading kindness like confetti all through the halls of CFES!

*Kindness Rocks projects: we will be doing this project the week on February 12th also. Thank you for all the supplies that have already been donated.  We are excited to kick off our R.A.K. week.  Thanks for all the paint donations!!  We really need some ROCKS!  

On a personal note, I will be out of town this weekend and will return on Tuesday. I am flying home to Buffalo, NY to see my family.  It's been since August that we were together.  If you need me, I will check email, so please reach out at any time.

Thank you again for making this a special day!!

Casey Morrow

FULL Wednesday folders!

Today is Wednesday folder day and they are brimming with papers!  The 3 week progress reports have been run and will be coming home.  You will notice that Social Studies does not have a grade posted yet. We will wrap up our reading and SS unit at the beginning of next week. We lost 2 instructional days due the weather conditions, as well as 2 instructional days for our Writing Benchmark.  If you have any questions, please let me know.
Please sign and return the progress report and conduct report.  You'll also find a class list for making Valentines along with the class party time of 2:30-3:30.  I hope you can join us.  The order form for class photos is in the folder as well!
Thank you for your continued support!  ​
Casey Morrow

Here are a few reminders for our week:
  • We are in need of pencils.  Thanks to Mrs. Lukie for sending some in today!  We go through multiple boxes a week so please think of us if you're out shopping.  I can't thank you enough.
  • Club pictures will be taken tomorrow (Wednesday).  Students may bring a change of clothes if need be.
  • Book orders for Mr. Steve Swinburne are due tomorrow.  I ordered Ocean Soup and Turtle Scientist for our classroom!
  • Writing Benchmark - Day 2 tomorrow.  Please send a snack and water.  Students are off to a great start!
  • HW- Math review slips came home Monday.  All work is to be done on a separate sheet.  We will have our List 16 spelling test on Friday.
  • Check out this website for more information regarding the Super Blue Blood Moon January 31st!  
The fourth grade team has decided we want our students to make "Kindness Rocks."  They will hide these rocks at Rob Fleming Park, around our school, and even in their neighborhoods.  It would be GREAT if each kiddo could have 2-3 rocks to decorate.  Here are the supplies we need:
  • flat rocks (can be found at Michael's, Hobby Lobby, or possibly Wal Mart)
  • thin sharpies (any colors)
  • acrylic paint (any vibrant colors)
Let's help make this world see kindness everywhere they look!
Thank you!
Casey Morrow

Fabulous Friday!

It’s a Fabulous Friday Fourth Grade Families,

We did it!  This was a week of celebrations for us.  We were all present, healthy, and super productive!!  I’m so proud of this group and their effort and enthusiasm towards learning.  Let’s keep up the great work next week as we round out the month of January.  

Our week  coming up :

Reading- We are continuing with poetry. We are applying it in our own writing, and looking through the author’s lens!  Book Clubs are underway and I’m hearing active, engaged discussions, deep thinking about Ivan’s thoughts, and LOTS of attention to new vocabulary.  Ivan uses BIG words!  If you haven’t read The One and Only Ivan, I’d highly recommend it.  Ask your child to bring home their book some night and share their thinking with you.  It’s amazing how much they are taking away from each chapter.

Writing- We are about ready to draft our poems.  We will more than likely carry our publishing into the following week. We have used the following forms of figurative language: onomatopoeia, hyperboles, similes, metaphors, and alliteration! I even used some alliteration in this post! Can you find it?

Social Studies-.We are summarizing Nonfiction text with our Social Studies Weekly  newspapers.  

Math- We are starting our new unit on measurement.  We’ll begin by exploring what the purpose of standard units of measurement are for.  Students will learn about the customary and metric systems and how they relate to each other.  We’ll also be providing lots of real world examples to examine, reference, and compare throughout the unit.  This is a fun, hands-on unit!

Science- Today, we will began our Science unit about weather.  Students will learn all about weather patterns, how to read weather maps and how to predict future weather patterns.  I’d love it if your child could “catch the weather report” on the news some evening and share with us a current weather report the next day.  These kids LOVE to present information to their classmates!  Students will be using all of this new information to create their own weather map.


Homework: HW this week is to Study Spelling, Vocabulary and complete the math HW.  Math HW will be the strip of review problems.  Students will show their work on a separate piece of paper.

Important reminders for this week:

*We will have our WRITING BENCHMARK this Tuesday (1/30) and Wednesday (1/31).  It will be one test. The test will consist of 1 Expository writing prompt and also revising and editing passages. In order to prepare these young author’s for the April 10th STAAR Writing test, we will be implementing a 4 hour testing window.  This is the allotted time for the actual test.  We are using this to help the students see how to manage their time and work through the process as efficiently as possible. We have been writing our little hearts out and I am confident in their ability!

* Randoms Acts of Kindness posters: It isn’t too late! If your family would like to make a poster for our service project just send me an email.  You are welcome to make more than one, I am excited to see them.

** We are running low on a few school supplies.  If you happen to be out and can send in an item, we'd appreciate it!  We are in need of: tissues, pencils, colored pencils and pink pearl erasers.  Thank you!

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend.  It’s the start of baseball and softball season in our house.  Let the fun begin!  

Warm wishes,

Casey Morrow

Author Visit!

Yesterday we had Steve Swinburne join us! He is a children's book author from Vermont. Students and staff were mesmerized by his captivating spirit, fun stories, silly songs and especially by his books. Here's a video clip from the end of his visit as he sang us back to class. We were really fortunate to have him share his unique skills with us. Ask your child about how he gets his ideas for writing and make sure they tell you about the bear! I will post the link to his website and also send out an order form for his books. We have some autographed copies here at school. Happy Reading!

Random Acts of Kindness


We are excited to announce that for the second year in a row, 4th grade will be leading the way to help with random acts of kindness.  Random Acts of Kindness (or RAK) Week will be February 12-16, 2018.  

In order to prepare for this event, we are asking for volunteers to create posters.  These posters will be displayed throughout our school, so we want them to look AMAZING!  That’s where you and your sweet kiddos can help.  If you and your family are willing to create a poster, please email me, and I will send a poster board home on Friday, January 26th.  Remember that this is NOT a requirement, but it could be an amazing family project!  

The poster should contain pictures, words, or ANYTHING to remind others of the importance of being kind.  Feel free to find quotes or pictures on the internet.  You can add/use any materials such as yarn, glitter, paint, markers, and the list goes on and on. Please have your child return the poster to school by February 5, 2018. Happy decorating!!


Casey Morrow

Modified homework, Wednesday folders and Report Cards tomorrow

Welcome back…. again!   After two snow days, I’m ready to get back to work.  I hope everyone is rested and well.

Homework (modified)  for this week:

Poetry homework prompt is now our Morning Work this week and will be completed in class.  

Spelling: List 15, went in planners today and we will test NEXT FRIDAY!

Vocab: Unit 14 , we started it today and will quiz NEXT FRIDAY (not Thursday like usual).

Also, we will send our Wednesday folders and Report Cards home TOMORROW!  Please sign and return report cards by Monday, January 22nd.  

3rd 9 weeks at a glance:

Math:  Finishing up our fractions unit (comparing fractions with unlike denominators, adding and subtracting fractions, decomposing fractions), Measurement Unit (choosing appropriate units of measurement, converting units of measurement, elapsed time), Finally, Geometry Unit-beginning it and will complete it in the last 9 weeks (Identifying types of lines and angles, classifying quadrilaterals and triangles).

Science: wrap up our soil unit and move into natural resources (renewable, nonrenewable, and the 3 R's-reduce, reuse, and recycle), learn about weather by reading weather maps, creating weather maps, predicting weather, and becoming meteorologists, review the water cycle and how the sun drives the water cycle

And finally look at changes to the Earth's surface through weathering, erosion, and deposition.

SS: Our Social Studies unit centers on the Westward movement in the United States and it’s impact on Texas during the 19th century.  Students will focus on the cattle industry, ranching, and living on the frontier as we compare life after the railroad boom.  Finally, we’ll uncover the details about the Civil War.

Reading: We are immersed in poetry and we will continue with this unit while starting Book Clubs with The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate.  We’ll move into our unit on using comprehension strategies to evaluate nonfiction texts.  Along with the reader’s workshop model, students will be practicing with reading passages similar to ones that they will see on the STAAR assessment.

Writing: Our writer’s workshop continues with poetry writing.  Students will develop skills in figurative language including alliteration, personification, idioms, similes and metaphors, hyperboles and imagery.  Students will learn about point of view as they read and write poetry.

Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns as our year continues.  I love hearing from you!  Enjoy your evening.


Casey Morrow

No School Monday 1/15

Happy Friday!  We made it through this super short week. Just a reminder that we don’t have school on Monday because it is Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  Enjoy your day off!

Our plans for next week:

Reading - Our Poetry Unit is up and running!  The students really enjoyed getting started with our Poetry Unit.  It’s fun to watch them learn new things and try out different writing techniques.  The kids received a poetry spiral and everything will be added to it.  We have notes, examples, and all of our thinking in one great space.  We will continue to read and analyze poems, share poems aloud, and write poetry next week!

Writing - We began our “Poetry Nuggets,” and the kids are really excited to write poetry!  In our poetry spirals we wrote that these are “Things from our heart, our life, our mind!”  We will continue this type of writing for the next two weeks.  

Social Studies -  We introduced our unit entitled, “Moving West,” by reading journal entries from a boy named Jake that traveled from Alabama to Texas in 1855.  This week, the students will receive a newspaper called Texas Studies Weekly.  They will read about, “The Texas Frontier,” and complete a crossword and questions about this time period.

Math- We will build on our learning of comparing fractions and learn how to decompose fractions, add and subtract fractions by using number lines, fraction strips, and modeling.  Homework will be a “strip” of review problems.  Students will complete the problems on a sheet of paper and turn them in on Friday.  Encourage your child to look back on Google Classroom to review concepts previously learned when needed.  I’m happy to help before school as well!

Science- Our classroom is alive with growing plants!  Students created a lab to test different types of soil to see which type would best support the growth of plants.  Let’s hope these little lima beans grow!  Next week we’ll continue with natural resources.  Students will investigate the differences between renewable and non-renewable resources, and how to reduce, reuse and recycle.  

Homework -  Read 30 minutes nightly (or any combination of 120 minutes, since I only ask them to read 4 nights a week.) Spelling List 15 - Test on Friday; Review Vocabulary Unit 4 - Test NEXT Thursday.  I added a poetry writing prompt into Google Classroom.  They are welcome to do it on regular notebook paper or online, but they must press the “turn in” button in Google Classroom when they are done.  Math will be to complete the review problems on a separate sheet of paper.


Casey Morrow

Happy New Year! Welcome 2018

Happy New Year!  I hope you all had a wonderful break with your family.  My family and I enjoyed Christmas at home and took a trip for New Year's Eve to Universal Studios in Florida.  It was an incredible vacation for all of us as we are big Harry Potter fans.  I think I may have cast more spells and requested hot butter beer more than my children did!  Overall, it was a great start to the New Year and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!

Monday and Tuesday were teacher workdays.  I've been preparing our units of study for the next nine weeks.  I look forward to seeing my sweet kiddos on Wednesday, and I will give each of them a BIG hug!  If for some reason, your child will not be at school, please let me know.  Remember to send a note if your child was absent before the break.

Our week:

Reading - We will begin our unit on poetry.  It is a good way to ease back into our routine.  Students will learn about the different types of poetry and vocabulary and terms such as stanza, lines, verse, rhyme, rhythm, and many more!

Writing- Students will also work on poetry in writing.  They will begin to collect "nuggets," which are simply things that they love or know a lot about.  For example, I have a nugget about my dog, Ivy, and also about coffee!

Social Studies - Both classes will learn about Moving West.  In this unit, we will talk about Texas during the 19th century.  We will begin to understand changes that came about due to the cattle industry, railroads, immigration, and more.

Math- We will dive back into our unit on fractions!  Students will review strategies to simplify and compare fractions.  Then we'll introduce finding a common denominator, least common denominator and the butterfly method. Please encourage your child to practice their multiplication and division facts at home.  This will help them as they continue to build number sense.

Science- Our Natural Resources Unit will have students working on labs to identify and review concepts about soil and the properties that allow soil to sustain plant growth.  Students will then explore natural resources to differentiate between renewable and nonrenewable resources.  They will investigate and explain how these resources help humans.  Start a conversation at home about how your family can reduce, reuse and recycle to help our environment are conserve our resources.

Homework - No spelling, vocabulary, math or writing prompt since it is a short week.  We will begin all of these again next week.  Please have your child read 30 minutes nightly.  Yes, this is an increase of 10 minutes each night.  We want students to become better readers.  The best way to do this is to read, read, read!


Warm wishes,

Mrs. Casey Morrow