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Dear Parents,
I am honored to be a part of your child’s learning experience in 4th grade at CFES!  This website will tell you a little about me and some important information for our school year. Please subscribe to this website for all of the important newsflash reminders and updates.  

I love the anticipation and excitement that leads up to the start of school year.   Our classroom is all set and I'm ready to welcome your child. These first few days are most important, so please feel free to contact me to let me know your thoughts, concerns, and hopes and dreams for this year.  I value parent involvement and encourage you to partner with me to make this the most successful year for you child.  I can't wait to meet you, your child, and family.  It's going to be a great year!

Thank you,
Casey Morrow
281-357-4526 x 3848

Conference Period:


Creekfest 2021

Dear Families,
   Thank you to all of our PTO members, Campsite families, and EVERY volunteer who found a way to make this day possible for our AMAZING students!  We loved and admired all of the details and ALL of the fun!!  Thank you.
  Here is our newsletter with updates, photos, and our plans for next week.
Mrs. Morrow

Creekfest Links - Camp Creekfest Friday

Good evening 4th Grade Families,
  Camp Creekfest is coming up soon!  In the meantime, families may want to check out two remarkable virtual events:
Creekfest Auction:  LINK
**Teacher Time is a fun one for 25 lucky 4th graders!  Only 16 spots left.
**Teacher for the Day - I need someone to fill in my SHOES for the day.  Of course, they can help bring JOY to the day that we plan together!  
Creekfest Raffle Tickets ON SALE, ONLINE. until Thursday.    LINK
Please reach out with any questions!  I'll update Thursday night with items for Camp Creekfest reminders (wear Creekfest shirt or a colorful t-shirt, bring water bottle, snacks, and a beach towel, wear sunscreen).
Mrs. Morrow

Spring has SPRUNG!

Dear Parents,
  Hooray!  Spring has arrived and we're about to begin our 4th 9 weeks of 4th grade.  Please see our newsletter for all of the updates, important dates, etc.  Email me with any questions.  I'll be sure to check this weekend and get back to you.  
Newsletter:  LINK
Mrs. Morrow

Dear Parents, 
Below is an email sent on behalf of our room moms who are coordinating baskets.  As of today, Mrs. Morrow's homeroom, the class "Fortnite" basket has no items signed up for.  Please read the email below.  
Camp Creekfest will be here before we know it! Our class is participating in the Silent Auction portion of the event by creating our very own basket. Each class will be donating a themed basket and our class theme is FORTNITE. We would love for you to help us out by visiting the link below where you will find an itemized list via SignUpGenius. Then click on “View Full Description” to see details and signup to donate an item. 
**If you would like to contribute to the basket fund and not buy an individual item, please reach out to Gina Webster. Her information is below.**
All items are due no later than March 23rd, but we have extended the date until Friday, March 26th. Gina Webster (CJ’s mom) will kindly be collecting items and putting the basket together for our classroom.  Please feel free to order items online and ship them directly to her house. Gina's address is 26 Verdin Pl, The Woodlands, Tx 77389.  Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you!
Brenda Chavez (281-781-4235) & Gina Webster (281-513-9850)

Friday, February 19th

Dear 4th Grade Families,
   Please see all of our updates in our newsletter HERE.  We hope that you and your family are safe and warm.  We've missed your children!  Please ask them to read this weekend.  They should have their Fenway and Hattie books at home.  If not, encourage them to check out Myon or Sora online for a great new book to read!
Mrs. Morrow

Updated Newsletter 2/12

Our newsletter has been updated with all the current information regarding changes next week.  Stay safe and warm!  Newsletter
Mrs. Morrow

Happy Kindness/Friendship week!

Dear families,
This has been an exceptional week of sharing kindness!  Please note that there is no school Monday, 2/15, and be aware of the cold weather on the way.  We might see snow!  As a former Buffalo, New York resident, this makes me VERY happy!!  Please enjoy this sweet holiday and long weekend with the ones you love.
Our newsletter:  LINK
Mrs. Morrow

Friday, February 5th, 2021

Happy 1st Friday in February!  Here is our newsletter with updates for our Kindness celebration (2/12) and our Interim Testing days on 2/16 & 2/17.
Thank you again for the BEST BIRTHDAY yesterday!  
Mrs. Morrow


Dear 4th Grade Families,
THANK YOU for all of the birthday wishes today.  I was showered with loving notes, slide shows, Kahoot trivia games, cards, and my most favorite gifts.  I cannot begin to thank you enough for making this day so special.  Getting to be a part of your child's educational experience this year is by far the BEST gift of all.   Thank you for sharing your SWEET children with me.  They inspire me to LOVE what I do and give them all that they need to be successful.  
With love and gratitude,
Mrs. Casey Morrow