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Creekside Forest Elementary

Students & Families

School Colors and Mascot:
The school colors are red and white with the cougar as the mascot.  Friday is Spirit Day when all students and staff are encouraged to wear a school or district shirt or colors.  PTO will offer Spirit Wear that may be purchased through their web site or at specific times of the year. 

Before and After School Care:
Campus Kids

Bus Transportation:
School bus transportation is provided by the Tomball Independent School District. For busing information, please call 281-357-3193.


Students walking must stay on the sidewalk. Students in kindergarten through second grade must have an adult accompany them in order to walk home.  Parents must present a Biker/Walker Card, available in the front office, to safely receive their child from the teacher.  A crossing guard will be present on Creekside Green Drive to ensure safe crossing. 

Bicycle Riders:
Students in grades 3—5 may ride bicycles to school, those in grades K-2 may do so with an adult rider. A crossing guard will be present on Creekside Green Drive to ensure safe crossing.

Class Assignments:
Students will receive their class assignments by mail in mid-August.

Parent/Teacher Communication:

At CFES we encourage communication between parent/guardians and teachers. Opportunities to communicate with your teacher include: 

   --Parent Information Night
  ---Telephone Calls 

  ---School Messenger System—electronic phone call message
  ---Wednesday Folders—Folders are sent home each Wednesday with your child’s weekly progress report, graded school work,    and other school news. 
  ---Campus Newsletters posted on website

  ---Teacher Newsflashes
  ---Teacher Website

If you need to schedule a conference with your child’s teacher, please see the following schedule of teacher conference times:

Teacher Conference Times:
     Kindergarten:      1:55--2:50 
     First Grade:         1:00--1:55 
     Second Grade     2:50--3:45
     Third Grade:        10:40--11:35
     Fourth Grade:      9:45--10:40
     Fifth Grade:         8:50--9:45

     PE, Music, Art:    8:40--9:30 


When visiting our school, please check in at the front office. Each visitor is required to show a photo ID. Visitors will be issued a badge to wear during their visit.  Please confine your visit to the area designated on the Visitors Pass.  Visitors must check out at the front office when leaving the building. 


Campus Safety:

Please DO NOT use cell phones (including texting) while driving in the school zone or in the car-rider line.   Please observe speed zones.  We love our students and want them to remain safe!


Parking is provided for visitors in the front of the building. Do not park in designated fire lanes.

If your child requires medication, please hand deliver it to the nurse’s office. If a change in medication is required, please submit it in writing.

Absences and tardies: It is important that students be in attendance regularly. State law requires that school-age children attend school at least 90% of instructional time. This includes tardies as well as early departures. Please make every effort to have your child at school every day.  If your child is absent, a note is required upon their return.  If your child had a medical appointment, please bring a note from the doctor stating the time of the appointment.  We request all notes be brought within 48 hours of the students return to school.   


Meal Prices for 2022-2023

Breakfast Prices:

Student $1.50
Adult/Visitor $3.10


Lunch Prices:

Student $2.75
Adult/Visitor $4.60, Premium $5.10, Premium Plus $5.35


Breakfast is served from 8:10 AM to 8:40 AM. 


Lunch Schedule:
Kindergarten 11:00 to 11:30

First Grade 11:40 to 12:10

Second Grade 11:10 to 11:40

Third Grade 11:50 to 12:20

Fourth Grade 12:30 to 1:00

Fifth Grade 12:20 to 12:50


*** Please note that individual class lunches fall within these times. Please call the front office for specific times.

Dress Code:
CFES students learn best when they are dressed for success! The specific dress code is located in the student handbook. Please have your child wear appropriate athletic shoes during physical education classes.

Change in Transportation:

It is important that your child and his/her teacher know understand the usual way the child will be getting home.  Changes in the regular transportation must be communicated in writing and completed by 3:00.  NO PHONE CALLS WILL BE ACCEPTED. 

On the morning that you want to make a change in your child’s transportation, please send a note to the homeroom teacher indicating how your child is to go home.
Include the following information: 
     ---Full name of student 
     ---Child’s grade and homeroom teacher 
     ---Date the change is to begin and end 
     ---A phone number where you may be reached if we have questions. 
     ---Your signature and date

For the safety of your child, we cannot make a change in transportation over the telephone. Any change in transportation must be in writing:  parent note or FAX (281-357-4535).  The FAX must include a copy of the parent driver’s license and parent signature.   If a change is made by FAX, it is required that the parent follow up with a phone call to confirm that the FAX was received.  All transportation changes must be completed by 3:00 PM.

Please have a transportation plan for your child for Rainy Days, if it is different than his/her normal transportation.  Please communicate that to the child’s teacher in writing.   

Parent Contact Information:
Changing phone numbers and other important information
     1. Send a note to your child’s homeroom teacher with the following: 
          ---Full Name of Student 
          ---Grade and homeroom teacher 
          ---Sign and date the note
     2. Please keep the front office updated of the following: 
          ---Phone number changes (home, work, cell) 
          ---Name and phone numbers of Emergency Contact people 
          ---Addition of persons/names who may pick up your child

Sending Money to School:
Place money in a sealed envelope.
Write the following on the outside of the envelope:
     1 What the money is for
     2 FULL name of student
     3 Grade and homeroom teacher
     4 Amount in the envelope
     5 Date